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Enemy of America

November 29, 2010









 America and her allies should go after the founder of Wikileaks and freeze all of his assets until they can be legally seized. This guy and his organization hate America and is intentionally hurting our credibility with other nations with the release of secret information.  Shut him down before he does any further damage. This is not about freedom of the press it is a form of terrorism.This is the face of an avowed enemy of America and his release of secret information is designed to damage our credibility in the world. It has to be stopped.  Do something Obama!

As for the actual traitor – PFC. Bradley Manning.  This disgrace to the military uniform should be given a military court-martial as a traitor.  When found guilty, the Obama administration should have the courage to recommend and carry out the death penalty.  That will send a message to other liberals that there are limits to what America will tolerate when it comes to personal responsibility.  The execution of PFC. Manning as a traitor to his country will cause others considering future despicable acts against their country to re-think them.  Obama however does not have the courage or leadership traits to recommend this sentence as commander-in-chief!  Why?  Is it really necessary to say why, isn’t it self-evident?


Obama’s Travesty of Justice

November 19, 2010

A civilian jury yesterday acquitted terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani of all murder charges he faced for his involvement in the two bombings of American embassies in Africa back in 1998. The bombings killed 213 people, including 12 Americans, in the attacks on the embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.  He was convicted of one count of conspiracy by the jury, some feel it was a compromise to avoid a hung jury.  Ghailani’s attorneys will appeal the one conspiracy conviction. 

Most of you will not remember, but Attorney General Holder predicted he would be found guilty of all charges if he was tried in NYC in a civilian court.  Well Mr. Holder, you were wrong, and anyone with common sense is not surprised!  We are outraged!

Just like with almost every other issue, Obama’s administration failed to listen to the to the American people’s plea to conduct military tribunals for captured non-citizen terrorists. Obama insisted justice can be obtained by civilian courts.  We still don’t totally understand his motivation for reaching that decision.  It does prove his far left liberal philosophy is dangerous to America’s security.

Obama still supports the trials for “KLM” (the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks) and his co-conspirators be held in NYC in the same Federal court. Obama is more concerned about world opinon then getting justice for acts of war.  The problem with his thinking process is clear to most of Americans.  We are at war with terrorists, they started it and continue to wage it.  Conducting criminal investigations and trials is not the answer to fighting a declared war.  The acquittal of this terrorist, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani clearly proves Obama’s approach to terrorism is a huge failure and a threat to America’s security.  Liberals are dangerous to America’s future and this aqquital is one more example of that fact!


November 13, 2010

America celebrated Veteran’s Day honoring those serving in the armed forces and veterans who have served honorably.  If you get your news only from the mainstream media you probably did not hear about the insult tossed at our military heroes and veterans on the day Americans chose to honor them.  I am referring to Jim Davis the creator, writer of the comic strip “Garfield”.

Davis used Veteran’s Day to run a comic strip that was clearly aimed at ridiculing Veterans Day, although he denies that was his intent.  His comic strip is above– read it and make your own conclusion about intent. (“Davis apologized to  fans and Veterans. He wrote the comic strip was written by him almost a year ago and has nothing to do with the important day.  It was completely unintentional and immensely regrettable”).  Davis claims he would never make such a statement because his own brother served in Vietnam.  Well Mr. Davis, why didn’t you serve?  (You are certainly old enough.)

Personally, I do not buy Davis’ excuse and until he clears it up, any apology he tries making to Veterans– who are rightfully upset over it, should be ignored.  I suspect Davis is just another liberal elitist who views the military and veterans, that served honorably in war time, as stupid. Davis, who is (65), avoided military service  during the Vietnam era.  I would not be surprised if he was one of the hippies protesting the war and burning American flags and draft cards.

The shock Mr. Davis received was  quickly discovering Veterans are not as stupid as he and other liberals believe.  Davis revealed his ignorance by thinking he might get away with his inside joke on Veterans.  I am one Veteran who is sick and tired of liberals making insulting public statements and then try walking them back when it creates public outrage.  Try telling the truth if you wish to have your apology accepted Mr. Davis.  

I never liked Garfield so I can’t boycott his comic strip, (but can assure you) anything coming from Davis’ pen or mouth in the future will be ignored until he admits to making a serious mistake thinking Veterans are stupid.

A Veterans Day Appeal

November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day to everyone who swore an oath to protect the USA against all of its enemies, I am proud to be a part of this wonderful group of Americans. 

It is important people understand a hidden danger has been taking a toll on veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan because of military policy.  The issue is known as “burn pits”.  The policy of the military has been to use open burning methods to dispose of all waste, some of which give off toxins harmful to both the environment and life.  Due to this government policy, men and women exposed to these burn pits have fallen ill with cancer and some have died.  

Today, I read a news story in the Tampa Tribune by Reporter Howard Altman that shed some light on this issue. While the Veterans Administration is working to help most of those identified as victims, it appears there maybe a bureaucratic firewall  preventing assistance  in a timely manner.  Some of these veterans do not have a lot of time to wait.

 The military is not helping matters by being slow to recognize the cause and create preventive measures.  Military leaders must act to change their position regarding burn pits if they have not done so already and ensure safer policies and compliance.  Government contractors must also be held accountable and the same preventive measure taken to protect civilian workers from exposure to the harmful toxins produced from the burn pits under their control. 

As a Veteran I am asking all Veterans and anyone else who supports our military to contact their Senators and Congressman and tell them the following.  

There should be no bureaucratic walls erected by the Defense Department or the Veterans Administration that prevents returning Veterans from receiving the best medical care possible for treatment of illness caused by burn pit toxins.  

Congress must demand the military end existing policies on open burning that is endangering our military heroes and the environment.

I contacted mine today.  God Bless our troops.

Super Failures

November 7, 2010

Tone Deaf is being kind when it comes to failed Florida Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink’s description of “Obamism”.  The health care bill Obama, Reid, and Pelosi created and rammed down our throats is a fraud on America.  Sink did not come to this conclusion over night because she lost the election – like most politicians, she was deceiving Floridians.

Pelosi may be the next target as Democrats (moderates) turn on her in the election for minority leader. Who can blame the few Democrats left in the House?  The sad news, the election defeat wiped out moderate Democrats — leaving her liberal base from the west and east coasts in Congress, which means she could survive to become minority leader!  Republicans are right to dismantle Obamacare in Congress.  Obamacare must be stopped in order to create job growth in America. 

Liberals have finally been exposed for being committed to stealing America’s wealth and giving it away to eliminate America’s middle class and convert them into a working class for the state. This is the liberals’ vision for making America an equal partner of a world economy! (This should scare you)  If you want higher and additional taxes, less personal wealth, and larger central government–  stick with liberals.  They are working hard to get you there!

(Obamacare) In yesterday’s news it was reported the AARP (who pretended to be the watchdog for seniors) raised its health coverage on its own employees. Why?  Because of Obamacare  (AARP supported Obama’s health care bill 100 percent) AARP spent millions on paid commercials telling Americans it would reduce their healthcare cost.  Huh?  It was a huge lie told by AARP.   Guess who profits from Obamacare?  The additional supplemental healthcare packages seniors will require for health coverage will be sold by AARP!

In another important issue (the economy) Secretary Geithner and Reserve Chairman Beranke have cooked up a scheme that will trigger inflation by having the Federal Reserve pump billions of printed dollars into the economy. Why? To make it appear the economy is gaining strength which will cover up their failed economic policies over the past two years.   Another fraud on America!  News flash Timmy, no jobs means a sick economy,  no matter how much money you print – get it? 

The battle to save America is NOT over and with career politicians continuing to decieve us about  Obama’s  healthcare plan, there is much work still to be done.  It is too late  for Alex Sink –  next time you run for public office, try telling the truth!  As for Obama, it is very clear the Kryptonite is finally curbing his liberal super powers.  Thank God!


November 3, 2010

California, the liberal capital of the USA,  once again showed the country how far off kilter they have become as a state.  They elect a former Governor from the 80s, Jerry Brown (who likes the idea of a sanctuary state) as their Governor,  and re-elect one of the “Queens” of Liberalism (Barbara”call me Senator” Boxer) back to power.   Even worse, (best illustrates their “strangeness”) they placed legalizing pot as one of their largest social issues when the state is bankrupt!  I personally know many good and smart Californians who worked hard and gave their best to save California from liberalism.  Unfortunately that attempt failed, but none of them are quitters and remain encouraged by the national shift in political feelings.  The California Tea Party will be back!   To the liberals voting for Gov. Brown, I have one question.  How does one vote for Gov. Brown as Governor yet vote no against legalizing pot?  I would love to hear the answer.

I personally cannot figure out the majority of California’s thinking.  They reject God; live what most Americans describe as a flashy self- indulged lifestyle where it is all about me…  In public they project a different persona to have people believe they care about you.  Those on the political right (and as was proven last night) in the center refuse to view it as normal behavior.  If California continues down its current path they will soon be coming to us for a bail out.  Maybe for the very first time in their lives they will hear the word NO!  It will be interesting to see what happens then.  

The future for the majority of America is once again getting bright because common sense and God are returning to the United States.  We should be thankful and offer grateful prayer to God for his intervention in giving us this important political victory.  A message to Obama, it is time you lead and serve as the President of the United States, representing every American, not just your cadre of elitist.  Is that type of change possible Mr. President?  We will never tolerate a President who declares us the enemy because we dare disagree with your politics.  What makes your words even more insulting is your refusal to portray the real enemy of this country as the enemy.  We pray you understand the message from the American people who you publicly called the enemy!


November 3, 2010

Last nights election clearly proved Americans will NEVER tolerate a government that ignores them.  With the exception of a few states that have entrenched Democrats – New York, California, Nevada, New England, Americans demanded both Obama and Harry Reid must change course now!  Harry Reid in his victory speech defiantly responded in typical liberal fashion this was only round one!  Will Obama also be defiant when he addresses the country later today?  I hope not for the sake of our future, defiance will not move the country forward.

America’s founders created a country that relied upon checks and balances that are in the constitution to ensure government served the people and never ruled them.  That principal has survived many tests over the years and it again proved true last night. 

Last night was a victory for America not necessarily the GOP party.  Everyone in Washington DC better understand the message that came from this election.  The newly elected representatives must go to DC with the following message from the people who put them in power. 

            1.  Deeds not words

            2.  Listen to us

            3.  Stop the out of control spending

            4.  Create jobs for Americans

            5.  Lower Taxes 

America was on its knees but like a prize-fighter in the 15th round she was able to rise up and score an important victory with a knockout punch to liberals.  The American people will never tolerate socialism.  That was made very clear last night in the election.  God Bless America and all of the Americans who made last night possible.