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A Disservice to Veterans

January 26, 2012

The Florida Senate passed a bill sponsored by State Senator, Mike Bennett, R designed to improve benefits for returning war veterans.  But Mr. Bennett is very angry over hearing the news of the bill’s passage.  Why?  Because, the Senate committee gutted the most important benefit from the bill before approval!  The Senator’s bill had called for an automatic admission to any state university for any veteran with an honorable discharge.

Why was this part removed?  Because University officials objected to it! They believe some of the veterans might not be qualified!  The truth behind their decision is they do not want an influx of men and women who have real world experience and common sense challenging the liberal philosophy taught in most State Universities.  That could possibly influence the young easily influenced minds of those without the benefit of any real life experience and common sense.

If the leaders of our state universities are honest about their reason, how can they justify years of affirmative action, a brain child of the liberals?  There is no difference, unless you count the bias harbored towards veterans by the elitist running and teaching at our state universities.  The blame for failing our veterans falls directly on the Florida State Senate for being gutless in not looking out for the men and women, who gave everything to defend America.  This was not a good moment for the Florida Senate, which should be looking out for its most treasured constituents, not over paid employees of the state.


Most Divisive President Ever!

January 25, 2012

Last night in front of the nation, Obama proved he is intellectually dishonest or clueless about the American way of life! He wants to tax the rich at 30%. (code for taxing capital gains income). What does it mean to America’s economy? No investment capital to create new business and jobs! 7 Trillion dollars has been printed and spent in the 3 years Obama’s administration and we continue to have no real job growth, yet Obama wants more money! The speech last night was the most divisive speech ever given by a sitting president. Unbelievable!

Castle Doctrine

January 5, 2012

A young Colorado mother takes matters into her own hands to protect herself and her 3 month old baby.  After calling 911 to alert them to 2 men attempting to break into her home, she does what any person with common sense does.  She shot and killed the first guy entering her home with a shotgun.  The other intruder fled (no surprise) and was caught later.

In New York you cannot use deadly force if you know with certainty that you can avoid an intruder by retreating.  You can use deadly force if you are not the initial aggressor in an altercation within your home. (Imagine having to process that concept while facing a threat to your safety)  Today she would be under investigation and subject to both criminal and civil charges for protecting herself and her infant.  Some cities want to prevent you from owning a firearm, even in your own home.  So my question to those who support this type of nonsense; Do you really believe the police can protect you if facing the same situation in your own home?  Only those on the far left would be foolish enough to believe it!