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Clinton’s Got Your Back!

October 29, 2010


Florida has been in the national news a lot due to its quirky election season and the candidates running for office.  In keeping with the Halloween season some of the candidates are going out of their way to be ghoulish during the final week of the campaign.  Out of all of them, Charlie Crist has to win the prize for ghoulish candidate.  A good Halloween costume for Charlie Crist would be a “Slinky”.   Back room slinky politics best describe what Crist and Clinton tried pulling off to steal the election from both Meek and Rubio.

With only 4 days until the election voters still have no clue about what Charlie Crist stands for on issues.    Behind the scene Clinton tries to convince Meek to drop out of the race to give Charlie Crist a better chance to beat Republican Marco Rubio for US Senate.  To Meek’s credit, he refused to drop out of the race and went public with the story.  Kendrick Meek nailed it when he said “why doesn’t Charlie Crist get out of the race”?  Excellent question!  Floridians don’t even know what Crist stands for because of his frequent flip-flops on issues. 

The Clinton political machine will not go away.  Publicly, they vow support for Obama and his far left agenda.  But behind the scene (in typical Clinton fashion) they are working feverishly to undermine support for Obama’s Presidency.  Why?  The Clinton’s have only one goal.  Hillary Clinton for President in 2012.  Clinton’s people smell blood in the water and the sharks are circling anticipating a huge defeat for Democrats on Tuesday.  In their minds that is also a huge defeat for Obama’s failed policies.  Smart voters understand supporting Clinton and the candidates he supports is going from the frying pan into the fire with respect to changing America’s current direction.


Voting by Non-Citizens?

October 24, 2010


How many Americans are aware of a movement today within the US to allow non-citizens to have the right to vote?  If you are scratching your head or saying that cannot happen here in America, you would be wrong!  This is happening under the radar as are most social issues supported by the liberal far left. (George Soros)  How could this happen you might ask?  The far left is already working at making this a reality. Watch for anyone opposing liberals on this issue to be branded a racist and the rest made to feel guilty about a disenfranchised minority blocked from the privilige of voting.  

Currently, Chicago (big surprise) and six Maryland counties’ local laws have been passed allowing non-citizens to vote on county issues such as property taxes, education policies, etc.  The liberals have been, for the most part, successful in pulling off this latest scheme to grow their support base.  After all, non-citizens from a different culture make for perfect voters when it comes to growing the liberal agenda for America.  Legal citizens should be alarmed about this new practice.  It is only a matter of time before this policy advances to state and national elections!  (Incrementalism) 

The argument from liberals in support of this policy is their typical argument – these non-citizens, who are documented aliens, are disenfranchised from the electoral process.  Well of course they are silly people, they are non-citizens and don’t have the right to vote on issues.  Why?  Because, non-citizens have not taken an oath required of anyone who wishes to become an American citizen!  The liberal far left is setting up a process for changing that important aspect to becoming an American citizen.  Why bother to become an American citizen if you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it and not be one?  

Why are the liberals doing this?  My own opinion seems to make the most sense – they see that their movement transforming America into a liberal socialist society is in jeopardy.  Liberals must expand their voting base in order to win back the seats they will be losing to conservatives in the coming election.  Their answer is simple – make voting easier than it already is and include non-citizens who will get easily swept up into the liberal base and give them the fast tract to achieving their future plans for America. 

Americans have to understand the inherent dangers that come with allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.  Simply put, this is insane! To those on the far left – It does not make me a racist to require American voters to be citizens of America.  Vote conservatives into office on Nov 2nd so Americans can restore common sense in government.


National Public Radio Hypocrisy

October 22, 2010


National Public Radio’s CEO Vivian Schiller proved by her actions yesterday what most conservatives already knew when she fired NPR, Juan Williams.  Conservatives have known for years that liberals practice the old axiom: “Do as I say not as I do”.   Another word for this type of behavior is Hypocrite and NPR fits that label perfectly.  If you do not know Juan Williams, I can tell you this much about him from my own personal knowledge.  He is definitely not a conservative and has on many occasions faced up to the heavy weights on Fox News and advocated the left’s position on both social and political issues.  He was a leader during the Civil Rights movement and has written numerous books on the subject.   His work and character certainly proves he is not a bigot as alleged by Vivian Schiller.  Juan DID NOT deserve to be labeled as having psychiatric  problems as insinuated by Schiller in her comments justifying her terminating him from NPR yesterday.

It was bad enough to be fired for remarks he made on Bill O’Reilly’s show regarding Muslims.  (His remark was not racist)  It was made worse by how Schiller went about it.  She fired him over the phone (tacky) then she made what is normally a private affair between employee and employer public by announcing his termination and worse, saying what he says and believes should be between him and his psychiatrist.   Schiller’s conduct is reprehensible and arrogant.   Schiller should be the one fired for so badly mis-mangaging the issue.  One would expect better from a CEO.  She will not be fired because the majority of the NPR’s funding comes from organizations on the far left.  Billionaire George Soros, the Iconic leader of the far left just recently gave them a check for 1.8 million dollars to hire 100 new reporters.  How many of these new reporters will be conservative?  I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall listening to the conversation between Soros and Schiller regarding William’s future.  Do you think Soros had no influence on her decision? 

Americans should demand Congress cut off funding to NPR immediately.  Did I fail to mention the NPR receives your tax dollars to fund their program?  NPR’s funding by George Soros clearly shows they are not objective in reporting news and should not be recognized as an objective news source.  They are a far left propaganda tool used by Soros and the far left’s political machine.  Tax dollars should not be used to finance this organization.  They should also be removed from non-profit status and made to earn their money like other broadcasting stations based upon commercial sponsors.  Then they can continue their far left message.  I wonder how long they would last?  

I was happy to hear that Fox News stepped up and offered Mr. Williams a better contract then the one he had with NPR.  He is an excellent journalist and will be a valuable resource to Fox News as a news analyst.  As for National Public Radio they proved they are not an objective news agency.  They are a puppet of the far left and if you dare disagree with their far left agenda, you will be destroyed.  That was proven yesterday.  I hope a few good attorneys offer their service to Mr. Williams and take both Ms. Schiller and NPR to the cleaners for violating Mr. Williams rights to express his thoughts freely,  even if it does not fit their political agenda.   Second, where are the civil rights  advocates namely,  Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, over the Juan Williams (minority) termination?  Finally, thank you Ms. Schiller for proving me right about liberals.  What I wrote about in yesterday’s blog about liberals and their bad decisions was proven true in this case.

Which Are You? Liberal or Conservative?

October 20, 2010

Far-Left liberals have succeeded in totally denying good and evil as being the one major difference between right and wrong decisions.  They have collaborated with fellow elitists, (Political/Entertainment Worlds) and view themselves as the ruling class.  Elite liberals indulge in greed and power, but publicly portray themselves as defenders of the poor and disadvantaged in society. To pay for their “good government approach”, they raise taxes on hard-working middle class America.  Their self-serving definition of good and evil, right and wrong (political correctness) rationalize their behavior.  They truly believe they are capable of creating world peace!  Something that has never once happened in the history of the world!  Even scarier, Liberals are working to create a world economy and they know it will require a centralized world government to manage it! 

If you disagree with this Liberal view-point you may have pointed your head up to the sky and thanked God because you are either a God-fearing conservative or moderate and recognize the struggle occurring today between Muslim Islamic Extremists (Evil) and Christians & Jewish (Good).  There is no denying it.  Conservatives describe it as a war with an enemy, who has vowed to destroy us!  Liberals describe it as a political disagreement between two different cultures.  Kindness and understanding will heal the divide between Americans and Islamic Extremists.  That will not happen based on past history.  Liberals tend to revise history to conform with their political agenda. 

Liberals really believe this to be truth thanks to the powers of the mainstream media and liberal college professors. Why else would they not see a problem over building a Muslim Mosque next to Ground Zero? Can they explain why Obama is determined to withdrawal our troops from Afghanistan, without allowing them to defeat the Al-Qaeda and Taliban enemies operating freely in parts of the region? I finished reading “The Obama Wars” and it pretty much makes that conclusion.  The mainstream media (the View being the latest example) label conservatives as racists who hate all Muslims.  We know this to be untrue and common sense allows conservatives to recognize the fact there is an enemy living in the Muslim world.  Not all Muslims are bad,  conservatives understand this Whoopi Goldberg! 

Far too much American blood has been spilled in Afghanistan to quit the war without a victory.  America’s professional military must be allowed to win the war without the politics!  How long after America quits the war will it take Bin-Laden to regroup and brings his Jihad back to the Home Land?   Why do liberals ignore such an obvious fact?  To keep America safe, we must work hard to ensure true conservative Americans get elected on Nov 2nd.   It is necessary to win a large majority in both houses to effectively stop the madness occurring today in DC.  Do not fall for the talking points being used by liberals to paint conservatives as bigots and racists.  That is not true.  America is depending on conservatives to take charge and move the country in the right direction.  God Bless America and our Military Heroes in harm’s way.

Military Heroes Disinfranshised

October 19, 2010

Many Americans like me are angry over the news that a couple of states , that we know of, (New York and Illinois)  have violated the MOVE Act.  The MOVE Act is a federal law created in 2009 by Congres to ensure military personnel serving overseas receive absentee ballots on time so their votes are counted in elections. The law was created after it was determined many absentee ballots submitted from military members were never counted because of missed deadlines caused by the bureaucrats responsible for mailing them out. 

Where is  the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)?  Why are they not in front of this issue demanding answers to the disenfranchising of our men and women serving overseas in uniform?  The answer is clear why they do not see this as an issue — most of our military traditionally vote conservative so there is no incentive for the ACLU to get involved.   Do you remember how quick the ACLU was to support and defend the Islamic Terrorists held in Guantanamo for terrorist acts against Americans? 

Both States are making excuses for why the violations occurred and it is not clear if the military ballots will be counted for the upcoming election.  Regardless of any political agenda, the fact the ballots were not given special consideration to ensure they were mailed on time is the issue.  Someone was responsible ,and they should be held accountable after an investigation is concluded and the facts are clear.  I for one do not want these incompetent administrators in charge of something so important. 

 A clear message must be sent to both federal and local bureaucrats that Americans will not tolerate this type of treatment towards our military personnel.  Our heroes in uniform defending our freedoms deserve better, and  their votes should be counted first rather than not counted at all due to bureaucratic nonsense!

Liberal or Conservative – You Decide

October 4, 2010


As we get closer to the  November 2, 2010  mid term elections, people must focus on the message from each party and more important, from the groups they represent.  If you get the news and information mainly from the networks and CNN, you probably think of the “Tea Party” as a radical group of people who are racists and religious fanatics.  It is sad commentary to think many Americans have that view-point which is the power of the media when it comes to their influence over how you think.

The uninformed voter has no clue about the political groups that make up the Democratic party which again is unfortunate because if they did, many of them would be outraged. (If they still believe in the constitution and freedom).   The rest of us  hope and pray the Americans somewhere in the middle have a difficult time supporting the far left, who continue to remain the solid base of Democrat support.  “Code Pink” for example was born in California and is a staunch supporter of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Supporters of “Code Pink”  have one interest that has galvanized their supporters – hating the military.  Their cause is aimed at both slandering our military heroes and undermining the military’s recruitment efforts. “Code Pink” was born and organized in Berkley California, Nancy Pelosi’s backyard!  

A picture is as good as a thousand words.  The two photographs above speak for themselves about “Code Pink” and the Tea Party.  So, when you enter the voting booth on November 2nd  your choice Democrats ( Liberals) who oppose a war against an enemy, who has vowed to destroy America, or  a vote for Republican (Conservative) that is pledged to protecting America from enemies both outside and within it’s borders and supports our military?  It is an easy decision for me, what about you?

Al Gore the Progressive Pitchman

October 1, 2010

How ironic, the Liberals bring in former VP Al Gore, (author of “An Inconvenient Truth”), to help fellow Liberal, Kendrick Meek-D, rally the  dwindling group of believers who still  support his Senate candidacy.  I can think of one truth Al Gore and his group of elitists will have a hard time understanding,  Kendrick Meek and his Progressive Gang (who currently control Congress) are finished… Their MELTDOWN was quicker than anything Al Gore could make up in his book of fiction on global warming!