Obamacare TAX

Yesterday’s decision from the Supreme Court came as a big surprise to many of us Conservatives who oppose Obamacare.  What made the decision so difficult is just how wrong the experts got it.  The focus was on Kennedy as the swing vote and it turns out the swing vote comes from a conservative, Justice Roberts, appointed by GW Bush.  It is fair to say nobody saw that coming.

As disappointing as the vote by the Supreme Court, opponents of large government and Obamacare in particular can make a difference with their vote.  Obamacare can be defeated by We the People, but only if we remove Obama from the White House and regain a majority in the US Senate.  That is the only way we can repeal this law now that it has been ruled constitutional.

Chief Justice Roberts is not very popular with conservatives today and for good reason.  His reasoning this is a taxing power that falls within Congress is misguided.  Obama told the American people this is not a tax.  Well guess what, the Supreme Court has ruled it is in fact a tax and it will represent one of the largest taxes in US history.  For the very first time Americans are taxed for not buying something which is unprecedented!  That should be an important message in the fall during the election campaign.


2 Responses to “Obamacare TAX”

  1. Lynn Barker Says:

    This decision is an absolute travesty of justice! I cannot believe they voted it constitutional! Shame on them!

  2. robertj1954 Says:

    It goes to show that any real change made in America must be made by Americans through the power of the vote. Americans must wise up and understand their freedom is eroding on a daily basis.

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