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Energy Independence or Politics as Usual

August 24, 2011

There is a critical debate going on between Obama’s far left supporters and reducing our nation’s oil dependence from hostile nations. There has never been a question in my mind that the fixed price of oil created by the Oil Cartel played a large role in damaging America’s economy.  What follows is a brief description of Canada’s vast oil sand reserve that is not only economically feasible to recover but can be shipped along pipe lines from Canada to Texas for gasoline production.  I don’t have to mention that Canada has historically been our longest friendliest and most reliable partner.

Facts on oil sands:

The Athabasca oil sands are large deposits of extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada These oil sands, consist of a mixture of crude (a semi-solid form of crude oil), silica sand, clay minerals, and water. The Athabasca deposit is the largest reservoir of crude bitumen in the world and the largest of three major oil sands deposits in Alberta.) The land contains about 1.7 trillion barrels^ of bitumen in-place, comparable in magnitude to the world’s total proven reserves of conventional petroleum.  With modern unconventional oil production technology, at least 10% of these deposits, or about 170 billion barrels^ were considered to be economically recoverable at 2006 prices, making Canada’s total oil reserves the second largest in the world, after Venezuela‘s.

President Obama must make a decision to approve the permitting that will allow a pipeline to be built from Alberta, Canada south to Galveston, Tx. where it will be refined into lower priced gasoline, thus reducing our reliance upon unfriendly nations for oil.  What makes this a critical issue is not just so much the oil dependency issue.  It also plays a critical role in defining our next Presidential election. Here is why:

President Obama is on the campaign trail talking up job creation and stimulating the economy and reducing US dependence on cartel oil.  Yet, he has NOT given approval for the permitting of this oil pipeline.  Why?  Because he knows it will cost him his voting base, the far left who vehemently oppose this pipeline project. If Obama approves building the pipeline, it means he will lose the far left voter base and his job.  Here is a sample of one of the several environmental groups (who helped elect Obama) and is now lobbying Obama to kill the pipeline.  

Natural Resources Defense Council“In Canada, the oil industry is transforming one of the worlds last remaining intact ecosystems into America’s gas tank.”

This is the same ideological garbage they used to prevent drilling and a pipeline in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  They are already in DC protesting and being arrested over the issue.  Their attorneys are preparing law suits that will most likely tie the issue up in federal courts for years. This has been there strategy for decades and one of the reasons why America is in today’s bleak economic situation.  Science concludes that any elevation in carbon output would be no more than 1/10 of 1 percent using sand oil! 

So it comes down to these questions, Mr. President are you supporting? 

1.  Americans who are desperate for job creation, an improved economy, and for the sake of national security, a substantial reduction in energy dependence from hostile nations?

2. The left supporters, whose strategy has been to destroy America’s capitalist economy? 

 Friends, keep this on your radar as it should be a huge factor for making Obama a one term president if he sides with his Wacko friends on the far left.


We learned yesterday (no surprise here) Obama has announced he will postpone a decision on the pipeline until after 2012.  He claims more time is needed to study the issue before making a decision.  The fact is this proposal has been studied and every agency who is involved has approved it.  Why is Obama delaying a project that will create jobs for our unemployed, reduce our energy dependency on the middle east, and improve our national security?  Because he is making this political, choosing not to anger his far left base of wackos who oppose building the pipeline.

This is a very clear message from Obama.  He is willing to put politics ahead of creating jobs and improving our national security.  Do you really think he deserves a second term?


**** UPDATE ****

The Canadian Prime Minister has announced his decision to divert the oil pipeline to the west coast due to Obama’s decision to delay making a decision on allowing it to run south to Texas and our refinement plants until 2013.  The decision, clearly political, was to appease his far left political base who oppose the pipeline.  What does this political decision mean to America?  The potential for solid blue-collar jobs is gone, cheaper gasoline prices and less dependency on OPEC and improved national security gone.   Perhaps the worst consequence is China will now purchase this oil from the West coast which helps increase their industrial machine and allow China to remain ahead of America in the manufacturing industry and the world economy.

This issue along with Obama-care should be on the minds of every American concerned about their future.  These political decisions are why we are stuck in a slow economy and unemployment is at an all time record high!  Obama knows exactly what he is doing.  The bigger question we should be asking ourselves.  Do you?


America’s AAA Down Grade

August 6, 2011

The disaster known as the Obama Presidency gets worse by the day.  Americans woke up today to the news that S&P lowered America’s credit rating from AAA to AA for the first time in America’s history.  I am sure this will be announced (Spun) later in the day as a consequence of the Bush Presidency, when officially addressed by President Obama to the press corp.  The facts are this: President Obama is the first President in the history of theUnited States to ruinAmerica’s credit rating as a direct result of his massive spending policies.

The other reality, Tim Guithner has helped destroy America’s economy.  My question is:  Why is he still the Treasury Secretary?  He is on record several times over the past few months stating “America’s AAA rating will never be lowered”.  Right!  Obama doesn’t replace him because, Guithner is doing exactly what the President and his Liberal power brokers want him to do, break the financial system supporting America’s capitalist economy!   

This past week, Obama failed to put a plan on the table for turning the economy around and stopping out of control spending. He wanted to raise the debt ceiling and put off cuts in spending until after 2012, and there is no plan for balancing the budget.  In effect, Obama wants business as usual inWashingtonDC.   Who can blame S&P for cuttingAmerica’s AAA credit rating?  It is no different then taking away a credit card from your spouse when they are unable to curtail their reckless spending habits putting you deep into debt.  What is wrong with the average American who cannot see the consequences created by this incompetent President?   Tim Guitner should be fired immediately for creating this mess and we the people, who still have the power, must fire Obama in 2012. 

Liberals in the main stream media are calling Tea Party members terrorists for simply calling attention to the daily disasters created by this incompetent President and for wanting a balanced budget from the Federal Government.  Several solid conservatives in congress stayed true to their principals holding out for spending cuts and a balanced budget.   I believe they are patriots who are working hard at returning our country back to a great nation so that our grandchildren have hope for a bright future.  I pray the majority ofAmericaagrees with them. 

Take a few minutes to listen to Senator Marco Rubio’s speech made on the Senate Floor addressing the debt crisis prior to the vote.  It is a brilliant speech and listen to what the liberal Senator Kerry says when interrupting Rubio during the speech.  It is an excellent example of Kerry’s desire to continue with business as usual in DC.

Business As Usual In DC

August 1, 2011

Last night proved only one thing to Americans who are now paying attention to their government.  Nothing has changed in DC!  The President and both leaders of Congress announced a debt ceiling agreement had been reached late last night.  

What that really means is: Behind closed doors, a handful of people crafted legislation allowing the government to pay its bills by raising the debt ceiling  again.  Nobody has seen the details of this bill yet they must vote on it Monday!  Does that sound familiar?  It should, because that is exactly how they managed to pass Obama-Care into law in 2010!  To find out how America avoids a financial crisis congress must pass the bill in less than 24 hours!  

What we do know, there is no immediate cap on spending, the effects of agreed cuts will not take place until 2013, well after the elections, and what they are not saying.  The reason for the cuts getting pushed back to 2013 is because that is when the Bush tax cuts expire. None of these cuts are binding! Allowing a new congress and possibly re-elected Obama to have open season on raising taxes and even more spending!  Call me a skeptic, but it appears that nothing good came out of this compromise to raise the debt ceiling.  The government has more borrowed money to spend; there is no cap on deficit spending, and most important, no balanced budget requirement.   Business as usual in DC!