That was the latest remark made by our President while campaigning in Iowa yesterday to further his health care plan.  What happened over the past few years where a large percentage of Americans have now been deemed the enemy?  How did that happen?  He campaigned as a unifier for America. 

Since passage of Obama-care the liberals have now been using the media to hype threats some have received by opponents of the bill.  Specifically the GOP and Tea Party members have been mentioned in various media reports.  This is another chapter from the liberal play book to further destroy anyone who dares voice opposition to their power!  The strategists in the Democratic Party are now so emboldened they are painting members of the GOP violence prone racist!  Ironic that most of the verified threats have come from the left aimed at GOP members of Congress.  

I want to be clear to Obama and his fellow socialists running the government.  We are not violent and we certainly are not racists as you portray us!  But don’t confuse determination to remove you and your socialist leaning liberals from power over the next 3 years!  We are Americans who believe in our constitution and the right to dissent.  We believe in the freedom of speech, a right that worries liberals! 

Mr. President, if you want a good reason for why people are angry and have no trust in your leadership, it is because you deceived Americans with your false claim of being a moderate when running for office.  You are no different then a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing in disguising your true political agenda during the campaign.  Now that we know your real political agenda, we are determined to prevent you from taking us down your pathway to Socialism.  That is your plan Mr. President, because you have already succeeded in a government take over of 1/5 of our economy! We will never stand for it!   We will do the right thing and take our anger into the voting booth in November.  We will then wait until 2012 and remove you from office lawfully, in a tidal wave of opposition that is the power of the voter.  That is unless your cronies in congress come up with a way to take away that constitutional right over the summer session!


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