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Far-Left Paranoia

July 30, 2010

The SEIU has produced a commercial that equates Arizona’s law against Illegal Immigration to the Berlin Wall, Nazi Concentration camps and the Japanese Internment camps built-in America back during WW 2 (Approved by a Democratic President)  Here is a news flash for those Elitist on the far left who are behind this latest outrage.  The Berlin wall and the camps were built to keep people contained and imprisoned.  The secure borders being proposed are designed to keep illegal immigrants out and to offer security to our citizens!  You have to be really stupid to not get that point. 

I am not only outraged over the commercial, ( produced no doubt by tax dollars via the Obama stimulus fund) but the implication law enforcement cannot be trusted with enforcing the Arizona law on illegal immigration.  That goes right to the core of the issue.  Liberals do not trust law enforcement or the military!

The liberal elitists have unmasked themselves for who they really are with this huge issue.  It is not a concern over minorities being unfairly profiled and targeted by this law. (The same law not being enforced by Federal Government)  It is the paranoid mistrust of both law enforcement and military.  This goes back to their college days when they were protesting against the Vietnam War and the establishment, even using violence (Ayers) when opposing the police, who were charged with protecting society from the anarchy  going on during the war protests.  They have never gotten over it.  Now these same people are in positions of power and teaching young minds their socialist philosophy.  

The progressive’s, communists, far-left what ever you wish to call them today are feverishly working to change America into their new vision of a world society.  They will not trust law enforcement or the military until they have absolute power and control over the Federal government. (at the expense of the State’s rights!) That is the issue and if you believe in the constitution and freedom of choice you should be very concerned about what is happening today in America!


Charlie Rangel Public Service or Disgrace?

July 26, 2010

Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel 40 year D, NY is facing serious ethic charges (which will be revealed on Thursday) when the ethics committee releases their findings.  Charges are expected on the following violations: 

    •  He has four rent controlled apartments which are rent subsidized (paid by tax payers)           

    • “Belatedly” reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets he owned.        

    •  Use of Congressional stationary for fund-raising for his Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service. 

The ethic investigation will proceed well into the fall campaign and no ruling on Rangel’s political future will happen until after the fall elections.  You might think Nancy Pelosi, after her promise to “Drain the Swamp of corruption”, might want to make this case a priority?   

Leading Democratic strategists continue to back Charlie Rangel insisting he committed no criminal violations, only congressional rules!  Try not paying taxes or reporting assets over several years and watch what happens to the average American.  If using 4 rent subsidized rental apartments for your own personal use (when only 1 is allowed) is not criminal we should ask why? 

In spite of the ethics violations, Charlie Rangel is favored to win his Harlem district seat in November.  His constituents ignore his alleged abuses of power because he brings home the bacon to his district!  It will take congress doing the right thing  to throw him out of office!  Rangel if found guilty of these ethic charges should serve as the poster politician for term limits for all Congress!  Forty years inside the swamp is far too long in a political office and invites corruption. 


July 18, 2010


“On Monday July 19, the Washington Post plans to publish a website listing all agencies and contractors believed to conduct Top Secret work on behalf of the US Government!  They will pinpoint the locations of firms conducting Top Secret intelligence work on behalf of our National Security.  This is just one more action being taken against those in the intelligence community who are working to protect the United States from an enemy determined to destroy us.

In a world that makes sense, this type of action would be deemed treasonous given the fact we have military men and women in harm’s way fighting two wars who’s very safety relies upon this intelligence.  It will be interesting to see what Obama and Eric Holder do about this if the Washington Post makes good on its plan to reveal the information.  

According to sources linked to the Washington Post, their motivation is to expose fraud on the part of  government contractors who are working for the Federal Government in the intelligence field.  That is a weak cover for jeopardizing America’s National Security during a time of war.  If they have concerns about possible fraud then take it to the Congressional over sight committee for Intelligence.  DO NOT expose it in a public story that can be read by America’s enemies!  

This serves as proof, there are elements within our country (Far Left Communists) who are determined to do everything possible to destroy this country.  What other reason could there be for publicly exposing our national security secrets?  We must put a stop to this madness coming from the far left.  This is not responsible journalism it is treason!

Biden Saving Jobs?

July 15, 2010

VP – Biden statement the other day proves the concern within the White House for their failed stimulus program that was supposed to grow the economy and create jobs.  That has not happened and our economy and job loss is the number one concern for Americans.  Biden boasted that Obama’s Stimulus Plan created or saved 3.5 million jobs since its inception early in early 2009.  Economists outside the White House circles dispute that claim and many are ridiculing it as fiction.  

To date, 480 Billion dollars of stimulus money has been spent on “shovel ready” projects that have created or saved jobs across America.  There is an estimated 740 Billion that remains to be spent from the existing stimulus package and Obama is pushing for congress to approve more spending!  (Delaying until the fall in time for the elections)

If you check you can view where the money was spent.  After viewing this website it is obvious most of the money targets existing government jobs and unions.  It is easy to conclude Obama’s base is receiving the stimulus money.  Is it growing jobs as promised?  No.   The only substantial job growth recorded since the beginning of Obama’s Stimulus Plan has been in government, most through temporary employment with the census bureau.  Real job growth occurred within the IRS as they tool up to help collect the increased tax revenue from new taxes in 2011 thanks to Liberals.    How will that stimulate the economy?

Fact checks: 

Since the inception of Obama’s Stimulus Plan, 2.5 million jobs have been lost!  

Obama’s administration has changed their talking points from the promise of creating jobs to saving jobs!  Why the change?  How does that help the 9.5 percent of Americans currently unemployed?  Democrats with Obama’s support now want to extend unemployment benefits with stimulus money.  

Obama and Democrats are out of ideas for fixing the economy.  So now their only hope for retaining power is to give away borrowed money to their base.  That explains extending unemployment benefits (some have received unemployment for 2 years).  

How does extending unemployment benefits fix the economy?  Biden mentioned Republicans only complain about the economy and offer no solutions.  Another huge lie!  Biden knows Obama met with the Republican Caucasus back in 2009 to discuss their plan for stimulating the economy?  Obama’s socialism mindset rejected their plan.  He and Congress have lost control of the economy due to their socialist’s belief that government control over the economy makes the best sense.  It is not and never has if you learned anything from history.  

It will be up to Americans in November to throw out every incumbent who voted in favor of Obama’s economic policies.  That is the only answer to getting the economy back on track.  The Republicans do have a plan for restoring the economy; Obama and Biden have seen it.  It involves cutting taxes not raising them and offering incentives to small business owners, and getting government down sized and out-of-the-way of American small business owners who are the engine that drives America’s economy.


July 9, 2010

Most Americans have been distracted by the economy, the worst oil spill in world history, and two wars where our troops are in harm’s way.  This has provided the Obama Administration an opportunity to get busy dismissing law suits that were filed in response to the many voter abuses during the 2008 elections.  Why?  The Liberals currently in power recognize big trouble in November and their hold on power will end without extraordinary measures to help them retain power after the 2010 elections.  They are desperate to do what ever it takes to accomplish their goal.  That is why Obama and Liberals are advocating amnesty for illegals and has directed the Department of Justice to dismiss and block civil actions filed in response to the voting abuses in 2008.

The DOJ is firmly under Obama’s control…  Under the Obama’s direction, the DOJ is dismissing law suits filed from the 2008 elections that were based on election law violations.  The Black Panther suit is one example that has received the largest exposure in the media. (earlier blog posting) 

Another example, The Motor Voter Law, one of the larger voting abuses on record.  Its sole purpose is to inflate the Democratic voting numbers.  Every single effort to rescind this law has been blocked by the Obama administration and other liberals in state bureaucracy.  For those not familiar with the Motor Voter Law.  It allows people to register by simply mailing in a postcard without showing identification both proving their identity and address.  Think about it!  It really comes  as no surprise because Obama and his political team learned every dirty trick in the book written by the Chicago Political Machine.  We saw plenty of examples in 2008 with thugs patrolling voting precincts and questionable voter registration rolls as a result of Motor Voter Laws.  Keep in mind the Obama-care debate and the extraordinary measures Liberals took to muzzle your dissent.   Look for much more of the same abuse in 2010 unless something is done to prevent it.

Liberals have always fought their battles in the courts they created with liberal judges because they recognize they DO NOT have the support of the majority of America.   Now with control of the DOJ,  look for even more abuses of our voting rights.  Filing a law suit against Arizona’s illegal immigrant law shows how far they will go to protect their power by adding 20 million illegal citizens on our voter registration rolls.  That is what this law suit is really all about if you understand their politics.

When the far left liberals are defeated, the first order of business for the new Congress should be to launch investigations into the abuses of power that occurred over these past two years.  Exposing their corruption can prevent it from ever happening again regardless of your political leanings.  After watching the Liberals over the past two years,  I am of the opinion the liberal agenda is dangerous to the pillar that defines America.  Freedom! 


July 7, 2010

When you put together the Arizona law suit and Holder/Obama’s decision to NOT prosecute the Black Panther’s arrested for intimidating voters (white) during the 2008 election,  you get a good understanding for that hope and change promised in 2008!  This is what happens when Americans don’t pay attention when casting their ballot.  I can promise it will NOT happen again because of this administration’s abuse of power.  The Hope and Change promised by Obama and his gang of Liberals is becoming  America’s worst nightmare!  Remember when Obama said he was not listening to Reverend Wright’s hateful sermons when he worshiped at his church!  His record makes that very hard to believe! 

Here is an example of what the liberal media reported to it’s political base on Holder’s decision to not prosecute the Black Panthers.  It gives you an appreciation for why so many liberals are in the dark. 

“Fox News is trumpeting completely unsubstantiated allegations made by GOP activist and former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams that the DOJ improperly dismissed voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for political reasons. But Adams, a longtime Republican activist, relied on hearsay and charges made by others, rather than firsthand knowledge, in making his allegations.”  

Pretty damn scary!  It has been reported a Republican volunteer phoned the police, who then responded and removed the man with the nightstick.  But the other man who remained wearing the Black Panther uniform is actually an authorized poll watcher. He accused FNC of intimidating voters, according to reporter Rick Leventhal, “because we were there with a camera and microphone.”  (View video for proof)

In past elections the police were stationed at polling locations to prevent intimidation and fraud; however, as John Fund mentioned in today’s Wall Street Journal, ” the all-caring Obama Government with assistance from left-wing advocacy volunteer groups (Black Panthers, SEIU) has since seen to it that police no longer appear at the polls because they are viewed as intimidating.”  Is this our promised hope and change?  Is this what we have to look forward to in the fall elections that are so vital to America’s future as a free Capitalist society?

Obama and the liberals running the Federal Government made these two decisions ONLY for political reasons.  They need their political base to have any chance at winning in November.  The video is a compelling view of the radical left they depend upon for retaining power.  That thought alone is as scary as the video!  Imagine if the table had been turned and those two black panther thugs were local rednecks Bubba and LeRoy acting as poll volunteers under the same circumstances.  Do you think Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder would have acted differently?