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Payback Time Charlie

April 29, 2010

Charlie Crist turned his back on conservative principles by cutting ties with the GOP.  That does not come as any surprise to many who are paying attention.  It was predicted  months ago given his poor showing in the polls against Marco Rubio. 

Charlie spent over a million dollars of GOP funds on attack ads portraying Marco Rubio as a dishonest politician.  He based his allegations on Rubio’s use of his GOP credit card expenses.  Crist was aware months ago he was in trouble politically within his own party after Rubio announced his candidacy for the US Senate.  He still chose to spend GOP money on paid for commercial advertising discrediting Rubio and the GOP.  

The question we must ask of Charlie Crist.  Will you return the remaining funds contributed to your campaign (3 million) by the GOP?  I am sure there are plenty of Independent supporters eager to contribute to your candidacy as an Independent.   Let’s be clear, this is not about saving America from liberal socialism, it is about Charlie Crist and keeping him employed!  It’s payback time Charlie…



April 28, 2010

Americans have heard much about the Navy’s Seal team over the past two years.  The mainstream media’s hatchet job on three Navy Seals falsely accused of assault by a terrorist they captured!  The mainstream media flooded the news with reports on their alledged crimes, and each of their trials.  Their pictures were prominently displayed on millions of liberal televisions.  The actual acquittals of two Seals were barely reported by these communist propaganda (MSNBC) machines. 

The Obama administration along with the media should conduct an apology tour because of this issue!  Don’t hold your breath waiting for it though.  Shame on them all for deciding the following story wasn’t deemed “news worthy” to Americans.  Where was our Commander In Chief when this American Hero was laid to rest with full military honors?  Please take a minute to read the touching story that follows it is a true story about  American Heroes.  

 The Sailor Pictured Below Is, Navy Petty Officer, PO2

(Petty Officer, Second Class) EOD2

(Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Second Class) 


April 5th, 1981 ~ September 29th, 2009


Mike Monsoor, 

Was Awarded “The Congressional Medal Of Honor” Last Week, 

For Giving His Life In  Iraq  , As He Jumped On, And Covered With His Body, A Live Hand Grenade, 

Saving The Lives Of A Large Group Of Navy Seals That Was Passing By! 

During Mike Monsoor’s Funeral,At Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery , In San Diego , California ..

The Six Pallbearers Removed The Rosewood Casket From The Hearse,

And Lined Up On Each Side Of Mike Monsoor’s Casket,

Were His Family Members, Friends, Fellow Sailors, And Well-wishers.

The Column Of People Continued From The Hearse, All The Way To The Grave Site.

What The Group Didn’t Know At The Time Was, Every Navy Seal

(45 To Be Exact)

That Mike Monsoor Saved That Day Was Scattered Through-Out The Column!

As The Pallbearers Carried The Rosewood Casket 

Down The Column Of People To The Grave Side.

The Column Would Collapse.. 

Which Formed A Group Of People That Followed Behind. 

Every Time The Rosewood Casket Passed A Navy Seal, 

He Would Remove His Gold Trident Pin From His Uniform, 

And Slap It Down Hard, 

Causing The Gold Trident Pin To Embed Itself 

Into The Top Of The Wooden Casket! 

Then The Navy Seal Would Step Back From The Column, And Salute! 

Now For Those, 

Who Don’t Know What A Trident Pin Is,Here Is The Definition!

After One Completes The Basic Navy Seals Program Which Lasts For Three Weeks, 

And Is Followed By Seal Qualification Training, 

Which Is 15 More Weeks Of Training, 

Necessary To Continue Improving Basic Skills And To Learn New Tactics And Techniques, 

Required For An Assignment To A Navy Seal Platoon. 

After successful completion, 

Trainees Are Given Their Naval Enlisted Code, 

And Are Awarded The Navy Seal Trident Pin. 

With This Gold Pin They Are Now Officially Navy Seals!

It Was Said, That You Could Hear Each Of The 45 Slaps From Across The Cemetery! 

By The Time The Rosewood Casket Reached The Grave Site, 

It Looked As Though It Had A Gold Inlay From The 45 Trident Pins That Lined The Top!


This Was A Fitting End To An Eternal Send-Off For A Warrior Hero!

This Should Be Front-Page News!  Instead Of The Garbage We Listen To And See Every Day.

Here’s A Good Idea! 

Since The Main Stream Media Won’t Make This News. 

Then We Choose To Make It News By Forwarding It.

I Am Proud Of All The Branches Of Our Military..

If You Are Proud Too, Please Pass This E-Mail On.

Author Unknown

Arizona Got it Right!

April 24, 2010

I am confused by the far left’s outrage over the recent decision by Arizona’s Governor to criminalize illegal immigrants in Arizona. Here are excerpts from the far left’s spin on the decision. “Has Arizona become the new hate capital of the United States of America?  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has waged war on illegal immigrants and on Friday passed a new law that could change the history of our country. It is the most outrageous anti-migrant law in the country and has declared open season on undocumented workers who live in that state.” 

This law was written by the Arizona legislature and signed by the governor.  It is supported by 70 percent of the citizens of Arizona.  The law was passed after waiting twenty years for the US Government to create an enforceable law with regards to illegal immigration.  My feeling is the “Limo Libs” are outraged for one obvious reason.  They will have to pay real salaries, healthcare and social security taxes on their domestic staff.  They also will lose a voting block they were pinning their political future on. 

I welcome hearing from a far left liberal on logical reasons why this law is an outrage and an assault on civil rights.  Please do not use the same old tired talking points about racism, because it will not work.  This law was passed to make a point to the Federal Government.  Americans are sick and tired of the crime that has swept the border areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  Much of it directly linked to the open boarders and illegal immigration problem. The Federal Government has ample time to crack down on this serious problem to national security and local law enforcement.  They chose to ignore it! I hope we have more politicians like Jan Brewer who base their decisions on America’s safety NOT political correctness and politics.  Take a lesson from Arizona President Obama,  you could learn something.

Trust Charlie Crist?

April 23, 2010

Charlie Crist is staking his political future on commercials attacking Marco Rubio for questionable spending practices by association with the State’s GOP Party.  This brings to mind the Idiom: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”   Here are good reasons proving Charlie is criticizing Rubio for the same faults he has himself.

Former State GOP chairman Jim Greer racked up huge bills traveling as State GOP chairman.  The AP reported $459,000 over a 29 month period or $15,600 a month.  That is a very generous per diem for travel by any account.  Those who still support Charlie Crist should know the following information before making a judgment on his future as US Senator.

Charlie Crist is on record saying he had no knowledge of Jim Greer’s excessive travel expenses.  Really Charlie, as Governor you are the leader of the GOP party.  You are also a close friend of Jim Greer and personally selected him as the state GOP chairman.  Many of the expenses reported by the AP were on trips he attended with you!  He was supporting your candidacy for the US Senate after all.  Are we to believe you don’t know that much about Greer or his abusive spending of GOP funds?  How could that be when he was with you on your trips around the state, country and even all the way over to Israel!  Come on Charlie, your asking us to believe you know nothing about Greer’s excessive travel expenses is like asking us to believe in Santa Clause!

The next time you see a Charlie Crist campaign commercial attacking Rubio for his affiliation with the GOP ask yourself this question.  What make’s Charlie Crist any different given what we know about his relationship with Jim Greer?  I see it as just one more reason why Charlie Crist is not the person we can TRUST to represent Florida in the US Senate.


April 20, 2010

Charlie Crist is now giving serious thought to running as an Independent for US Senate.  The decision is based upon his poor showing in the polls against his primary challenger Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination.  This is disturbing because only a few weeks ago during his national debate with Rubio he flatly stated he will not run as an Independent candidate, he is a member of the GOP and a conservative Republican. 

Charlie Crist is marketing himself as ” for the people” in his campaign.  More accurately Crist will support anything that helps his political career.  His recent veto of Senate Bill 6 to gain the support of the teachers union is proof enough.  America has enough politicians in Washington DC today who only listen to special interest groups.  Americans are working to remove them from political office in November.  Replacing them with politicians like Charlie Crist would be stupid. 

The mainstream media claims new polls support Crist as an Independent. Really?  If that were to happen it hurts the GOP chance of electing a conservative candidate willing to take on and oppose Obama’s socialist policies.  It should come as a surprise to see a biased main stream media supporting Crist as an Independent candidate.  If you think Meek or Crist will oppose Obama’s socialist policies you are seriously mistaken.  

Charlie Crist will turn his back on his own party because his ego and career ambitions exceed his loyalty to the GOP and the people of Florida, that is becoming clear.  There is only one reason why Charlie Crist will leave the GOP.  The reason, a more qualified candidate is chosen by Floridians.  Can Florida do better?  Yes we can.  Yesterday during a campaign appearance in front of high school students Crist said he is looking for advice about his political future.  Charlie, listen to the advice already given to you by Mit Romney and other members of your party.


April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day to those struggling to earn and pay their taxes.  You are among the select group Obama and his liberal friends depend upon to support those who choose not to work.  Any debate on that issue can be resolved by looking at the government’s budget and the percentage of social entitlements funded by your tax dollars! 

To commemorate Tax Day I want to share a little history.  Congress approved the first income tax back in 1913 the Federal Income Tax report comprised (4) pages which included instructions for filling out the form.  Congress because of their insatiable appetite for your money created a huge and powerful bureaucracy (IRS) to collect it. Today’s (2009) Federal Income Tax report contains over 526 pages.  Most tax payers, including corporations, must hire a tax accountant(s) to fill out the numerous schedules and figure out the tax owed. One cannot help but wonder if there is some special interest between congress and tax accountants and attorneys! 

Looking ahead we face the expiration of the Bush tax cuts effective January 2011.  The Democrats being clever do not view it as a tax increase. What would you call it?  Now that Obama and Democrats have succeeded in passing the largest social entitlement (Obamacare) since social security and increased the debt to numbers average folks cannot comprehend they need higher taxes when America struggles with the worst recession since the great depression. The Democrats don’t want you to worry about higher taxes right now.  They would prefer you focus on anything but taxes and out of control spending they created.  How else would they get re-elected? 

Finally, to make your Tax Day even more special, U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D – MA said yesterday he favors exploring the possible implementation of a new nationwide sales tax similar to ones now imposed throughout Europe. Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office acknowledged it’s studying a value-added tax, also known as VAT, at the request of unidentified congressional staffers. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, stopped short of endorsing a value-added tax.  Of course, he will wait until after the Mid-term elections before calling for the Valued Added Tax.  FYI, the major reason for the failing economies in Europe is due to higher taxes required to pay for their socialized government which supports those on the public dole.  You think gas prices are high now just wait for the value added tax! 

I would like to see new leadership in November to dismantle most of the federal entitlements created by liberals for strictly political purposes.  I would like a flat Federal tax rate for all Americans including corporations with NO Capital gains tax.  That would create enough money for the treasury to operate the government and (most important) provide cash for growing private sector business.  If you need a model for proof it works look to Hong Kong where they have such a tax policy and one of the strongest economies and financial markets in the world.


April 8, 2010

There is a controversy occurring now over a text-book ‘Asking About Life’ that most Americans have not heard about.  Why?  Because the mainstream media has not reported on the controversy, that and the issue should incense Christians and other God-fearing Americans.

A battle between a father and the Knox County, Tenn. School Board is taking place.   Kurt Zimmermann, the father of a student is battling the school board over a biology text-book being considered for her honor classes in the school system.   

The issue that has Mr. Zimmermann angry is in a sentence in the book “buried deep on page 319 which reads, “The biblical myth that the universe was created by the Judeo-Christian God in 7 days.”  The publisher of this text-book, Brooks/Cole Publishing has taken an unprecedented step by using the term “myth” over the traditional and accepted term “belief”.  There is a big difference in the meaning of the two words.

Mytha: popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone; especially: one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society <seduced by the American myth of individualism — b: an unfounded or false notion c: a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence.

Beliefa: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing b: something believed; especially: a tenet or body of tenets held by a group c: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence

I have never advocated teaching religion in the public school system.  That is not their role and it is in conflict with the constitution.  But, it is just as wrong for public school systems to be teaching creationism as a myth!  The opinion of Brooks/Cole does not belong in text books used by any public school system!

We should be asking ourselves these questions.  Is this happening because liberals control most of the education system? Do they feel emboldened enough with their new hold on political power to go after this issue that liberals view as a threat to that power and control? 

If they are successful in Knox County, Tenn. then it will not be long before every school system in America will be teaching the same thing.  People who remember history will know God and religion were removed from leftist governments in the past.  They capture young minds and teach them the only faith necessary is to their government!  Is this another example of the Change we were promised?


April 6, 2010

Today we heard some information that comes as no surprise to many but it should cause others to reconsider their candidate choice for US Senate.  In an interview today with Fox News, former Presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani said he was endorsing Marco Rubio as the GOP candidate for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat.  That is a huge endorsement for Marco and Giuliani’s reasoning for his support not surprising if you know anything about Charlie Crist’s record. 

When Rudy was asked if his support of Marco had anything to do with Crist supporting McCain’s campaign back in 2008, he offered this interesting response.  I had an experience with Charlie Crist during the 2008 GOP primary that made me understand, Gov. Crist is not a man of his word.  He went on to explain that when campaigning in Florida early in the primary campaign, Charlie Crist met with him and while shaking his hand, looked him in the eye and promised to support him for President.  We all learned later what happened with his promise.  Crist threw his support for McCain’s campaign which no doubt helped him considerably in winning the GOP primary in 2008.   Remember McCain putting him on the short list as VP?  That was too much for Charlie’s ego to not turn down!

There is one thing you should know about people like Charlie Crist and others  like him who want to spend a lot of your money.  They have to find ways to pay for it and that always means higher taxes, or Charlie’s political cover higher user fees, either way means less money in your wallets!  This is why our economy is where it is today.  How can the economy thrive when all of the discretionary money goes to pay for larger government?  Crist is campaigning as a fiscal conservative.  What gives him that right when he publicly endorsed and accepted Obama’s stimulus package?  The stimulus money taken by Crist went to balance the state’s budget, which has to be balanced under the Florida constitution.  Crist will tell you it went to jobs because it saved a number of teaching jobs.  More political cover but reality and common sense should expose that political deception. 

The question Floridians must ask themselves in August before voting.  Do you want to vote for another deceptive politician to represent you in the U.S. Senate?  A man who can be influenced and made to change his position to further his career ambitions?  (We have enough already in DC)  If Charlie really wants to help Florida and America, he would withdrawal from the race and finish out his term as Governor and try to salvage something out of his failed term as Governor.  His record proves he is all about big government!


April 3, 2010

I borrowed a quote from another blogger that describes Rep. Phil Hare best.  “Congressman Hare has forgotten the first rule of holes. When you find yourself in one, stop digging.”  Rep. Phil Hare (D-Labor) is the Congressman who said he “doesn’t worry about the Constitution” and then mixed up that document with the Declaration of Independence…then said neither of them mattered to him because, well, Obamacare is important!  This is exactly what happens when many of these “lame brain” liberals are challenged on the very issues they voted on as your representative in Congress!  View his exact words here where he attempts to correct his previous dumb remarks:

Far left liberals are clueless on what the majority of Americans want from government and their political careers are dependant upon two key factors.

  1. Their own constituents do not pay attention to the politics in DC and are kept content with occasional earmarks in a bill for some social welfare entitlement program, or enhancement of labor laws in favor of unions and against business. 
  2. Those paying huge dollars to their campaign are kept happy with lucrative government contracts and new laws designed to promote their special interest.  The unions are the best example of that in Obama’s leftist government. In return the unions provide not only cash but union members to control hometown meetings with constituents and campaign volunteers for elections.   

Many Americans are waking up and now understand what these idiots have done to take America down the path to financial ruin.  When liberals like Hare and others of his liberal ilk are challenged with facts they collapse like a house of cards!  They require a scripted news conference to correct the previous statements made from their heart.  It is important we continue challenging them and rally people to pay attention to what they are doing to America.  That is the only way we win back common sense in government and reduce the power and control the far left now has over your life.


April 2, 2010

On April 1, anything suspiciously bizarre or interesting is to be taken with a shaker full of salt. Still, a recent comment from Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) has many (Me included) wondering if he’s misguided on gravity and geography or just a very gifted deadpan comedian.  I viewed this video twice and my vote is he is very misguided and probably did not even know what a metaphor was until briefed later by his staff  when issuing a news release.  Here is the video take a look for yourself and make your own conclusion.  While watching look at his demeanor, his word choices and difficulty in making his point.  Finally, give the Admiral credit for his professionalism in keeping his composure and a straight face when answering the Congressman’s absurd question.

If you wonder why this great country is slowly losing its status as a super power.  It is because we are electing this kind of mentality into positions of power and influence at the highest levels of government.  I personally think we can do far better with our choices.  I can only pray to God that in November (now that people are waking up) we might see that happen.  Pray to God on Easter morning that it does happen.