President Obama declared a victory for common sense upon learning the Democrats passed his Obamacare bill on a strictly partisan vote Sunday night.  Pelosi and her leadership twisted arms and made back room bribes to win over the last few Democrats holding out on what will some day be looked upon as a national disgrace.  Once the entire story unfolds on the total cost and impact of this bill we will see the irony of Obama’s remark on common sense! 

Some want to believe this law will provide health care to everyone and at the same time reduce the national deficit, and lower health care cost.  Baby boomers looking to retirement and Medicaid will receive the biggest let down once the cuts in Medicaid are known. Those struggling to maintain small businesses and deemed by progressives as earning the most money will also be hurt with higher taxes, but that was never discussed. 

Most Americans have not yet understood the full extent of power we have ceded over to the government with the passage of this bill.  That will happen in the coming months as Pelosi hashes out new bills designed to appease the hold out democrats who were bribed into voting for this bad bill.  It will cost untold billions, a word now used as casually as a thousand, when describing Federal spending!  Congressman Stupack, D – MI, who betrayed his constituents by switching to a yes vote, did so with the promise that Obama would sign an executive order barring federal money from paying for abortions.  Obama, the guy who has voted for every piece of pro-abortion legislation that came before him!  The language will remain in the new law allowing abortion, so it will take a simple signature, say in 2013, to lift this ban by executive order!  

Those who do understand the meaning of common sense are angry this morning and feel betrayed by what happened last night.  We must maintain our anger and determination to sweep these corrupt politicians out of office in November.  We must generate a Tsunami of Americans disgusted with this public betrayal by liberal socialists from the far left as well as the corrupt Republicans who have contributed to what DC has become today.  But until then, look for their next domestic initiative to be introduced after the Easter recess.  It will be an amnesty bill for illegal citizens residing in this country.  They must have this vote because it will be the only way for them to increase their voter base and regain power.  So the battle is not finished and we must fight them harder this time to ensure it does not happen.  Contrary to what the President said yesterday, common sense did not prevail and they have created a welfare society not seen since the LBJ days.


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