The White Coats

Obama still in campaign mode once again parades out doctors in white coats to make his point about ramming his health care bill down the throats of Americans.  The national polls clearly show the majority of Americans oppose his health care plan.  Even after his bi-partisan summit, that clearly failed to support his plan, he remains unchanged.  

One issue not reported by the mainstream media regarding Obama’s call for an “up and down vote” on his health care plan.  Back in 2008 while a freshman Senator, on several occasions he voiced his opposition to reconciliation maneuvers by Congress to pass legislation that did not have a clear majority. There is plenty of video to support it yet the media ignored it. This was when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House.  He now has “flip-flopped” on that position and yesterday’s press conference proved it. I have not seen such a drastic flip-flop by a politician since John Kerry’s famous, I first voted for it but then voted against it, when trying to explain his yes vote in the Senate authorizing Bush to go to war with Iraq! 

Obama’s decision to push forward with an up and down vote on health care is clearly insane behavior.  If he really believes Americans are willing to go along with his attempts to transform America into a centralized socialist government, then this photo of him surrounded by doctors in “White Coats” is appropriate, because he really is nuts!


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