The Great Deception


The only way the Democrats can win re-election for Obama is to avoid his record of failure as President.  Last night the convention made two major points.   The main theme of their circus last night will never be shown or discussed by the media.  Obama had signed off on excluding both God and Jerusalem from the Democratic Platform before the convention began. Only after the most recent polls determined they were taking a big
hit on the issue did they put it back into the platform.  Clear evidence proving Obama will deceive Americans on any issue to further his own political career.

To further prove this point. Democrats selected former President, Bill Clinton, (the only President in history convicted of perjury 1.) to convince Americans they must give Obama a second term.  A past President convicted of perjury is his their best spokes person?  If you must tell lies to win re-election, who better then Clinton? That says everything I need to know about how much liberals are out of touch with mainstream America.  Anyone with common sense must understand change is needed in the White House and change is coming.

1. Two months after the Senate failed to convict him, President Clinton was held in civil contempt of court by Judge Susan D. Webber Wright.[26] His license to practice law was suspended in Arkansas for five years and later by the United States Supreme Court.[27] He was also fined $90,000 for giving false testimony.[28])


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