Joe The Plumber Was Right!

Dear President Obama,

Four years ago, you came to us with the promise of Hope and Change. As a small business owner, with 1 employee (my son), I believed America could do better and voted for you because, like many others, felt you could deliver on your promise.

Mr. President, it has been 4 years and things are not better they are far worse making it difficult to run a business in today’s economy.  I believe “Joe the Plumber” was right when he said you were going to take his hard-earned money and share it with others who do not like working hard for a living.

When I ask the question, am I better off today then 4 years ago? The answer is a definite NO!  Why?  Because your economic policies have caused my profits to diminish to the point where I struggle to meet my bills and buy the equipment and tools required for my business.  4 years ago, it took $50.00 to fill my gas tank, which is crucial for my business. (My truck is my most important business asset)  I am now spending $100.00 to fill my tank, and  I am paying more money for insurance to keep my truck on the road.  I blame your energy policies for the high cost of gasoline.  The high cost of gasoline means I cannot replace the truck tires needing replacement or to purchase replacement tools needed for my work.  The uncertainty of your tax proposals also scare me.

After 45 years of working hard and I am now reaching retirement age and my hope of having a secure retirement may not happen.  I had dreams of turning over my business to my son, who has worked alongside me learning the business.  I am not sure he will have the same opportunities that I had when starting this business.  So Mr. President, I am NOT better off today then I was 4 years ago.  I should have listened to “Joe the Plumber”, he gets it.  I cannot and will not support you for a 2nd term.


One Response to “Joe The Plumber Was Right!”

  1. DogWalksMan Says:

    Unfortunately, many people were duped. He ran on a campaign of hope and change but too few asked what he was going to change. There is no hope in socialism. I pray for you and your son. My wife and I had to make changes, we know what you’re going through.

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