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Kill the Pig Tail!

July 12, 2011

This week, Congress will vote on repealing the law mandating the use of those ineffective, mercury laced, incandescent light bulbs (Pig Tails) that are over priced and manufactured only in China!  My question to any member of Congress (non liberal) who voted for this law, what the Hell were you thinking? 

If you feel the same about having to be told by your government what type light bulb you use in the privacy of your own home.  Then reach out to them today and demand they vote to repeal this  dumb law they passed when liberals where in charge of government.  The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, sponsored by Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, was up for debate on the House floor Monday afternoon, with a vote expected later in the week. It would prohibit the government from implementing restrictions that limit the use of standard incandescent bulbs — compelling consumers to buy fluorescent bulbs, which some lawmakers claim are not as reliable. 

If you have tried reading under the lighting of a Pig Tail light bulb, you know how ineffective they are as a light source.  The fact they contain mercury vapor, which is hazardous material and a serious danger to young children, are manufactured only in China is reason enough to repeal the ban.  Contact your legislator today and make sure they are supporting The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act.  This silly law passed by a Democratically controlled Congress under Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for government over reaching into your personal life!    



July 8, 2011

SCOTUS SMACKS DOWN POTUS!  Texas did not blink in the stand-off between Texans and POTUS!  The Supreme Court ruled against a stay in a Mexican child killer’s sentence.  President Obama intervened in behalf of the condemned child rapist killer hoping to save him from his sentence of lethal injection.  Gov. Perry signed the death sentence warrant over the objections of Obama and the Mexican government.  

Note, the split in the court right down the middle with each of the liberals voting in favor of the stay.  This is really the most important reason why Obama must be made a one term President!  If we lose the court we have lost the war for freedom in America!  Support for child killers is simply unacceptable in America!

Caylee Anthony – No Justice!

July 6, 2011



This will be my last comment on Casey Anthony; it is time to move on.  I understand the not guilty based on reasonable doubt for the 1st degree murder charge. A juror would have a difficult time reaching that verdict without a cause of death.  For the average person it is difficult to reach that far based on so little circumstantial evidence. 

My shock came when the jury declined to make the child abuse/manslaughter charge. It is my opinion; the jury failed its duty not finding her guilty on that charge.  Not reporting her daughter missing for 30 days, until pressured by her family, certainly constitutes child neglect! Anyone with common sense knows it. 

My heart goes out to Caylee Anthony. She did not get justice for her tragic death, which is something every American deserves. I hope she is now being cared for by God and as for her mother, Casey will face another judgment in her future when she faces her creator.