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Another Victim, Really?

January 27, 2011

For anyone outside the Tampa Bay area not hearing the news.   St Petersburg  suffered a huge loss on Monday when two police officers were ambushed and killed.  Both were performing their jobs serving an arrest warrant at a house where a convicted violent felon was hiding.  A Federal Marshal was also shot and seriously wounded during the same incident.  The shooter (a felon) was later killed inside the same house by responding police officers.  This tragedy was made worse yesterday following a political decision by the mayor of St Petersburg.  St Petersburg has a long history of racial dissension and violence within crime ridden areas of the black community.  The cities approach to those areas have created a perception of a double standard when enforcing the law, making it even more difficult on law enforcement when doing their job.  The mayor’s actions certainly appear to strengthen that perception  and that is regrettable. 

The citizens of St Petersburg became victims (again) when their mayor (Bill Foster) included Christine Lacy as a victim deserving of a (new house and belongings) paid for by the tax payer.  In other parts of society it is called rewarding bad behavior. The tradition of weak mayoral rule continues in St Petersburg. Mayor Foster proved it yesterday with his statement. His timing comes when the majority of citizens are grieving the loss of two fine men ambushed ruthlessly by a convicted felon. I can only imagine the feelings of the St Petersburg Police rank and file after learning about the mayor’s statement. 

Mayor Foster should regret including Lacy’s widow as a victim of her husband’s heinous crimes.  Christine Lacy contributed to this tragedy due to her own deliberate decision. She even said she still loves this animal!  Her contention that she was in fear of him is a huge pile of crap!  Only a gutless politician would give it any weight ( and worse) use it for political purposes when two of his police officers have not even been put to rest. 

The families of Officer Yaslowitz and Sgt. Baitinger, and the St Petersburg Police Department are the only victims of Lacey’s horrible crime.  For the mayor to include Lacy’s wife is an insult to the community. When a police officer is killed it is a crime against the community they are sworn to protect.  When Christine Lacy allowed her husband back into her home she took responsibility. Only an incompetent or self-serving politician could think differently.


State of the Union

January 26, 2011

The President delivered his State of the Union speech to Congress last night.  Congress had their so-called “Date Night” with congressmen sitting alongside their opposition in a symbolism of unity.  The speech sounded great and the showmanship great for television. But Americans will not buy it if it means more of the same in DC. 

If the President and Congress were paying attention to the voters in November, they better understand the following:  1. Cut government spending, (reduce the size of government) 2. Create jobs for Americans, (In America) 3. Repeal Obama’s healthcare program, (reform healthcare) and 4. Create real border security (ending the illegal alien problem that is sucking the life out of America.)  Investing in America is a good thing given it is done by actual investors with private dollars, not tax dollars due to government spending!  Obama’s stimulus plan should have taught us that important lesson.

Michelle Bachmann, (R) MN gave her own separate remarks last night following the State of the Union speech.  Some Republicans are upset over her initiative to speak out to those responsible for electing her to Congress.  Why?  Her focus is on job growth for Americans and she used that time to illustrate the problem in very clear terms.  She made the point that after billions of dollars spent by Congress to create jobs, unemployment exploded, jumping to 9.5 percent and holding.  The only purchase made with those billions of dollars was government bureaucracy, which continues to grow under Obama and Democratic rule!  Rep. Bachmann was right on target by warning Americans that with Obamacare comes more government bureaucracy! How does that fit in with Obama’s promise to reduce government spending and the size of government?  It doesn’t because it was another lie!  Nancy Pelosi spoke after the speech and also lied about job growth under Obama.

The key to job growth is a free market and making it less difficult for Americans to build things again, like in the past when American made products dominated the market.  That concept is the key to America once again becoming a strong leader in the free market, something Pelosi and her Socialist friends do not want. Americans who worked hard this past fall to elect representatives, who believe in a free market, must stay alert and hold their representatives to their promise, because promises are to easily broken in DC.   That is one tradition that must end! 

When Nancy Pelosi spoke following the speech she again was untruthful when discussing unemployment.  She is now trying to make Americans feel a 9.5 percent unemployment rate is not so bad!  She said Obama’s  stimulus program kept unemployment from reaching 14 percent and created or saved more jobs than President Bush!  Nancy, 9.5 percent is unacceptable!  Unemployment jumped from 5 percent to 9.5 percent under Obama’s stimulus plan.   If you cannot see or accept that reality  and how it is destroying the country’s economy, then it is time you move back to the west coast and retirement!  New leadership has stepped up and will return America to prosperity by using the free market, American ingenuity, and reducing government size and spending.  That is the only way America can find its way back to greatness.

Baby Doc Returns!

January 19, 2011

Former Dictator (Duvalier – Baby Doc) has returned to Haiti.  He should be on trial for crimes against humanity based upon his past actions to his own people as dictator. How can those crimes be ignored by the U.S and the UN? Certainly you cannot expect Haiti to do the right thing. Haiti is in even more crises than before the earthquake if that is even possible!  How much cash will “Baby Doc” spend to buy his innocence? 

50 million dollars in cash and aid was raised right here in America following the earthquake for helping Haiti rebuild. Where did the money go?  Poor Haitians are still living in the streets!  Baby Doc smells cash in the air and that is his motivation for returning to his homeland after spending decades in exile.  Living in high society France as an exiled criminal is very expensive.  No doubt “Baby Docs” bank account is running low!  Purchasing his freedom from corrupt Haitian officials will allow him to again plunder Haiti as a free man! 

I feel bad for the innocent poor in Haiti.  They have endured poverty, corruption and human rights abuse ever since Haiti became an independent nation. America and the UN must step up and insert control over Haiti’s corruption and establish an administration that gets the cash and aid to the poverty-stricken citizens who need it.  Bill Clinton and George Bush are invested in helping Haiti recover from their devastating earth quake.  The evidence is pretty clear that is not happening.   The world court ( with pressure by the U.S. and the UN) should indict “Baby Doc” for crimes of mass murder committed against his own people and stealing the national treasury.  His actions are no different then those committed by Hussein and his thugs as Dictator of Iraq.  If there is no intervention in Haiti look for another reign of cruel dictatorship in Haiti’s future.

Face of a Madman

January 11, 2011


The far left is using the tragedy in Arizona as another crisis to convey their politics to the American public.  The New York Times published an opinion story putting the blame directly on those on the right, by naming, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Bill O’Reilly.  The far left has used this tactic in the past and it did not work.  (Bill Clinton, Oklahoma City bombing) It will not work today because those supporting this type of political strategy simply do not understand the American People! 

Why can’t the New York Times understand the blame falls directly on the insane individual who had already displayed plenty of signs of being insane? Loughner (gunman) still managed to carry out an assassination attempt on a U.S. Congress woman and killed 5 innocent Americans?  Loughner prayed to a skull on an altar in his backyard.  Does that sound like a God-fearing Christian Tea Party member?  The New York Times is following the playbook of using any crisis to move forward their political agenda and fortunately it never works.  Why?  Because the American people are not as ignorant as they seem to believe.  To the New York Times, politics did not play a role in this madman’s murderous conduct and those you irresponsibly name in your story will not to be judged as accessories as you portray them.  Please continue to pray for the recovery of Congresswoman Giffords and the families of the innocent victims of this madman’s psychotic hate!

Pelosi’s Final Word Proves She is Nuts!

January 5, 2011

Nancy Pelosi in her final press conference as Speaker of the House made this public comment about Democrats. “The Democratic mantra has always been pay as you go.  Democrats are and always will be fiscally responsible.”   WHAT??  Her role as the Speaker of the House, leading the 111th Congress, created the largest deficit in the history of the United States.  The 2010 Budget (proposed by President Barack Obama  and passed by Pelosi’s 111th Congress) projects significant debt increases.   The debt is projected to nearly double to $20 trillion by 2015, and nearly double the size of the federal government.  The reckless spending by liberals in congress produced a debt that will be passed onto our grandchildren, and will most likely, deny them the same opportunities we were given by our grandparents and parents.

Nancy Pelosi’s leadership took America down a pathway to socialism and tried to destroy a system (Capitalism) that created the greatest society in the history of the world.  America (thank god) woke up and tossed her and other liberals to the curb.  To hear Nancy make that statement in her final press conference proves what most of us already knew, she is totally out of touch with reality.

112th Congress – 10 Changes America Needs

January 4, 2011

10 Changes in 2011 for a Better America!

1.         Congress cannot be exempt from any law.   Only elected officials can approve  laws & rules that affect the lives and business of  Americans.  Non-elected   officials will not create rules unless voted and approved by congress. 

2.         Term Limits – 16 yrs. US Senate, 8 yrs US Representatives, and 8 yrs for President. Former politicians are prohibited becoming lobbyists for 10 years after leaving office. Cut Government spending require balanced budget.  (Constitutional Amendment) 

3.         Americans on public assistance are drug tested and will not smoke cigarettes, or consume alcohol or illegal drugs. Women must use birth control to receive public assistance. 

4.         A free bus ticket to:  California, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington,  Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois to anyone refusing change 3.  No federal bailouts to any states or private business. 

5.         Remove futures trading on oil production and impose taxes on companies exporting jobs outside America and use the money to create new jobs in America.  Open up domestic drilling for fossil energy to reduce foreign dependence.

6.         Military Veterans receive first preference for education and jobs upon their honorable discharge from service.  

7.         Convicted felons serving over 20 years in prison will not receive free education or access to computers, cable TV.  They must work 10 hours – 6 days per week.  No conjugal visits.   

8,         Education becomes a national priority.  Teachers are held accountable for the education of their students.  No tenure within the education system.  

9.         A complete over haul of the political campaign process.  Fundraising at all levels must be capped to an agreed amount.  Fundraising loopholes abolished. 

10.       US Borders will be secured. Illegal immigrants will be deported within 60 days of capture.  No tax dollars will be used to educate illegal immigrants.  English must be learned and demonstrated prior to becoming a citizen of the U. S.   Repeal National Healthcare.