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February 26, 2011

The current battle in WI and IN over collective bargaining and benefit give backs with the public unions took an interesting turn yesterday.  For the first time it was pointed out that the Federal Workers Union that represents Federal workers have no collective bargaining rights and cannot negotiate salaries or benefits with government.  Friends, this is a huge deal and explains why Obama has not been able to involve himself into the national debate over public unions!  If he did he would look like a fool!

I am sure some on the left are  identifying President Reagan with the law but they would be dead wrong!  That is the Gotcha part.  This law was written and passed by a Democratic congress and signed into law by President Carter, a Democrat!  A few years later after Carter was tossed out of office, President Reagan used his leadership to disenfranchise the Air Traffic Control union and fire the workers for an unlawful strike.  He could not have done that without the help of Democrats!  President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, with their firm control of congress and the White House, could have changed the law during their first two years in power.  After all they did have a majority in both houses of Congress.  They did not even address it much less change it! 

Does anyone see the hypocrisy involved with the far left when it comes to collective bargaining in government?  It brings to mind the old adage:  “Do as I say not as I do”.  Is it no wonder why the majority of  Americans are so disillusioned with government?  I applaud and support the efforts by Walker in WI and Daniels in IN.  They are doing the right thing for their states.  Even the Democrats in Congress way back in the late 70s recognized the problem with unions having  too much control over the process of government. (That was before the Unions and Socialists hijacked the party).   How ironic is it to learn today it was Democrats who created the most controversial issue involving their largest support group.  I suspect President Reagan is having a good laugh today in heaven! 

PS –  The Democrat Legislators in WI who are hiding out in another state (because they do not want to do their job) are a disgrace to the political process.  Hiding from their responsibility is not democratic representation in my view!



February 23, 2011

In (1801–1805), President Thomas Jefferson went to war, (known as the Barbary Coast War or the Tripolitan War)  the war stemmed from the Barbary pirates’ attacks upon American merchant shipping in an attempt to extort ransom for the lives of captured sailors and American passengers.  The pirates operating from Muslim countries along the northern African continent were defeated decisively as a result of Jefferson’s strong leadership by responding with military action to this pirate threat.  Today, 2011 the United States has no consistent policy towards Piracy on the high seas.  That fact is allowing  pirates in Somalia, Yemen and other rogue Muslim nations to act with impunity hijacking merchant ships and private vessels in international waters.  As a result  American lives are in peril. 

This week (4) innocent Americans were killed by pirates holding them hostage for ransom.  President Obama’s Administration (with their inept policy on piracy) contributed to the deaths of Jean and Scott Adam of Marina del Rey, along with Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay of Seattle , innocent Americans (who ironically) were traveling in the area as missionaries sharing the bible and Christianity. 

This TRAGIC incident should look familiar to anyone paying attention to history.  President Clinton’s policies towards terrorism (which treated terrorists as criminals) only served to embolden terrorists, we know the results of that policy.  The very same thing is again happening under Obama’s administration.  There are news reports that negotiations were taking place with tribal elders over a ransom for the Americans.  Obama’s failure to provide leadership and his mixed message towards Islamic terrorism is again emboldening Islamic Terrorism.  We are beginning to see the tragic results of his failure to lead.  How many more innocent Americans will have to die before Obama gets it?

Planned Parenthood?

February 19, 2011

There is an important public debate taking place on public tax dollars going to support abortion clinics.  You won’t hear that news from the mainstream media or Huffington Post.  Planned Parenthood, (according to them) is about providing counseling and instruction to young teenage women to protect them from unplanned parenthood.  If that was true nobody would have a problem with them.  The truth is they are deeply involved in the abortion process and help create abortion clinics like the one in Philadelphia run by a monster with a medical license!

Planned Parenthood is making a business out of aborting babies from young poor women!  To some that is no big deal, but to the majority of Christian Americans, it is a huge deal  made worse over the fact it is happening with your tax dollars!  That is supposed to be against Federal law.  So how is it happening?

Planned Parenthood is supported by far left liberals who under Nancy Pelosi’s control found deceptive ways to fund it.  Today, (following an investigation that exposed the business practices of Planned Parenthood) it is under the microscope with congress working to end their public funding.  I am all for it!  If the far left wants to support Planned Parenthood, then they should put up their money and pay for it.  Why is Hollywood and the other intellectual elites not raising funds for them?  The answer is pretty evident.  They don’t want to be put into that position, the abortion issue must be kept off the front page.  The far left wants you the tax payer to fund the abortions of helpless babies under the false guise of planned parenthood which sounds nicer.  

President Obama’s record is already quite clear on abortion.  As a Senator from Ill. he voted to support the most cruel and disgusting type of abortion.  Late term abortions where the infant is fully developed but aborted by a doctor inserting a vacuum nozzle into the infants skull!  I pray most Americans are outraged over that type of evil being practiced behind closed doors.  That evil is compounded by public financing.  This will continue to be an issue (or should be) leading up to the 2012 election.  Just remember Obama’s position on the issue and know he will veto any bill that unfunds Planned Parenthood!


February 12, 2011

The people of Egypt staged a successful and peaceful revolution that forced a ruthless and corrupt dictator out of power yesterday.  Credit the Egyptian military for their restraint during this very tense period of uncertainty.  It will be interesting to see what happens in Egypt’s future when a new government is formed.  But, it is clear the winner yesterday were the people.

The events in Egypt should give cause for concern in other middle east countries where it’s people are denied freedom.  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria to name just a few who are autocratic and repressive better take notice because they are witnessing their futures.  President George Bush said several times that when people experience freedom there is no denying it.  We saw that happen in Iraq and now Egypt. 

The Muslim Brotherhood will be a concern to Egyptians, but it is difficult to comprehend that the people of Egypt would surrender newly won freedoms to a group that stands for oppression and theocracy imposed by Muslim extremists.  Friday was a great day for freedom and we should all pray that this movement spreads widely in the Middle East.  For the first time in over 50 years there is hope and freedom in Egypt.

Ronald Reagan Happy Birthday 100th

February 4, 2011

Ronald Reagan – would have been 100 years old this Sunday.  Many Americans view him as a great President who took America from one of the worse recessions (Interest rates of 15%, Gasoline in triple digits with gasoline lines and high unemployment, birth of Islamic Fundamentalism) to prosperity and world respect.  He did it with conservative principles and always maintained it was the people who ended the recession not government.  President Obama claims to be reading up on Ronald Reagan.  I am sure that is more of his political rhetoric because he is the complete opposite of Ronald Reagan.  

There are many who maintain President Reagan’s policies are responsible for destroying the middle class and making the poor even worse off.  They are getting this from liberal professors who brain wash them into believing government is the only answer to America’s problems.  I read a lot of political blogs to stay current with the issues and each side’s viewpoints.  Here is an example of a liberal’s view on President Reagan.   Posted by (Tampasbest) on 02/04/2011 at 06:32 am.

Ronald Reagan was a long time Democrat and just like Charlie Crist and Joe Liberman switched parties when he realized he couldn’t win elections. The Republicans actually advised him not to switch.

I felt it necessary to educate this young man on some history on Ronald Reagan because he is seriously misinformed to post that type of response to an article on Ronald Reagan’s coming 100th birthday.  

Nice try with the feeble attempt to revise history. It is true Reagan was a Democrat up until 1962,  but he did not switch parties for the reason you state, which is flat wrong. 

President Reagan and many in California blessed with common sense saw how government’s growth created more problems than cures. California was the perfect example back then and continues to prove it today.  Reagan switched parties because Barry Goldwater’s philosophy as a conservative opened his eyes about what works in America.  His years as an entertainer in Hollywood gave him plenty of reasons to switch from a liberal to a conservative.    

Instead of reinventing history, read about it and learn from it. Today, America under a liberal philosophy is, once again, repeating the exact same mistakes made by Jimmy Carter when he was President. It will take another Reagan conservative to undo the mess liberals have created during their 6 years in control of government!

When arguing with idiots it is often difficult to get them to open their eyes and listen to a different perspective on a particular subject.  I agree there are major problems in Washington DC today and the blame falls on both parties.  But many of these young people today truly believe the only answer to America’s problems is with a more powerful central government and the spending of more tax dollars.  That very concept probably has our 40th President sadly shaking his head today instead of celebrating his 100th birthday.

Far Left Supports Al Jazeezera

February 2, 2011


Al Jazeezera (Middle East News) is anti-American/Israel and anyone but the far left has seen enough evidence proving that point.  They have been the sole news vehicle for years reporting slanted anti American/Zionist news to Islamic citizens in the Middle East. (Fanning the flames of anti-American hate.)  It is for that reason it is amazing to hear Sam Donaldson (who was the chief political correspondant for NBC News) speak out in support of Al Jazeezera and by proxy the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East.

Sam Donaldson is finally revealing his true “far left” beliefs publicly.  Since his retirement from NBC News, he  has not been shy sharing his far left views.  This is why many Americans still do not get it when it comes to the far left’s agenda.  They listened to NBC and those like Sam Donaldson reporting the news with their far left agenda.  Back in Donaldson’s day there was limited competition when reporting the news and no talk radio or internet or a different perspective.  This provided viewers a slanted narrow perspective on world and national events.  Today, Sam Donaldson continues (trys) to portray himself as an objective news analyst.  His efforts are as phony as the hair rug propped on top of his head.   He is not fooling anyone but himself and a few followers on the far left.

Obamacare Unconstitutional!

February 1, 2011


Federal Judge, Roger Vinson, in Pensacola, Fla., ruled that as a result of the un-constitutionality of the “individual mandate” that requires people to buy insurance, the entire law must be declared void.  He got it right!  There is some humor in this important decision. Obama and Pelosi failed to include an important provision into their health care bill that would have allowed portions of the bill to be ruled unconstitutional without killing the entire law!

“While the individual mandate was clearly ‘necessary and essential’ to the act as drafted, it is not ‘necessary and essential’ to health care reform in general,” he continued. “Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void.”  Fortunately for Americans, Pelosi did not bother to read the bill prior to having it passed!  Obama’s administration allowed Pelosi’s liberals to write the bill without much over sight.  How else could they leave out that important clause which would have allowed portions of the bill to be removed?

Obamacare is headed for a show down that will ultimately be determined by the US Supreme court.  The new Republican controlled congress must continue to do everything possible to eliminate funding this unconstitutional, job killing law until it reaches the highest court of the land.  The founding father’s vision of a Republic and equal branches of government made this possible.  They had a good reason to be skeptical of a central government with too much power.  The constitution prevailed this time!  Thank you Bill McCollum (who was the Attorney General for Florida and filed the law suit against the federal government) for standing up and defending our constitutional rights.