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Hiring “Failures” As Cops & Firemen!

March 15, 2011

Attorney General Erik Holder has ordered the Dayton Police Department (Ohio) to lower their passing civil service exam for police applicants to a passing score of (60).  That means if you achieve a “failing score” on the civil service exam (folks (60) is failing in the real world) you still will be accepted as a police officer or fireman in Dayton, Ohio!  Why?  The Department of Justice believes there is a cultural bias in the civil service exam which excludes minorities from becoming police officers or firemen.  This decision is just as dumb as the one to try terrorists in civilian courts!  I think Erik Holder smokes pot. 

A passing score of (60) might work out for people looking to become clerks in a grocery store or a road crew with the public works department,  but to lower the pass score for public safety workers is a formula for disaster.  You don’t think so?  1986, the Miami Police Department’s River Cop Scandal, was one of the worst police corruption cases in America’s history.  A gang of corrupt cops were systematically killing drug dealers, robbing them of their cocaine and cash and dumping their bodies in the Miami River!  This went on for a few years before it was finally discovered and those responsible prosecuted and sent to prison.  Years of study concluded the main reason for it happening was due to the city’s decision (under preassure) to lower the hiring standards to allow for more Hispanic minorities to become police officers!  

If there are issues with a civil service test due to cultural barriors that is a problem that can be fixed with a better written test with contributions from a culturally diverse testing committee.  Simply lowering the passing score is (in my view) irresponsible and dangerous to the community the police department protects.

I have to tell you folks this is a liberal “Pinheaded” approach to fixing a problem.  Lowering the passing civil service score to 60 is insane!  By any academic standard,  (60) is failure, and it makes you sub-standard and not eligible for the job.  But now, thanks to political correctness and the NAACP, and an ultra liberal Attorney General is forcing Dayton, Ohio to hire failures into their public safety work force.  Why even bother to have the tests?  Ohio is broke, so save the tax payer a few dollars by not requiring a test!


Yes – To No Fly Zone!

March 8, 2011

When we hear the “Liberal in Chief ” John Kerry (D) MA publicly supporting a no fly zone in Libya it makes me wonder why President Obama is still doing nothing about the crisis.  When an insane dictator (war criminal), struggling to maintain his weak hold on power, orders his military to kill innocent civilians, it is time to act!  This man and his senior military leaders are criminals and must be stopped!  The Rebels in Libya fighting for democracy are pleading for the USA to intervene with a protective “No Fly Zone” to prevent this crazed dictator from bombing/killing his own people!

Both NATO and President Obama must listen to these pleas for help and stop these murderous attacks.  It is the right thing to do!  What  message are we sending the people of Libya by doing nothing as their insane dictator methodically slaughters them?  For once I agree  with Senator John Kerry!  We must use our military to take out Gaddafi’s anti-air defenses and then patrol the air space over Libya shooting down any Libyan aircraft that dares attack its own people!  Yes, it will mean an act of war and yes it is for the right reasons!  I hope you are listening President Obama, we are the Libyan’s only chance for democracy.  So do something to help other than just making empty threats before it’s too late!

Al-Ackbar Is A Terrorist Clue!

March 4, 2011


Is anyone else angry over Obama’s reluctance to not use the word Terrorism or Terrorists when responding to incidents involving terror attacks on American citizens?  What does it take for President Obama to recognize Islamic extremists are on a mission to destroy Israel and the western culture?  When do we say enough with political correctness and let’s get serious about defeating Islamic Terrorist?

The latest incident in Germany, where two of our military heroes,(25-year-old Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden of South Carolina, and Airman 1st Class Zachary R. Cuddeback of Virginia, who were being deployed to Afghanistan) were gunned down by 21-year-old, Arid Uka, a devout Muslim who worked at the Airport as a temporary letter sorter and admits targeting Americans when firing a handgun on a busload of U.S. airmen at Frankfurt’s airport.     

Anyone with common sense recognizes these Airmen were targeted and gunned down in an obvious act of terror (hate) aimed at our government.  Obama’s administration still continues to maintain it was an attack by a lone gunman, refusing to describe it as an act of terror.  Germany is calling it a terrorist attack by an Islamic extremist.  This latest attack is no different then the attack committed by Major Nidal Hasan (an Islamic Extremist) at Ft. Hood.  Yet, President Obama continues to insist it was not a terrorist attack! Who are you kidding Mr. President?  

Those Americans still living in a cloud must wake up and realize America is at war with a violent, dangerous army of Islamic extremists, who have vowed to destroy the western world.  Contrary to the views of the far left media, we did not start this war!  I can only hope and pray the majority of America feels differently and vote in 2012 for a leader who will recognize Islamic Terror for what it really is and defeat it.  Appeasement of Islamic Extremists is not the answer, so how many more American deaths before President Obama gets a clue?