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January 29, 2010

Obama and Biden were in Tampa yesterday giving us   $1.25 billion dollars in borrowed tax dollars, (down payment) to purchase a Bullet Train.  They boast it will create 23,000 construction jobs and energize business development, along with improved mobility by late 2014. Voters made it clear they were against a Bullet Train in a referendum a few years ago.  This train is not what Florida needs to create jobs and stimulate the economy at this time.  Obama and the Liberals are still not listening! 

Sadly for tax payers, this issue cannot be blamed on just Obama and liberals.  This issue goes back to Jeb Bush and the Republicans in control of the State House.  Working through DOT and CSX, this movement to build a bullet train has been a priority for years even after being defeated in a referendum.   The move to build the bullet train will not die.  Who wins in this deal?  CSX wins, because the state will be purchasing millions of dollars in CSX rail to make the bullet train possible, and still having passage rights on these rails.  That is why it never was allowed to die politically.  Too much money and power involved and it will be paid by the tax payers opposed it!  Now there is talk the promise of a bullet train will lure the Tampa Bay Rays over to Hillsborough County.  My question, who pays that bill and what happens to the “white elephant” left behind in St Petersburg that is still being paid for with tax dollars? 

I think this issue is one where Floridians can come together against those in office who are forcing this down our throats.  The politicians and bureaucrats forcing this expensive boondoggle on taxpayers must be removed from office.  This must be Florida’s campaign issue in 2010.  It is one of the genuine non-partisan issues. Throw Charlie Crist into the group because he has been pushing this since becoming Governor.  He is a spender and advocate of big government, not the conservative he pretends to be and need in the US Senate!  I am still waiting on Marco Rubio’s campaign to be clearer on their position.  He was the Speaker in Tallahassee when this all became reality.  It is just very hard for politicians to ignore 1.25 Billion dollars even though it’s mortgaged on America’s future generations.  Those in office insisting on forcing the bullet train on their constituents must be targeted for removal.  We can send them out on the rail they want us to buy for them!


Crist wants to double university spending to create jobs?

January 28, 2010


Charlie Crist is a “Lame Duck” by his own choice for foolishly thinking the people of Florida would consider him for the US Senate. Charlie, you are one of the most ineffective Governors in Florida’s history, why would we make you a Senator?  He can do Floridians a big favor and get an early start on a new career as a beach bum, you already have the tan… Stop making proposals for Florida that you have no plans to see to completion.  Your property and insurance proposals have been  disasters for Florida! 

If Florida wants to improve education it certainly does not begin with sending more money to Charlie’s pals in the Universities.  They are already over paid!  Charlie Crist would not recognize common sense if it hit him square in the nose.  If you want change in the education system here are some suggestions: 

           1.  Send the money to our public school systems so our students have a real chance to even make it to a university.  How can they expect to receive a quality college education if they lack basic skills due to a poor education in the public school system?

          2.  Eliminate tenure in the university system.  Tenure represents only one thing.  Security for professors, who are over paid and totally out of touch with what occurs in the “real world”…  The current mess we face today is testament to what happens when you have stale educators.  College educators should prove every 5 years they are capable of educating our most important resource and have the qualifications and common sense to do it.  Tenure at ten years means it’s a free ride on the tax payer’s dime! 

            3.  Freeze University budgets, specifically salaries, those in higher education are no different then any other public job, their educated bureaucrats.! They are not going anywhere and have you conned into believing they deserve more money or else they will leave.  The idea of University Presidents and Professors earning more money than the President of the United States is nauseating.  

WE the people must take back control of this country before it is too late.  A good start.  Pay attention to the educators of our youth.  They have done great damage over the past 50 years and it’s designed to transform America into a leftist society.  We must stop it before it is too late!  A good start in Florida is to kick Charlie Crist to the curb and make it clear he is not qualified to serve as a US Senator.  That in turn will open the door for a Governor who will no longer be conned by those in the higher education system.


January 27, 2010

The far left fringe of feminists are angry about a commercial that will be aired during the Super Bowl.  Tim Tebow, All-American, Heisman Trophy Quarterback for UF made a commercial thanking his mother for ignoring a doctor’s advice to abort him!

There is a lot that can be learned from Tim Tebow and the courage of his mother for ignoring her doctor’s medical advice and giving birth to one of the greatest college athletes and a decent God-fearing young man.  How refreshing to see his courage displayed on and off the football field. There are lessons we all can learn from this young man.

You have to question the thought process of advocacy groups opposing Tim Tebow’s decision to make a commercial thanking his mother for giving him a chance at life. One of the feminist spokespersons stated she believed CBS was allowing the commercial to air only because they are capitulating to an increase in the number of people holding political views on the right.  Her statement brought to mind a quote I read that sums it up perfectly.  “There is a belief the country is tilting toward the right.  If that’s the case, it could be because feminist liberals are having abortions, while conservative women have babies, do the math!” 

Thanks Tim Tebow for your courage and to CBS for doing the right thing in airing Tim’s gratitude to his mother, pardon the pun.


January 23, 2010

The U.S. Marine Corps wrapped nearly seven years in Iraq on Saturday, handing over duties to the Army and signaling the beginning of an accelerated withdrawal of American troops from the waning Iraqi war.

This was hardly mentioned as a footnote in the mainstream media, even though VP Biden flew to Iraq to participate in the formal withdrawal ceremony.  We owe the Marines a huge thank you for their sacrifice and courage in bringing stability and freedom to a new Iraq.  There was much political divisiveness over the Iraq war, but the Marines who fought this war, as always, showed honor and courage.  They succeeded in completing their mission regardless of what the far left would want you to believe.  Semper Fi Marines…

America Won Last Night

January 20, 2010


Americans in MA have told the politicians in Washington business as usual is over.  America will not tolerate ideologues who with arrogance exemplified by the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid feel they are far smarter than you and refuse to listen to you. 

The fact this message came from MA, the original Tea Party state is fitting.  In November it will be a removal of these far leftist who want to change America into their Marxist vision.   This morning America’s future is brighter and as we move forward to November, those on the Republican side better understand what this election represents.  The seats in congress belong to Americans and when you get too comfortable in them and feel you need not listen to the people who put you in them, the seat will be yanked right out from under you!

Martha Coakley, Arrogance or Out of Touch?

January 18, 2010

The race going on in MA for the late Kennedy’s Senate seat is too close to call at the moment.  However we can take a lesson from this very close political race.  Obama and his liberal base are concerned about the outcome.  After all, the seat was held by the “Liberal Lion” of politics.  Kennedy’s legacy was built on a National Health Care program.  The loss of this important liberal Senate seat will be seen as a rejection of Obama’s far left agenda for America and hopefully wake him up to reality. 

Coakley showed either arrogance or just how out of touch she is with her constituents.  She has made several political gaffs this past week.  The comment about one of Boston’s greatest baseball pitchers probably turned off a lot of sports fans, but it was not as troubling as her Afghanistan comment.  With U.S troops in harm’s way  on the ground in Afghanistan, Coakley publicly stated there are no terrorists in Afghanistan and it is time to bring the troops home!  Only a pacifist liberal would make a remark that ignorant, or the other alternative; she is so incompetent she is not qualified for the U.S Senate! 

Remember when Carolyn Kennedy tested the political arena by showing interest in Hillary Clinton’s U.S Senate seat in NY?  Carolyn’s political career was cut short during her brief campaign due to public statements showing how out of touch she was with political issues.  If you have paid attention to Coakley, her statements are very similar to those of Carolyn Kennedy.  Nice people, but not suited for a seat in the U.S Senate.  I believe Americans in the middle politically, recognize her leftist values, and are turned off by her lack of understanding of the issues. They are also making it clear how they feel about Democrats forcing a National Health Care plan on them when clearly Americans are opposed to it.  Massachusetts is already burdened with a State Health Care plan that has not been successful.  

If Brown is successful on Tuesday it will send a strong message to the far left that middle class Americans will not tolerate a socialist America disguised as a plan to help poor Americans!  Americans are smarter than those on the far left believe.  A Brown win on Tuesday will make that very clear.  It could not happen in a more proper place then the home of the original Tea Party!


January 15, 2010


While we slept last night, leaders in Congress and the Unions met with Obama and struck a deal behind closed doors exempting unions from the tax being placed on “Cadillac” Insurance plans given as part of their wage benefit.  In a significant victory for unions,  the 40 percent excise tax would not apply to policies covering workers in collective bargaining agreements, state and local workers and members of voluntary employee benefit associations through Dec. 31, 2017.  What that means is non-union employees (small business) will pay a tax on their Cadillac health plans beginning in 2011 while Unions and Government workers are exempt until 2017!  It is estimated this will create a 60 Billion shortfall in funds required for Obama’s healthcare plan, money that negotiators would have to FIND ELSEWHERE or else REDUCE the coverage in the legislation.   

There are two major issues involved in this deal.  Obama and the leftist liberals are boldly ignoring the majority of Americans by pushing this health care plan on them because they are gambling, the unions with their political power, can get them re-elected in 2010.  This is what it has come down to in America.  “Chicago politics” at its worst, where secret deals are negotiated with promises of payment for a vote!  We saw this same tactic used behind closed doors in the Senate, it bought the two votes needed to reach the required 60 majority to ensure the Senate bill got to the floor for a vote!  

The second issue is we now understand that Obama is a liar and will say one thing but do whatever is required to obtain his leftist goals.  His campaign speeches of being in the middle with his political values are now exposed as untrue.  His promise to have transparency in government is false.  C-span was denied access to the meetings taking place behind closed doors to strong arm concessions necessary to get the votes for Obama’s health care plan. 

The deal Obama got from Congress and Union leaders for their vote is a double standard, which in my view, makes it an illegal tax.  But liberals are so out of control with power, they are ignoring basic constitutional principals. It has come down to back room deals in America, all for the sake of greater power at the expense of your personal freedom of choice.  It is becoming very clear what liberals meant when they talked about a redistribution of wealth. “Joe the Plumber” had it right back during the campaign and conservatives warned Americans; this entire health care business is about increased government power by the Democrats on the far left!  If we do not come together and defeat these Marxist liberals in 2010, the face of America will be changed forever!


January 14, 2010


Without question the earthquake that devastated Haiti will be a horrible tragedy with an untold number of lives lost.  This builds on the tragedy that already existed in Haiti with the abject poverty and government corruption making it the poorest nation in the Western World.  The crumbling of this corrupt government’s symbol of power (Haitian White House) could serve as a symbolic message for ushering in real change that will pull Haiti up from its status as the poorest nation in the western world.

Throughout history the USA has always been the leader when it comes to humanitarian aid during natural tragedies like this one in Haiti.  However, we never focus on the event long enough to know the results of the billion(s) of dollars and materials sent to an emergency.  It is fact; most of  the aid ends up in the corrupt hands of the powerful for their own personal greedy purposes.  In short, the rich get richer while the poor stay miserable. 

This could be an opportunity for America to show the world capitalism does work, while at the same time, providing a real stimulus to America’s economy.  If Obama’s State Department wants to really do it right they should follow this outline to make things work for Haiti as well as our own American economy. 

  • Send immediate emergency aid first responders for helping survivors, and setting up a response network of shelters and hospitals to deal with this emergency. That is already in progress.  Next, with help from other countries, create a binding agreement with Haiti that help will be given in money, materials and workers to rebuild their country with the following stipulations:  
  • Send American demolition crews  to over see and clear the rubble, than American engineers, infrastructure experts/installers will  deploy to build new infrastructure and roads. Send in construction crews (who are now unemployed) to rebuild homes, buildings that are comparable to western world standards.  (Shovel Ready Projects)
  • Agricultural experts would be deployed with required equipment to work with Haitians so they can become more dependent upon themselves as farmers and wean themselves from the UN for their basic needs.  

The money spent by US would come from the stimulus funds paying for both materials and wages of American workers in Haiti.  Americans will send their money back to the USA to their families and give a real stimulus boost to the economy and put unemployed Americans back to work. There would be at least 5 years of work in Haiti to reconstruct the damage and it would be an opportunity to lift them up from 3rd world status.  It makes sense and will prove to the world Capitalism and the American work ethic is the only proven economic system that works!


January 10, 2010

Over the weekend it was reported that Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, referred to Obama in private talks as  “light skinned” and speaking “with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one” during discussions with fellow party members during the past Presidential campaign.  President Obama and the two biggest racists in America, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, quickly accepted the apology of Harry Reid after his racist remarks were published in a book and leaked over the weekend. 

A few years back, another Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, also a past member of the KKK, was also forced to apologize for his statements that were racist.  Just like with Harry Reid, the media and black activists quickly accepted his apology for his remarks and past membership with a hate group and move on.

  • In 2008, George Allen, a US Senator and Conservative Republican, made an inadvertent racial remark while speaking in public;  Allen called the man “Macaca” and then said, “Well friends, we’re in a war on terror.”  The media and activists for blacks were relentless in coloring Allen a racist even after several apologies by Allen. Due to the media’s malicious attacks, Allen was forced to abandon a run for the Presidency.
  • Republican Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, forced to resign his position following a remark critisized as racist by the black community and liberals.  Harry Reid then Minority Leader in the Senate was one of the leading critics.
  • When Don Imus made his disparaging comments about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team on his television show, the black community and liberal media responded by demanding his removal.  Imus apologized on several occassions, but was  ultimately fired from MSNBC.
  • Finally we have Rush Limbaugh’s remarks while commentating for ESPN’s Monday Night Football regarding Philadelphia’s Quarterback, Donovan McNabb.  The black community once again led by Jackson and Sharpton along with media liberals attacked him relentlessly forcing ESPN to terminate Limbaugh’s contract, and just last year, it again became an issue that cost him a chance to be an owner of a NFL team.

You have to be ignorant to not see the hypocrisy in play by liberals when it comes to the race card.  If the person accused of racism happens to be a liberal Democrat then all is quickly forgiven and the issue no longer news.  If the remark comes from a conservative white Republican, they are attacked by the black community, activists and the liberal media relentlessly until they are destroyed.  Racists should not be tolerated in society regardless of political affiliation. The leftist liberals and black activists are using the race card as a political tool against political opponents.  That is wrong and just as despicable as the use of a racist term in public!


January 7, 2010

Obama’s administration cannot connect the dots?  They could not fit a 4 piece puzzle together to solve the Christmas Bomber case.  When some of the facts were reported about the suspect common sense dictated this guy not be allowed on an airplane. Now we have reports intelligence officals knew he was on the plane and were waiting to talk to him once it arrived in Detroit!  

Obama came out the other day angry and admitting there was systemic failure for the Christmas Bomber’s boarding an aircraft destined for Detroit, Michigan.  Obama stated there was a failure to connect the dots between intelligence and security officials.  If you listened closely to his words you know he was distancing his own policies from this alarming failure of our Homeland Security Department.  Obama did not help matters by remaining silent for days and continuing his Hawaiian vacation while Americans worried about terrorist attacks.    

His two key national security advisors Janet Napolitano and John Brennen were both on National television immediately following the incident.  Both made comments that raised Red Flags about their competence to comprehend the seriousness of the incident.  Napolitano’s comment was probably the most memorable.  “The system worked”!  In other words, the fact a brave passenger from another country jumped on the bomber and extinguished the flames was a part of their system.  Scary stuff! 

Then the key advisor (Czar) to Obama on National Security, John Brennen, with arrogance very similar to his boss, told Americans there was a failure to connect all of the dots and was setting up blame on intelligence services.  If we blame the CIA how is it we have not heard Leon Panetta’s name mentioned?  He is the leader of the CIA, but also a key supporter of Obama’s campaign for President.  If you recall, Panetta had no previous experience in intelligence services when appointed and nominated by Democrats, but is a major player in the Democratic Party. That was his qualification for the post.  We are beginning to see the results of his qualifications, and policies which are very similar to Napolitano’s Homeland Security qualifications. 

Obama will announce today “shocking” information on why the Christmas Bomber avoided security measures and could bring a bomb onboard an international airliner destined for the USA.  I will not be shocked to learn the information is spun to cast blame on individuals outside Obama’s political circle.  His reference to systemic failure by definition puts the blame right at his doorstep or at least inside the cabinet room! 

Don’t accept Obama and liberal versions of failing to connect many dots.  It is more like failing to figure out a four piece puzzle. How safe are you going to feel the next time you’re boarding an airplane when our government’s security services are unable to put a four piece puzzle together!