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Americans For Change

August 30, 2012

The message that must go forward into the campaign: ” Government must move at the speed of business.”  The challenging problems America faces today come from government moving at the speed of government.  A business leader like Mitt Romney understands the importance of staying ahead of change to succeed.  Obama never learned that concept as a community activist.   America is on the decline because of his failures.


55 + WAKE UP!

August 15, 2012


The Obama campaign is on the attack so watch out!  Liberals in their condescending way are saying senior citizens are stupid!  Why else would they air campaign ads claiming that Romney/Ryan will cut out Medicare leaving seniors with no medical coverage?  Throwing Granny off the cliff!

This is so untruthful it is ridiculous; it implies liberals think senior citizens are stupid.  Senior citizens are not stupid.  Many are being misled by the constant barrage of lies and misinformation coming daily from the Obama campaign and liberal media.

How ironic, Obama’s campaign has chosen Dan Rather as their principal attack person to go after Paul Ryan’ tax plan,  Dan Rather, publicly disgraced and fired as a news correspondent for blatantly false reporting on President Bush’s National Guard service.  (Remember that?)  Dan is back, lying to convince senior citizens that Paul Ryan will cut Medicare for seniors!  The truth, Paul Ryan is on record with his budget plan (the only budget plan out there) and it does not change Medicare for anyone over the age of 55.  It does offer younger Americans an opportunity to have choices and encourages them with tax incentives to save money for their own health care options for retirement.

What Obama and Dan Rather don’t want you to know is important.  Social Security and the Medicare system will be bankrupt by 2033.  Democrats when they were in full control of the Senate, Congress and the White House did absolutely nothing to fix it!  Instead, they squandered their political capital on Obama-care. After the selection of Paul Ryan as the VP candidate, Obama’s campaign is attempting to spin the Medicare issue in their favor by claiming reforms on fraud have accounted for significant improvements to Medicare. Dan Rather will not report that Obama’s new law will take funding away from Medicare!

If you are 55 and older please wake up and pay attention.  The liberals are in full attack mode in Florida and they are once again using the same old tactic of scaring seniors into voting for Obama.  Don’t believe it!  If you reject their lie and vote for Romney/Ryan, you will send a message to liberals.  Senior citizens are not stupid!  If you agree, forward this email to your fellow senior friends and set the record straight.