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The Real Reason For Gas Price Spike

December 31, 2011

The Obama administration is blaming Iran for the steep spike in gasoline prices. Wrong! Obama is to blame for refusing to approve domestic drilling and building the oil pipeline from Canada to our refineries in Texas, keeping America dependent on those nut case Mullahs in Iran! Don’t believe Obama! His far left base is making you pay more and jeopardizing our national security.

Remember the idiom, “don’t shoot yourself in the foot”? That is exactly what Iran will do if they attempt a military blockade. It gives Europe and the US the justification to take out their military, leadership and nuclear plants.¬† A blockade would hurt their economy even more then the embargo placed upon them that caused the threat. The focus must stay on Obama and the liberals in congress for refusing to allow American¬† energy independence. PERIOD!

Thanking Our Heroes

December 17, 2011

To our heroes who served and are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for your sacrifices and courage. Your efforts defeated tyranny in Iraq and made it a Democratic state. This video is worth watching and is in your honor. God Bless and Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!