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Military Justice Debacle!

October 19, 2012


KSM and Maj. Hasan, both terrorists of Islam, are currently on trial.  This would be a good thing if not for some disturbing facts being ignored by the media.

  1. Obama’s administration refuses to label Hasan’s slaughter of military hero’s at Ft Hood acts of terror.  They are considered acts of work related violence. (seriously?)
  1. KSM, the master mind behind the 911 attacks, is facing a military tribunal.  The military judge allowed him to wear a military vest (American made) in the courtroom.

This absurdity taking place in our military justice system is a direct result of liberalism infecting the military after the Obama administration took charge of the military.  Does anyone seriously believe KSM and Hasan would be orchestrating their trials under a Romney administration?  Change is coming and conservative common sense will become the main stream over political correctness embraced by liberalism.