America’s AAA Down Grade

The disaster known as the Obama Presidency gets worse by the day.  Americans woke up today to the news that S&P lowered America’s credit rating from AAA to AA for the first time in America’s history.  I am sure this will be announced (Spun) later in the day as a consequence of the Bush Presidency, when officially addressed by President Obama to the press corp.  The facts are this: President Obama is the first President in the history of theUnited States to ruinAmerica’s credit rating as a direct result of his massive spending policies.

The other reality, Tim Guithner has helped destroy America’s economy.  My question is:  Why is he still the Treasury Secretary?  He is on record several times over the past few months stating “America’s AAA rating will never be lowered”.  Right!  Obama doesn’t replace him because, Guithner is doing exactly what the President and his Liberal power brokers want him to do, break the financial system supporting America’s capitalist economy!   

This past week, Obama failed to put a plan on the table for turning the economy around and stopping out of control spending. He wanted to raise the debt ceiling and put off cuts in spending until after 2012, and there is no plan for balancing the budget.  In effect, Obama wants business as usual inWashingtonDC.   Who can blame S&P for cuttingAmerica’s AAA credit rating?  It is no different then taking away a credit card from your spouse when they are unable to curtail their reckless spending habits putting you deep into debt.  What is wrong with the average American who cannot see the consequences created by this incompetent President?   Tim Guitner should be fired immediately for creating this mess and we the people, who still have the power, must fire Obama in 2012. 

Liberals in the main stream media are calling Tea Party members terrorists for simply calling attention to the daily disasters created by this incompetent President and for wanting a balanced budget from the Federal Government.  Several solid conservatives in congress stayed true to their principals holding out for spending cuts and a balanced budget.   I believe they are patriots who are working hard at returning our country back to a great nation so that our grandchildren have hope for a bright future.  I pray the majority ofAmericaagrees with them. 

Take a few minutes to listen to Senator Marco Rubio’s speech made on the Senate Floor addressing the debt crisis prior to the vote.  It is a brilliant speech and listen to what the liberal Senator Kerry says when interrupting Rubio during the speech.  It is an excellent example of Kerry’s desire to continue with business as usual in DC.


One Response to “America’s AAA Down Grade”

  1. robertj1954 Says:

    As predicted, the offical Democratic response to the down grade of America’s credit rating is to attack and blame the Tea Party and
    S&P, the rating company with over 100 years of experience rating the credit worthyness of both countries and corporations.

    Obama is yet to show any leadership in response to the lower rating and continues to support “Turbo Tax Timmy” as his Treasury Secretary. The train keeps hurtling out of control down the track!

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