There very well could be problems with Toyota vehicles with regards to unexpected acceleration issues. However, had this occurred in a state where common sense still exists…  The officer would have said over the loud-speaker, “turn off the engine and put the car in neutral”!  That might not even have been necessary, because the driver would have already done it…  Leave it to California  where both the driver and police officer fail to use common sense in a problem solving situation.  What kind of training are they giving police officers in California today?


4 Responses to “RUNAWAY PRIUS!”

  1. dave milchan Says:

    I’ve got a 2006 Prius bought new in 2006 and my daughter has a 2008. No problems of any kind experienced. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. I have no idea of course what could have happened but I have heard of other makes and models that had the same problem. I think Toyota may be getting a bad rap.

  2. Robert Hempel Says:

    We just traded in a 2003 Toyota Camery with 110,000 miles on it. It ran great never any mechanical problems. We traded for a 2010 Sienna LE. We got top trade value along with a good price on the mini-van. (probably due to media attack)

    I have addressed with some people who are clueless about facts. Toyota Sienna is manufactured here in America (Indiana) Employs 6,000 production workers and 900 administrative. Average wage $25.00 an hour. I feel that is far more helpful to the economy compared to what these progressives are doing for it!

  3. robertj1954 Says:

    ** UPDATE**

    Since the posting new information has been released by CHP. The dispatcher was telling the driver to put the car in nuetral and turn off the ignition. The driver said he could not because he was concerned about controlling the car. My question, why was he not concerned about control when he reached for his cell phone and made the call to 911 ? Something is not right about this incident.

  4. robertj1954 Says:

    If you read or heard the latest report on this issue, you would know how easy it is to “flick” the dashboard mounted gear shift selector on the Prius from drive to neutral. More evidence supporting a hoax by this guy. Toyota should sue this guy and anyone else trying to both harm their reputation and create fear in the public.

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