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Plan “B” Big Surprise!

February 26, 2010

It was no surprise to hear Obama’s comments at the bipartisan summit on healthcare hosted by the White House.  The point of a summit is to both discuss and listen to an exchange of ideas and build a plan.  If you listened to the summit, you clearly heard Obama does not listen.  That would explain his ignoring the majority of Americans who oppose his health care plan. 

A key issue coming from the summit, the Democrats cannot label the Republicans as the Party of “NO” to describe their position on Health Care.  They brought (6) sensible ideas to the table (The same ideas they tried unsuccesfully to introduce in both houses of Congress).    

The bad news for America, Obama’s choice of words in the summit to the Republicans, he was setting up the stage for “Plan B” which was hatched in Pelosi and Reid’s inner circle to get Health Care past the Republicans. It is called “Reconciliation” or in more ominous terms the “Nuclear Option”!  

You will hear soon from the Democrats, the Nuclear Option is constitutional and has been used in the past by Republicans when facing opposition to the passage of a bill.  Don’t be fooled by their message, while there is truth to it, there is a major difference in how it was used in the past and that is important to understand.  

In the past reconciliation measures were used by both parties of congress as a means to make minor adjustments to conciliate the House and Senate bills before sending it to the President and signed into law. In past cases reconciliation was used on bills that dealt with spending measures and the budget to iron out partisan issues.  It has never been applied to a major new entitlement program that:

      1. Increases the power of the Federal government over private enterprise.

      2. Increases government spending at a time when the country is gripped in the worst recession in modern history.

      3. Increases deficit spending when we already have a national debt in the Trillions of dollars! 

Obama’s comment (In my view) is an arrogant statement to America; if you don’t like my health care program then come November the American public can voice their opinion with their vote.  Obama once again has demonstrated the inability to listen to Americans.  The three recent special elections all focused on the health care debate and sent a clear message they choose to ignore.  Obama and his inner circle of advisors are Ideologues with a socialist ideology, both his record and statements prove it.  Obama’s education and values make it impossible to accept a free market and less government control.  We are seeing that today and it should be a major concern to Americans who believe in a government that stands for freedom and free enterprise.  Obama’s administration has proven they oppose it and are working at creating a new America where the centralized government knows what is best for you! Does this sound familiar?



February 24, 2010

In a surprising announcement, the NAACP announced plans to recognize Van Jones and present him with an achievement award at an upcoming awards event recognizing his contributions to America and calling him an “American Treasure”.  If you are wondering, the answer is yes, the same Van Jones who was appointed by Obama as the “Green Czar” without any background check.  That was due to his radicalism that would have prevented him from even getting a government clearance much less access to the West Wing of the White House.  If not for the diligence of concerned Americans, conducting their own background checks, we probably still would have an avowed communist advising the President of the United States!  I wrote about Jones when much of the information was known but ignored by the mainstream media.

How could the NAACP consider Van Jones worthy of recognition as a national treasure?  Jones’ record is quite clear on his feelings towards what he views as “White America”.  Here are just a few of the issues that are on his public record.

1.  He was a self-avowed communist who has been recorded on several occasions denouncing our Capitalist economy and referring to Republicans as A**holes each and every one of them. 

2.  He stated on the record only Whites commit Columbine atrocities, he was also supportive of a convicted cop murder that was a Black Panther activist. 

3. He was arrested during the Rodney King riots and is on the record saying his arrest and sharing viewpoints with like-minded rioters in jail influenced his current philosophy towards America.  In short, Van Jones is a racist, and a hater of America.  

4. There is the derogatory comment Jones made in the past about Republicans and separately of Jones’ name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept 11 attacks.  Van Jones and other “9-11 Truthers” believe in a conspiracy where the U.S. Government under Bush caused the attacks on 9-11 as an excuse to go to war with Iraq!

All of this was known previous to his appointment as the “Green Czar” by Obama and it DID NOT prevent his appointment.  That is very worrisome to Americans with common sense.  To many Americans this was a very large red flag!

Jones’ record is quite clear on his feelings towards what he views as “White America”.  President Obama appointed him as his Green Czar and provided an office in the White House and offered no statement on his resignation after the truth of his background came to light.  It is for this reason why I question the NCAAP’s motivation for honoring him with an achievement award.  What kind of message are they sending? It certainly shows their organization is out of touch with main stream America.  Even worse, Princeton University has hired Van Jones to teach our children his contempt towards American values.  I don’t know about others but the idea of this man’s influence on young impressionable minds is frightening!

An Apology to 3 Fallen Heroes

February 17, 2010


Sgt. David Croft, Sgt. Daniel Angus, Sgt. John Reiner.  If you are not familiar with the three names then you should know they are Florida heroes who have fallen on the battle field recently protecting your freedom. The majority of Americans offer their gratitude and respect for their courage and sacrifice. 

I do feel it necessary to apologize to them for the far left progressives who fail to understand their sacrifice and insist we are not at war!  If we choose to believe that philosophy, we must view their deaths as criminal acts, not killed in action! While I disagree with the thought process, I don’t fault them entirely, because I understand how they got this mind-set.  The blame falls squarely with the mainstream media and our education system.  The Obama administration and the far left in Congress has clearly shown their progressive minds by insisting terrorists captured on the battle field deserve constitutional rights and civilian trials! 

Common sense dictates the three fallen heroes were killed by enemy combatants not criminals!  The fact President Obama views those responsible for killing troops and civilians deserve constitutional protection, not military tribunals, is ridiculous and wrong!  It is for that reason an apology is required to Sgt’s Croft, Angus and Reiner.  These brave warriors sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms of Americans not captured terrorists!

100 Million Dollar Question

February 11, 2010

The Office of Personnel Management announced the Federal Government’s shut down, due to the snow blizzard, is costing 100 million dollars a day!  Leave it to Mother Nature to raise this question for us to ponder.  How it is that local and county government are closing down to save money, yet it costs the federal government 100 million a day to close?  The idea that it is from lost productivity is laughable!  Anyone have an answer to this question?  I would love to hear it.

Empty Words

February 10, 2010

When the Obama political machine needs to continue attacking Sarah Palin it shows just how scared they are of this one woman. That I find very amusing. Just earlier the President was calling for Bi-Partisanship. This just proves don’t believe anything they say out of the White House and Congressional leadership. Just watch their actions closely! 

The liberal wing of the Democratic Party attempts to destroy any perception of a threat to their socialist agenda. That has been their M.O. for years. That comes as no surprise, but it is in deed amusing to see them so afraid of this woman, that they must send Press Secretary Robert Gibbs out to publicly make fun of her!  To most Americans that is plain undignified.


February 7, 2010

It was entertaining watching MSNBC’s “political expert” Bob Schum,  NYU, of all people trying his best to paint Sarah and her husband Todd as uneducated radicals.  It won’t work. Anyone who tries to paint Sarah Palin and her husband Todd as uneducated are offering proof of their own ignorance, or just plain haters.  Comparing the Palins to the Clintons as some are already doing is ridiculous.  I am sure this is coming from the Obama camp because it kills two birds with one stone.  Obama will be facing Hillary again in the coming election campaigns.  If you’re watching politics the old Clinton machine is already greasing up the gears for another run at the White House.   

You may not like what the Palins stand for in politics (God, Family, America, Freedom and the Constitution), but nobody can take away the fact this woman is smart and she gets it! Liberals, Progressives — or whatever it is you are trying to call yourselves today, are afraid of this woman’s popularity with people. Most Americans are tired of the ideologues, who believe they are smarter than you and know what you need and will do it with your money!   I took the time to read Palin’s book and do my own research on her term in office as Governor of Alaska.  The facts support her position — not what the articles written by liberals and union leaders state.  Most Americans are now learning a painful lesson about the consequences of unions being in bed with our Federal government.  

Watching Sarah’s speech last night the parts that stood out were aimed right at the President.  “You are 0-3  so stop lecturing and start listening”.   America needs a Commander-in-Chief, start distinguishing friends from her enemies and stop apologizing for America’s past.  As Regan said so well during his Presidency, peace through strength, a concept the far left will NEVER understand! 

When I think of leadership and role models.  The Palins come to mind certainly not the Hollywood Limo-Libs, the Edwards, Clintons and Pelosi’s  who know what is best for you.   Most Americans have the same message for them.  NO THANKS!

Stock Market catches up with Reality?

February 5, 2010

The Obama administration is spinning January’s unemployment numbers as a signal the economy is beginning to grow and at the same time releasing their 2011 budget that signals increased taxes and more government spending!   I believe Wall Street finally received a reality check with the current down trend of the market. Yesterday’s closing numbers after the release of this new information:

Market Closed:  $10,002.18   –   Previous Close:  $10,270.55  –   Change:   -268.37 (-2.61%)

What people are NOT being told by Obama is the unemployment numbers used are only those workers laid off from work and signing up for unemployment compensation, or receiving it.  This “Great Recession” did not start on the officially recognized date of 11-2008, it started in the 3rd quarter of 2007 and those who lost their jobs than are not being paid unemployment and have fallen off the government’s radar that tracks  unemployed and unable to find work in today’s economy.   Here is my view on why things are not getting better: 

  • Unemployment 9.7 % is misleading the underemployment issue is what effects the economy.  The higher the amount of people out of work the lower demand for products and services;  “Until some of these uncertainties from Washington get cleared up, businesses, particularly small businesses, are going to be loath to do any more hiring,” said Hank Smith, chief investment officer at Haverford Investments. 
  • Obama releases 2011 budget and as promised the Bush tax cuts for incomes higher than $250,000.00 is gone and just like Joe the Plumber tried telling America during the campaign, this will affect small business owners the most! 
  • Americans made it very clear they are against any involvement of government in their health care insurance or medical services. Democrats are not listening and continue to find a way to impose a huge government bureaucracy into our health care system.  Keep In mind, government bureaucracy costs tax dollars it never pays money back and it always continues to grow! Read your history if you need more proof.  Business America is unwilling to invest in their future until the future for business is clearer.   
  • The United States Government has, since 1917, held a triple-A rating and represented the global gold standard for credit worthiness among countries and companies alike. But, degradation of the financial fundamentals of government has unfortunately brought us to the point where our ability to repay our debts (bonds) is now in question.  Obama’s response was to ask Congress for a higher debt ceiling!

 Anyone using common sense, and after the developments coming from the Obama White House and Pelosi/Reid’s Congress might wonder. Could this be a deliberate process designed to bankrupt America?  A plan devised by the far left (Capitalism haters) to create a powerful central government that can dictate terms to the private sector?  We already have seen it with GM and the Banks.  Creating a crisis so severe it requires the government taking extraordinary measures to keep up social order has worked for other governments seeking total control.  The collapse of our financial systems and economy certainly would be the trigger. I am wondering is this a strategy hatched by the far left or proof liberals are totally incompetent on managing government?


Terrorism Policy is Obama’s Failure!

February 1, 2010


President Obama’s administration has boxed themselves into a tight corner over the issue of trying captured terrorists (war combatants) in federal court here in the USA.  How refreshing it would have been to hear Obama admit the decision by his Attorney General, (Eric Holder) was a big mistake.  Not this President, he has already gone on record stating that he was only following policies already in place by the Bush Administration! 

Unfortunately, just like the Health care issue and economic mess, Obama’s incompetent administration is digging in and defending their policy on treating war combatants as criminals and giving them constitutional rights.  These constitutional protections have undermined our ability to learn new information about planned terror activities.  It has become very clear the policy used by Obama is an abject failure.  That is no surprise because Clinton and Carter used the same policy and it also resulted in failure! 

David Axlerod, (Obama’s Chief of Staff) appeared on television Sunday morning telling the public, the interview of the “underwear bomber” from Detroit resulted in a full confession about his terror activities before being read Miranda rights and provided an attorney, who immediately shut him up! Do you believe him?  The experts who are in the know say impossible. 

Fortunately Americans in NYC and other locations in America are loudly protesting the transfer of captured terrorists into America for trial.  There is a court system already in place down in Guantanamo, built for this very purpose.  Why make another American city a target for terror?

We have a history of military tribunals going back to George Washington!  That is how you deal with war combatants.  The key reason for Military Tribunals is the classified information obtained in the trial can remain classified!  That is important if your serious about defeating your enemy.  Sadly, it does not seem important to the far left! 

Obama was hoping to turn the KML trial into political capital to showcase his policy on fighting terrorism. Just like the IEDs America’s war heroes face every day; this issue blew up in his face!  Imagine what the troops must think about the enemy, who are killing them in battle, but then given the very freedoms they are sacrificing their own lives to protect? 

Obama can try blaming his policy fiasco on Bush just like everything else that has gone wrong in his first year in office, but the public is no longer buying it.