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The Latest White House Diversion

June 24, 2012


Obama campaigned on a promise of hope and change for America.  Really?  Since taking the oath of office Obama has worked hard at consolidating power for the Executive Branch.  His appointment of czars was the initial step to build up his power within the White House. His Czar program has resulted in an almost complete meltdown of the American economy.

In just the past few weeks Obama has even exceeded  G W Bush in using Presidential authority to work outside congress, implementing policy, without actual legislation being passed to make it constitutional. 

*  Compiled an Assassination List of suspected terrorists

*  Ordered Homeland Security to suspend enforcement action deporting certain illegal aliens.

*  Invoked executive privilege for the Justice Department and Attorney General Erik Holder          preventing the release of documents to congress conducting an inquiry into Fast & Furious.

Late in the week, White House spokesman, Jay Carney  spoke to the press about the separation of powers rather then the checks and balances that are the corner stone of our constitution.  ” It is his (Obama’s), as the steward of the executive branch, to retain the capacity of this administration and every administration going forward to function appropriately and independently from the congressional branch of government”.  “The assertion of privilege has to do with the absolute necessity of retaining the executive branch’s independence enshrined in the Constitution in the separation of powers to allow it to appropriately and independently deliberate and respond to those kinds of inquiries.”  What makes this White House response so hypocritical is this quote from then US Senator Barrack Obama in 2007:  He criticized President Bush publicly for using executive privilege to shield aide Karl Rove from congressional questions about politics in the Justice Department.   Do as I say not as I do appears to be the change Obama has brought to the White House as part of his Hope and Change promise.

As serious as these issues are for Americans.  I personally feel these issues are being used as a diversionary tactic to steer the public eye aways from the economy and the record Obama has established as a failed leader in pulling America out of the worst recession in the history of this country.  Having these issues in the news allows him to use the partisan politics argument, which can only help his slim chance for re-election.   There will be plenty of time after the election to go back and investigate and where criminal or ethic violations have occurred prosecute.  But for now, let’s keep the focus on this simple fact.  The far left president and his advisers are pushing America over a huge cliff.  If we do not stop him in November it will be too late.  Stay on focus and keep his record on ruining the economy as your mantra for the November election. 



Is The Media Hiding The Truth?

February 23, 2012

Last nights GOP debate was hosted by CNN in Arizona.  During the questioning of the candidates, the issue of birth control was raised to the candidates by the CNN reporter.  In a time of spiraling gasoline prices that threaten to reach $5.00 a gallon,  not one question was asked by the media members on the spike in gasoline.  The candidates had to bring it up themselves.  The media panel also ignored the present administration’s involvement with “Fast and Furious”, a program approved by Obama’s Attorney General, (Eric Holder) allowing federal authorities with ATF to sell automatic firearms to Mexican drug cartels in Mexico.  It has now turned into a government coverup, with Holder refusing to turn over memos generated by his office pertaining to “Fast and Furious”.  The program resulted in the killing of a Federal agent with one of the automatic firearms sold to the cartel by ATF!

Back in 2007 when candidate Barrack Obama was running for President.  Not once was he ever asked by the mainstream media this question:  Why as an Illinois  State Senator, did you not support  The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA)?  It was never raised as an issue by the media, anyone hearing about it heard of it from bloggers on the right.  So why today does the mainstream media think it so important to report on a candidates view on  birth control?  Is that more important then America’s economy  reeling from over regulation by government,  out of control deficit spending, and high energy prices, all because of Obama’s failed policies?  Or is it because the mainstream media chooses to keep these issues hidden from the average American voter?