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Tea Party Voters – “Thinkers” not Racists!

September 27, 2011




The far left has been accusing the Tea Party of being racists because they are resolved to vote President Obama from office in 2012.  If you believe the liberal elitists, that makes you a racist!  It does not make you a racist, it makes you a “Thinker” an American who cares about your country and are willing to fight to rip away the liberal strangle hold they have on America’s throat!   

Conservatives and many other Americans recognize the destructive policies placed upon them by a liberal president and then liberal Congress and we are resolved to stopping it, just like we did in the 2010 congressional election.  Obamacare and the Far left’s class warfare strategy is tearing apart the country.  That is exactly what the liberals want because it further weakens the middle class.  That is their ultimate goal!  Once the middle class is marginalized, liberals will obtain greater political power!  Thinking Americans will not allow that happen without a fight.  Our battles are fought by educating voters, and campaigning for candidates opposing destructive liberal policies.  That is a huge difference over the methods used by the far left.  That is the Tea Party plain and simple! 

Actor Morgan Freeman was interviewed the other day and accused the Tea Party of being racists!  His reasoning, because the Tea Party wants Obama to be a one term President.  Why? Simply because he is a black man! Well Morgan, Herman Cain just proved you wrong by winning the Florida GOP straw poll with a commanding 37 percent margin! Mr. Cain is a black man in case you have not noticed, and what makes him different from President Obama is not his skin color, it is the fact he is a genuine leader!  He understands the damage your liberals have done to Americaand has dedicated himself to stopping you.  That does not make him a racist as you allege.  It makes him a great American and a “Thinker”!  On the other hand  Mr. Freeman, you have proven yourself to be a liar trying to fool Americans into believing liberalism is the future for America.  It will never happen!  Your racist comment was insulting to me and other like-minded Americans.  You should be ashamed!


Fired For Defending Your Life?

September 21, 2011

Walgreens is being sued by a former employee (who worked as a Pharmacist for the company) until terminated for his response to an armed robbery of his pharmacy.  The issue underscores how at times corporations can be so wrong-headed over common sense  issues and liberalism’s determination to re-define the 2nd amendment! 

Pharmacist Jeremy Havon was working his job in a Michigan Walgreens’ pharmacy when he was assaulted by two armed robbers who demanded drugs.  Both suspects were armed with firearms.  One of the robbers jumped the counter and pointed his gun directly at Havon “Gangster Style” Havon has a concealed firearms license and was carrying his firearm.  He retrieved his firearm and fired several times causing both suspects to flee the store.  This was all captured on store surveillance video. 

Now for the really bizarre aspect of this news story! Walgreens’ CEO (Greg Wasson) upheld Havon’s termination as an employee for violating store policy that prohibits Walgreens’ employees from having a firearm in the workplace. Wasson ruled that Havon violated the policy and it warranted termination.  He did not consider factors, like Havon and a store manager were targets of an armed robber who had a gun pointed on them!  The investigation determined the second robber tried to fire his gun, but it malfunctioned.  No employees were injured in the robbery attempt.  Mr. Havon acted bravely and saved his life and the lives of others in the store by utilizing his right to possess a firearm under the 2nd amendment.  

It is fact, Jeremy Havon violated Walgreens’ policy on firearms, but does that mean he should be fired for it?  Greg Wasson is the CEO of the company and reports directly to a board of directors who are responsible for company policy.  If he chose to consider all of the facts, he would have disciplined Havon for violating the policy with a suspension, not termination.   

This case is heading to civil court for resolution.  Jeremy Havon is suing to be reinstated and for damages from Walgreens for failing to protect employees. Havon violated no criminal laws, he was licensed to carry a firearm and was put in fear of his life and acting in self-defense when making the decision to use his firearm just as the law provides.  It will be a jury to decide Havon’s case in court. But, we the public, as consumers can send a stronger message to CEO Wasson and Walgreens’ Board of Directors.  Americans should boycott Walgreens in protest of this bad decision.  A boycott will have a more reaching impact upon them and get their attention.  Terminating Jeremy Havon for defending his life was the wrong thing to do Mr. Wasson!  Do the right thing and reverse your decision.




Obama Needs A Game Changer!

September 7, 2011

The President will announce to Congress his job plan tomorrow and is expected to extend payroll tax cuts for workers and prolong expiring jobless benefits.  This will require an additional spending of 300 billion dollars, sources say.  The lunatic, Maxine Waters, (D) CA. said the other day, the nation needs an additional Trillion dollars in government spending for job creation. Only those on the far Left (which is our President) could conceive a plan that requires even more government spending. That represents the principal difference between the Democratic Party and the GOP.  It will define the 2012 election!  Note to Congress – It is not smart to boycott the President’s address tomorrow night it is disrespectful, so don’t do it!   

The fight is on for which party has a real plan for job creation. Romney has announced a plan for government getting out-of-the-way and allowing the private sector to engage in business and to bring back the billions of dollars going off shore to China and other countries in Asia.  Key proposals of the plan in brief:

1. Reduce corporate taxes and capital gains taxes, continue payroll tax cuts.

2. Relax oppressive government regulations impacting on business growth, chief among them repeal Obama-care, and EPA mandates.  

3. Open domestic energy resources in America reducing dependence for expensive energy from unfriendly nations.  

4.  Re-negotiate unfair trade agreements with trading partners in Asia, namely China. 

What have you got Obama? It better be a real game changer.  If it is more of the same, government spending – government job creation – tighter government control (Regulation) over business –  more “Stimulus spending” on Green Energy – tax increases (Obama-care) well Mr. President, than welcome to the One Term Presidency Club!