Stop Coddling Terrorists!

NYPD arrested Jose Pimentel on various charges yesterday and called him an “Al-Qaeda” sympathizer. According to police Pimentel allegedly was plotting to bomb police and post offices in NYC, as well as U.S. troops returning home.

Does anyone remember just a few months ago when NYPD came under intense attack by the liberal media and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for targeting Muslim neighborhoods in NYC.  Seriously?  Does anyone believe Pimentel would have chosen a Jewish neighborhood to plot his terror activities? (note photograph)  When are we going to stop the police bashing when they are simply doing their jobs of protecting us and focus on stopping terrorist activity within our own borders?

I commend every member of the NYPD for the outstanding work they have been doing in discovering and preventing terrorist attacks in the largest city in America.  I condemn those of the far left who continue to work with the ACLU and other groups that support providing comfort and security to terrorists hiding within the Muslim communities in our major cities.


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