Sorry Charlie, you just don’t get it!  Marco Rubio said that best and Charlie continued to prove it during the debate. Charlie Crist is as close to being a “Reagan Republican” as Obama is to being a Tea Party member! Charlie’s attempts to separate himself from Obama and his socialist principles failed.  Many Floridians will not forget Charlie supported and took Obama’s Stimulus package.  I am sure it will be fresh in their minds when they choose their candidate for the U.S. Senate.  Charlie claims he took the money for the people of Florida yet could not give one example of how it saved any jobs.  How could he when he is looking at a state with one of the highest unemployment record in the country!  Charlie is just like most DC politicians spend, spend, spend with no regard to the future stability of this nation.

True to form Charlie went on the attack right out of the starting gate. I am a Marco supporter, but kept an open mind during the debate watching for anything from Crist that might change my mind about him.  He had absolutely nothing to offer that would make any difference.  He insisted he has not raised taxes (which is really not true) when you consider every aspect of state government has raised their fees so Charlie could campaign with a promise of not raising taxes!  

Charlie was content to spend the 40 minute debate making disparaging remarks about Marco.  That was his only option so he could avoid discussing his record as governor and lack of ideas.  One thing that bothers me about Crist was evident during the debate. His talent for avoiding a question. Chris Wallace (who did a great job moderating) had to tell Charlie to answer a question directly instead of focusing on more trash talk about Rubio!  Charlie stayed focused on heaping dirt on Rubio because he knew he could not match him intellectually on the issues!  Marco made his position clear on the issues and clearly said as U.S. Senator he wold oppose the direction Obama is taking the country.  Good job Marco! On the plus side for Charlie, he won’t have far to travel when he starts his retirement.



  1. robertj1954 Says:

    Several online friends have pointed out something we should be know about Charlie’s comment with regards to Marco’s use of GOP Party money. First, this is not tax payer money as Crist infers which makes him look either ignorant or disingenuous.

    Campaign donations made to either a candidate or party is used to further the campaign of an individual running for a public office or the party’s efforts to further their political agenda. Donors know this when making contributions. It has nothing to do with tax payer money. There have been several investigations into this issue and all have found no violations of the law. Charlie Crist is a master at spinning an issue. Sadly, he is not a master at running a government as his past 3 years in office have shown!

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