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March 28, 2010

Sorry Charlie, you just don’t get it!  Marco Rubio said that best and Charlie continued to prove it during the debate. Charlie Crist is as close to being a “Reagan Republican” as Obama is to being a Tea Party member! Charlie’s attempts to separate himself from Obama and his socialist principles failed.  Many Floridians will not forget Charlie supported and took Obama’s Stimulus package.  I am sure it will be fresh in their minds when they choose their candidate for the U.S. Senate.  Charlie claims he took the money for the people of Florida yet could not give one example of how it saved any jobs.  How could he when he is looking at a state with one of the highest unemployment record in the country!  Charlie is just like most DC politicians spend, spend, spend with no regard to the future stability of this nation.

True to form Charlie went on the attack right out of the starting gate. I am a Marco supporter, but kept an open mind during the debate watching for anything from Crist that might change my mind about him.  He had absolutely nothing to offer that would make any difference.  He insisted he has not raised taxes (which is really not true) when you consider every aspect of state government has raised their fees so Charlie could campaign with a promise of not raising taxes!  

Charlie was content to spend the 40 minute debate making disparaging remarks about Marco.  That was his only option so he could avoid discussing his record as governor and lack of ideas.  One thing that bothers me about Crist was evident during the debate. His talent for avoiding a question. Chris Wallace (who did a great job moderating) had to tell Charlie to answer a question directly instead of focusing on more trash talk about Rubio!  Charlie stayed focused on heaping dirt on Rubio because he knew he could not match him intellectually on the issues!  Marco made his position clear on the issues and clearly said as U.S. Senator he wold oppose the direction Obama is taking the country.  Good job Marco! On the plus side for Charlie, he won’t have far to travel when he starts his retirement.



March 26, 2010

That was the latest remark made by our President while campaigning in Iowa yesterday to further his health care plan.  What happened over the past few years where a large percentage of Americans have now been deemed the enemy?  How did that happen?  He campaigned as a unifier for America. 

Since passage of Obama-care the liberals have now been using the media to hype threats some have received by opponents of the bill.  Specifically the GOP and Tea Party members have been mentioned in various media reports.  This is another chapter from the liberal play book to further destroy anyone who dares voice opposition to their power!  The strategists in the Democratic Party are now so emboldened they are painting members of the GOP violence prone racist!  Ironic that most of the verified threats have come from the left aimed at GOP members of Congress.  

I want to be clear to Obama and his fellow socialists running the government.  We are not violent and we certainly are not racists as you portray us!  But don’t confuse determination to remove you and your socialist leaning liberals from power over the next 3 years!  We are Americans who believe in our constitution and the right to dissent.  We believe in the freedom of speech, a right that worries liberals! 

Mr. President, if you want a good reason for why people are angry and have no trust in your leadership, it is because you deceived Americans with your false claim of being a moderate when running for office.  You are no different then a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing in disguising your true political agenda during the campaign.  Now that we know your real political agenda, we are determined to prevent you from taking us down your pathway to Socialism.  That is your plan Mr. President, because you have already succeeded in a government take over of 1/5 of our economy! We will never stand for it!   We will do the right thing and take our anger into the voting booth in November.  We will then wait until 2012 and remove you from office lawfully, in a tidal wave of opposition that is the power of the voter.  That is unless your cronies in congress come up with a way to take away that constitutional right over the summer session!


March 22, 2010

President Obama declared a victory for common sense upon learning the Democrats passed his Obamacare bill on a strictly partisan vote Sunday night.  Pelosi and her leadership twisted arms and made back room bribes to win over the last few Democrats holding out on what will some day be looked upon as a national disgrace.  Once the entire story unfolds on the total cost and impact of this bill we will see the irony of Obama’s remark on common sense! 

Some want to believe this law will provide health care to everyone and at the same time reduce the national deficit, and lower health care cost.  Baby boomers looking to retirement and Medicaid will receive the biggest let down once the cuts in Medicaid are known. Those struggling to maintain small businesses and deemed by progressives as earning the most money will also be hurt with higher taxes, but that was never discussed. 

Most Americans have not yet understood the full extent of power we have ceded over to the government with the passage of this bill.  That will happen in the coming months as Pelosi hashes out new bills designed to appease the hold out democrats who were bribed into voting for this bad bill.  It will cost untold billions, a word now used as casually as a thousand, when describing Federal spending!  Congressman Stupack, D – MI, who betrayed his constituents by switching to a yes vote, did so with the promise that Obama would sign an executive order barring federal money from paying for abortions.  Obama, the guy who has voted for every piece of pro-abortion legislation that came before him!  The language will remain in the new law allowing abortion, so it will take a simple signature, say in 2013, to lift this ban by executive order!  

Those who do understand the meaning of common sense are angry this morning and feel betrayed by what happened last night.  We must maintain our anger and determination to sweep these corrupt politicians out of office in November.  We must generate a Tsunami of Americans disgusted with this public betrayal by liberal socialists from the far left as well as the corrupt Republicans who have contributed to what DC has become today.  But until then, look for their next domestic initiative to be introduced after the Easter recess.  It will be an amnesty bill for illegal citizens residing in this country.  They must have this vote because it will be the only way for them to increase their voter base and regain power.  So the battle is not finished and we must fight them harder this time to ensure it does not happen.  Contrary to what the President said yesterday, common sense did not prevail and they have created a welfare society not seen since the LBJ days.


March 19, 2010


It appears Democrats will have their vote some time this weekend on “Obamacare”.  Yesterday they paraded out numbers from the CBO showing this new entitlement will cost 850 billion dollars over ten years and reduce the national debt.  If you believe it then you are part of the problem.  Obama ignoring the majority of Americans against the bill has made public his own feelings.  “My presidency is on the line over this vote.”  What that means?  In his viewpoint his own personal ambitions and ego take precedence over what is best for this country!  You should not be surprised now that we have come to know him better.

In the history of America and more recently since Roosevelt’s “New Deal” there has never been an entitlement program, created and paid for by government, that stayed within its budget and has not morphed into a huge bureaucracy growing in cost and fed off tax payer money!

The behind the scene deals that are taking place by Pelosi’s leadership will probably not be known until after the bill passes.  Just keep in mind for each vote they get it will cost you tons money.  Why is that a problem?  It is a problem because America cannot afford more government spending!  

I have said all that can be said about why “Obamacare” is a bad program and the wrong direction for America.  It is time to call your representatives and demand they vote no on this bill.  If they ignore you and the 65 percent of Americans against the bill, then come November, you will have the final word.  The only one good thing coming from this sordid process?  We now clearly understand what those on the far left represent.  They have finally unmasked themselves as the progressive socialists we have been warned about over the years.  They now feel so emboldened with their power they do not have to hide from their true ideology.

Hoodlums are Equal Opportunity Criminals!

March 15, 2010

In Pinellas County, Florida School Board Chairperson, Janet Clark is under political attack by Ray Tampa, President of the local NAACP chapter, and a local radical group called the Uhurus (The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement in St Petersburg, FL) for a remark she made last week during a board meeting.  The board members were addressing a rash of violent fights breaking out on the campus of John Hopkins Middle School in St Petersburg over the past several months.    “We have no control of this school,” social studies teacher Orlando Martinez said Monday.

Janet Clark made the following statement which came under attack by the aforementioned groups.  “So much time is taken up with addressing hoodlums, with kids who don’t want to be in school,” she said. She also said, “We are talking about a small number of children.”

One would think the public concern is about the problem of a small number of kids chronically creating disruptions on the campus which takes away valuable teaching time for those students who are there to learn.  This problem seems to have taken root at John Hopkins Middle School as a result of the county’s neighborhood schooling program.  What is happening now is the kids in the neighborhood are bringing their neighborhood disputes onto the campus and disrupting the classrooms and campus. Here is the scope of how big a problem they have at John Hopkins Middle School.  “Between Sept. 1 and Jan. 31, St. Petersburg police made 60 arrests of Hopkins students, 22 in January alone. That’s far more than any other middle school in St. Petersburg. (Azalea Middle, with 24 arrests, has the second most.) Three weeks ago, police assigned a second officer to help the school-resource officer. No other school in the city has two dedicated officers.”  I think we can all agree there is a problem at this middle school.

Now, if you receive your news from the St Petersburg Times you would be made to believe the real problem is the word “Hoodlum” used by Ms. Clark during the board’s discussion, when referring to these out of control kids.  The faculty is forced from their role as educators because they must act as campus security!  People with common sense understand it is the out of control students with such outrageous behavior; they must be arrested by the police that constitute the problem.  Why not the St Petersburg Times?

Everyone, regardless of color, should be outraged over the local President of the NAACP supporting the Uhurus in calling for the resignation of Janet Clark for using a racist remark.  Give me a break!  When did the use of hoodlum become racist? 

Webster definition for hoodlum: 1: thug; especially: one who commits acts of violence 2: a young ruffian. 

Ms Clark was right on target with her word choice (if the shoe fits) when describing students who are causing violent chaos on campus.  The NAACP and the Uhurus are again trying to divert the public’s attention away from the real problem.  The lack of parental responsibility that exists in that particular neighborhood surrounding John Hopkins Middle School!  If the NAACP and St Petersburg Times want to pursue a real cause, then put the spot light on the problem parents and expose them for failing to control their children and feel it is the job of the public school system to fix them. 

It is unfortunate the St Petersburg Times failed to focus on the real issue.  They instead chose to create their own “political correctness” issue by reporting the attack on Janet Clark.  As I see it the Times is part of the problem.  Given the past record with the Uhurus and their hate for government and anyone not supporting their radical philosophy, why would the St Petersburg Times even give them the time of day? 

The solution for John Hopkins Middle School is simple but will take leadership from the school board.  The students, who are chronically disruptive, should be removed and given the choice of an Alternative school or expelled.  Why allow a few bad apples to spoil the education opportunity for the majority of good kids who come to school to learn?  The school board must move forward and do the right thing by supporting those who at school to learn.  The last word goes to the NAACP and Uhurus, shame on you for once again trying to fool the public with misinformation.


March 11, 2010

Here in Florida it was just reported 13% jobless rate this quarter. This number fails to include those no longer receiving unemployment benefits or forced to work two/three-part time jobs to survive.  Remember Harry Reid’s ignorant or arrogant remark regarding current job loss last week?  “36,000 job losses is a good thing!” 

We are in a deep recession and these idiots are still determined to ram down our throats a trillion dollar new entitlement program. Why? To allow 13 million who have no health insurance, (in most cases) because they don’t want to pay for it. We have Medicare and Medicaid for the poor and elderly, but this President and the communists running Congress are determined to take this great country’s free market down!  There are better options to fix the health care problems for those who require help.  But ObamaCare is not the answer, this huge government entitlement program is toxic for America! 

This law should it pass will not be forgotten and every one of the idiots voting for it, including our president, must be thrown out of office. This is a dangerous time in America.  To over ride a certain veto from Obama’s office on new legislation to overturn this law, it will require a 2/3 rds voting margin of Congress.  That is why it is so important to remove all of those voting for ObamaCare in November’s election.  We must act to take back control of our country.  The liberals/progressives must be stopped now before it is too late just like it was too late for Germans back in 1930 when fascism raised its ugly face.


March 9, 2010

There very well could be problems with Toyota vehicles with regards to unexpected acceleration issues. However, had this occurred in a state where common sense still exists…  The officer would have said over the loud-speaker, “turn off the engine and put the car in neutral”!  That might not even have been necessary, because the driver would have already done it…  Leave it to California  where both the driver and police officer fail to use common sense in a problem solving situation.  What kind of training are they giving police officers in California today?

The White Coats

March 4, 2010

Obama still in campaign mode once again parades out doctors in white coats to make his point about ramming his health care bill down the throats of Americans.  The national polls clearly show the majority of Americans oppose his health care plan.  Even after his bi-partisan summit, that clearly failed to support his plan, he remains unchanged.  

One issue not reported by the mainstream media regarding Obama’s call for an “up and down vote” on his health care plan.  Back in 2008 while a freshman Senator, on several occasions he voiced his opposition to reconciliation maneuvers by Congress to pass legislation that did not have a clear majority. There is plenty of video to support it yet the media ignored it. This was when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House.  He now has “flip-flopped” on that position and yesterday’s press conference proved it. I have not seen such a drastic flip-flop by a politician since John Kerry’s famous, I first voted for it but then voted against it, when trying to explain his yes vote in the Senate authorizing Bush to go to war with Iraq! 

Obama’s decision to push forward with an up and down vote on health care is clearly insane behavior.  If he really believes Americans are willing to go along with his attempts to transform America into a centralized socialist government, then this photo of him surrounded by doctors in “White Coats” is appropriate, because he really is nuts!

Interesting Contrasts

March 3, 2010

The Democrats teamed up with the mainstream media over the past few days to vilify the actions of Senator Bunning (R) Kentucky.  If you only get your news from ABC, NBC, CNN you would believe Bunning was blocking a key vote in the Senate to deny the unemployed their government check (extended again) forced furlough of Transportation Employees (Federal Bureaucrats vital positions were not effected) and payments to doctors working with Medicaid patients.

Here is what you probably don’t know about what really happened over the course of the past several days.  Senator Bunning was using his filibuster to hold up a bill that was adding billions of dollars to the trillion dollar federal deficit.  His reason for doing so, which was under reported or not reported at all except in the blogosphere?  He was requesting Congress cut other programs to pay for this bill so it did not further increase federal spending! If you want to label his actions, “Courageous” comes to mind.  But even members of his own party, who claim to oppose increases in Federal spending, pressured him into giving up his filibuster on the bill.  Politics at its worst! 

The so-called Washington experts will tell you Bunning is retiring at the end of this year so he had nothing to lose by opposing the spending bill and did not care about the unemployed Americans collecting unemployment compensation.   I could not disagree more with that argument.  He was making a point that still is lost on Congress.  Stop the out of control spending that is bankrupting our nation!  Continued borrowing to operate the Federal budget is reckless and will lead to eventual financial ruin of this country. Perhaps that is the strategy of the progressives in charge of the government?  A crisis of that magnitude would give them more power over the economy and your life! (Re-distribute the wealth)

I applaud Senator Bunning for his attempt to raise the public’s attention to the road President Obama and the Congressional leaders are taking America.  A question to Obama and Pelosi.  Why are you attacking this man while at the same time protecting a corrupt Representative from NYC – Charlie Rangel, who is under an ethics investigation for several counts of tax fraud.  He continued to sit as Chairman of the committee that creates tax law?  Finally today, after tremendous pressure from the public, Rangel requested a “leave of absence” from his chair position.  Even still, Nancy continues to defend him and maintain his problems are different from those of Republicans, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Army, when they were investigated for ethics violations.  Those two did the right thing and stepped down!  So much for Speaker Pelosi’s promise to “drain the swamp” in DC when she took over the leadership position.   There is no better example to illustrate the point she lied!

It is hard to not notice the glaring discrepancies in the mainstream media’s priorities.  Bunning’s obstructionist behavior is heavily reported in the mainstream media, while Charlie Rangel, (a tax cheat) continues to write tax laws as a powerful Democrat in Congress barely gets reported. Does anyone find this a bit strange?