Hate Crime?



The hate spinners refuse (with the full support of the media) to move past the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin case.  This past week even Oprah felt it necessary to insert herself into the debate.  She and other black leaders, (including the 1st black President) want you to believe racism is still a big problem in America and was responsible for the murder of Travon Martin.

Do you recognize the above photos?  I would think not because the national media and the hate spinners have ignored the story that goes with the photograph.  Why?  It does not fit their agenda on hate and racism in America.  The baby in the middle of these two thugs is Antonio Santiago, an infant shot in the face and killed by these thugs!  Why?  Because young Antonio’s mother, while walking Antonio in a stroller down a  public sidewalk near her home, was robbed at gun point. She had no cash to give them so these animals shot Antonio between the eyes killing him as the mother begged them to not harm her baby!

The two thugs (De’Marquise Elkins, Dominique Lang) now on trial in Brunswick, GA.  have received no national media coverage, nor outspoken rage by the leaders of the black community.  In fact, the media fails to mention the two thugs as black and little Antonio’s mother as white.  Racism?  No of course not!  This is a heinous crime committed by two street thugs who deserve life sentences when found guilty. Can anyone see the hypocrisy with the hate spinners and national media?  


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