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Illegal Immigration A Joke?

September 24, 2010

Only Democrats in Congress would view one of America’s biggest problems as funny!  Why else would they allow Comedy Central’s Steve Colbert to testify before a committee on illegal immigration?  This is another example of how Democrats, especially the elitist think.  They view illegal immigration as a joke!  What else would anyone with common sense conclude when Democrats invite a national comedian to testify as an expert on illegal immigration?


Obama’s Vision of Global Economy

September 22, 2010

If you are American and know about the UN Summit on Millennium Development Goals (happening now in NYC at the UN) you should be outraged!  Global economy is not a conspiracy it is being assembled right in front of a blind America. The purpose: To level the playing field for other poor nations! 

Obama promised redistribution of wealth but forgot to mention it was for the global economy. That explains everything about why our economy is failing.  Jobs and wealth is going outside our borders.  The proof is out there friends.   It is by design and many world leaders have let it slip.  If you want world economy you must have a world order. (Code for world government)!  Pay attention people…  It is frightening what Democrats have planned for America!


September 21, 2010

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the Great Recession is over!  Obama agrees and made the announcement just in time for November mid-term election.  He of course was speaking to his base on the far left that appear to be recession proof.   Had he made this same announcement to middle class  Americans he would have been laughed off the stage!

  • The numbers tell a much different story. Unemployment still remains 9.6 percent. The numbers are derived from workers collecting unemployment. Under-employed and those who have stopped looking for work are not even tracked by the government.
  • Foreclosures still remain the same as last year and higher than the year previous, house sales still down, exception being foreclosure sales by banks and short sales to avoid foreclosure.
  • Auto-truck sales are down for 2010 after a short increase due to Obama’s clunker bailout.
  • Energy prices are again on the rise which always has a negative impact upon the economy.

Is the recession really over? Or is this yet another Obama deception to make you think it is over? You be the judge.


September 17, 2010

Meet Elizabeth Warren –  Harvard Professor, poster child for socialism and anti-capitalism.  She is a close friend of Obama’s which opened the door for her selection as yet another new White House Czar to govern the financial markets.  

Her anti-capitalist record is so appalling she would have NEVER been confirmed by the Senate (controlled by Democrats) for the position.  That is why Obama, who always promised transparency in his administration, decided it better to create yet another Czar position to avoid a Senate that would never confirm her for that position! 

Friends, It should alarm you  that Obama continues to circumvent the constitution with his use of Czars to transform America’s system of Capitalism.  The fact an avowed socialist is now in charge of regulating the financial markets should frighten anyone who believes in the constitution and the free market system. Vote all Democrats and Rhinos out in November …

The Liberal’s Religious Moderate?

September 14, 2010

The average American has zero tolerance for the burning of books religious or other wise, even though such ignorance is protected by the 1st amendment.  Thinking Americans understand history and have not forgotten back to 1933 when the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels burned all books written by Jewish authors.  I should not have to remind anyone of the final outcome that followed Goebbel’s act of hatred.  Rev. Terry Jones proved his ignorance and earned the right to be called a radical extremist. 

The Rev. Jeremy Wright, once Obama’s pastor for over 20 years spewed his own form of hatred at America from his pulpit.  His infamous words “the chickens have come home to roost” following 9-11 quickly earned him the title of a hate mongering radical.  Obama was forced to reject him to avoid political damage to his campaign for President. 

Finally, we have, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf from NYC, the man behind building a Mosque in close proximity to Ground Zero.  His own words from past speeches are being exposed.  His words clearly show he is not the moderate liberals want Americans to believe.  Rauf is a radical and his heart and mind clearly supports Islam’s radical Sharia law.  How the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Sharia Law complement and support each other (as he has claimed in past speeches) is ridiculous!  Women, and Gays should especially be alarmed and outraged that Liberals in the mainstream media support him and praise him as a moderate and believe his outrageous claims about Sharia law!  Just ask any female or Gay living over in an Islamic nation that is free to speak their mind.  (There are none)

Friends, Imam Rauf is anything but a moderate!   Why is the liberal media continuing to support and defend this radical Imam?  Why would they choose this radical’s plan to build an Islamic Mosque on hallowed ground that remains an open wound to the majority of Americans? 

There are no differences between these three religious figures, only religious philosophy separates them.  They all share the same contempt for anyone who DARES not believe them!  You can throw liberals into that same category!  We must send them all a loud message in November…

The BEST For America’s Heroes!

September 6, 2010


In this June 3, 2010 photo, 1st Lt. Jay Park participates in pre-deployment cognitive testing at the Fort Campbell Army base in Fort Campbell, Ky. Soldiers from the Army’s 52nd Ordnance Group based at Fort Campbell have undergone hours of exhaustive cognitive testing in the military’s first-of-its-kind study of mild traumatic brain injury. The focus on the soldiers who find and destroy the powerful and deadly weapons is part of a larger effort by the military this year to better track and treat mild brain injuries. (AP)

 “Military seeks to track and treat mild brain injuries”, that is the headline and for a change good news from the government.  Our troops in harm’s way defending the USA deserve everything and anything should they require assistance for battle condition injury!  That is the one expenditure of tax dollars that has no quarrel from any proud American and it’s only a small token of our appreciation for these men and women.  We owe them! 

I salute the military leaders, and decision makers who helped make this policy a high priority with our troops.  Military heroes deserve every medical avenue available, especially those created to help professional athletes, heal from the very same injuries.  There should be no barriers to their access with payment by the government.  My tax dollars are solid on that expense.  This policy must transcend into the Veterans administration to ensure follow-up treatment and long-term care. We owe them that much. 

I am proud to be part of Grateful American Coin, a non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to helping wounded veterans.  The volunteers pledge to do everything possible in raising awareness and gratefulness to our military heroes and veterans.  It is truly a great feeling.  I encourage everyone who shares this same grateful experience towards our military to visit our website: to learn more about us, even make a donation to our heroes by purchasing a “Grateful American Challenge” coin for every military hero and veteran in your circle of friends and family. God Bless America…