Interesting Contrasts

The Democrats teamed up with the mainstream media over the past few days to vilify the actions of Senator Bunning (R) Kentucky.  If you only get your news from ABC, NBC, CNN you would believe Bunning was blocking a key vote in the Senate to deny the unemployed their government check (extended again) forced furlough of Transportation Employees (Federal Bureaucrats vital positions were not effected) and payments to doctors working with Medicaid patients.

Here is what you probably don’t know about what really happened over the course of the past several days.  Senator Bunning was using his filibuster to hold up a bill that was adding billions of dollars to the trillion dollar federal deficit.  His reason for doing so, which was under reported or not reported at all except in the blogosphere?  He was requesting Congress cut other programs to pay for this bill so it did not further increase federal spending! If you want to label his actions, “Courageous” comes to mind.  But even members of his own party, who claim to oppose increases in Federal spending, pressured him into giving up his filibuster on the bill.  Politics at its worst! 

The so-called Washington experts will tell you Bunning is retiring at the end of this year so he had nothing to lose by opposing the spending bill and did not care about the unemployed Americans collecting unemployment compensation.   I could not disagree more with that argument.  He was making a point that still is lost on Congress.  Stop the out of control spending that is bankrupting our nation!  Continued borrowing to operate the Federal budget is reckless and will lead to eventual financial ruin of this country. Perhaps that is the strategy of the progressives in charge of the government?  A crisis of that magnitude would give them more power over the economy and your life! (Re-distribute the wealth)

I applaud Senator Bunning for his attempt to raise the public’s attention to the road President Obama and the Congressional leaders are taking America.  A question to Obama and Pelosi.  Why are you attacking this man while at the same time protecting a corrupt Representative from NYC – Charlie Rangel, who is under an ethics investigation for several counts of tax fraud.  He continued to sit as Chairman of the committee that creates tax law?  Finally today, after tremendous pressure from the public, Rangel requested a “leave of absence” from his chair position.  Even still, Nancy continues to defend him and maintain his problems are different from those of Republicans, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Army, when they were investigated for ethics violations.  Those two did the right thing and stepped down!  So much for Speaker Pelosi’s promise to “drain the swamp” in DC when she took over the leadership position.   There is no better example to illustrate the point she lied!

It is hard to not notice the glaring discrepancies in the mainstream media’s priorities.  Bunning’s obstructionist behavior is heavily reported in the mainstream media, while Charlie Rangel, (a tax cheat) continues to write tax laws as a powerful Democrat in Congress barely gets reported. Does anyone find this a bit strange?


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