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November 29, 2009


The Congressional Homeland Security Committee hearing on the White House security breech did not amount to much, no surprise.  The only official to appear and fall on his sword was Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan taking full responsibility for the security breakdown.   There is no denying the Secret Service’s failure to follow their own security protocols contributed to this embarrassing moment at the White House.  I disagree with Sullivan’s assertion the President was never in danger. Two unauthorized individuals, who were not on the White House security list, stood before the President and shook his hand, what if they had a highly toxic substance that transferred to the President via the handshake?  The President was totally exposed and more people are responsible then the secret service for causing it. 

Three uniformed Secret Service officers will be disciplined, but what about Social Director Desiree Rogers, who was in charge of the guest list?  She had nobody posted to monitor the screening of guests to ensure there were no issues with the arriving guests, or more important, non-guests!  Instead she was caught up in the event more as a guest!  Unfortunately, she is too important as a campaign fundraiser and key Chicago political operative to receive sanctions from the White House.  Proof is the White House decision to not allow her to testify at the committee hearing.  When people are forbidden to testify after an incident then how can one expect to find the truth?  Also keep in mind Obama promised Americans a totally transparent administration. 

There is more to this story and the appropriate questions might never be asked to the right people.  I am curious if the US Attorney will even prosecute the two self described DC Socialites who trespassed on government property. The man responsible for that decision, Eric Holder, is too focused on prosecuting American Heroes and offering protection to avowed enemies of America to bother with a serious security breech of the White House.

**End Update**

The infamous crashing of the White House state dinner for India’s Prime Minister caused me to think about a problem with a portion of American society.  There is a percentage of people who believe there are no limits to common decency, and everything is in play for TV entertainment.  Those who watch the shows are no different then those who rubber neck at a car crash on the interstate.   

In recent weeks the “balloon boy” parents managed to stage an elaborate hoax involving their son, and now the “party crashers” by conning their way into a White House State Dinner.  The sole purpose behind all of these actions has been to gain publicity and in turn get paid for interviews.  Surprise, surprise — money is motivation.  Both cases succeeded in drawing the public spotlight on them and their 15 minutes of fame to fulfill their manic craving for attention.  One must wonder what makes these kind of people tick?  

The media picks up on these publicity stunts, reports it,  analyzes it, then talk shows interview the hoaxers until the public becomes nauseated over listening to these disturbed manic publicity seekers.  How refreshing if we make an example of this couple in hopes it curtails future publicity seekers from creating news through elaborate hoaxes.  Charge these two ass-clowns with Federal Trespassing, obstructing the Secret Service,  endangering the President of the United States, and any other federal charge that fits the crime.  This couple should be prosecuted  and if they are found guilty, impose a severe enough penalty to ensure this kind of nonsense stops.  All profits they attempt to receive from their crime should be  seized by the government as part of their penalty. 

 What further encourages this  behavior are the reality shows who clammor for these types of antics and offers of  TV  fame and lots of money.  Perhaps the government should be charging the show producers for their participaiton  should a nexus be established between the show and offenders.  Just think, they could all be on a very popular reality show together … “Lock Up.”   Now that would provide for some entertaining television.




November 25, 2009

There is much objection to Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D) LA blatant display of backroom politics for inserting language into the Senate Health care reform bill that will result in 300 million federal dollars to her state in exchange for her vote on the bill this past Saturday.  The money she was able to extort from Harry Reid to get her vote will go to reducing the expected increases in Medicaid payments for Louisiana.  The same deal already wrangled earlier by Reid and his cronies who are pushing the Baukus bill on health care.  Simple logic dictates the less other states pay towards this new health care program will result in more for those states stuck with the bill.  Does the color RED come to mind?

Obama and his liberals crowd  bragged about their desire to redistribute the wealth when they won the election.  A national health care program is one expensive example of how it is being done and at the same time increasing their power.  The taxes needed to fund this program will come from those still working and paying taxes. Ironically, they are the ones who do not need health insurance because they already are paying for it.  The question we must ask ourselves:  Are we willing to work harder, pay higher taxes, which will reduce your pay check further, and settle for rationed health care?  (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommending women in their 40s should no longer get annual mammograms to screen for breast cancer).?  All of this so the left wing controlled government can expand their power base at your expense!  That is too large a price to pay for Americans.  We cannot allow ourselves to be governed by the Three Stooges, vote them out in 2010 if this bill becomes law.

Detainees in New York? “No Problem”, Schumer Says

November 19, 2009

 Senator Schumer – NY (D) has submitted a 75 million dollar appropriation bill for funding the terrorists Obama will bring to NY for a circus trial.  Only a naïve liberal from the left would submit such a proposal and make the comment that having this trial in NYC will not be a problem!  Keep in mind the majority of these funds will go to defending these self confessed Islamic terrorists.  Given the state of our economy and present national deficit it defies common sense as to why they want this done. They do have an agenda. 

Obama and his far left wing of support realize this has nothing to do with justice. It is about politics, and Obama appeasing his far left political base of support.  They don’t care about a fair trial for these terrorist (who confessed acts of terror against the United States).  It is really about putting on trial and the world stage, the Bush Administration and CIA, for their policies during a time we were at war with Islamic terrorists following their attack on 9-11.  Today these clowns running the government would have you believe there is no threat by Islamic terrorists.  They want you to believe this issue can be addressed using our criminal justice system!  We have already learned in a painful way this approach does not work.  You can go all the way back to the Carter administration to find plenty of examples supporting it. 

The truth, because of the perception we have weakened our resolve against our enemies, we were again attacked within our own borders in the heart of America’s largest military installation.  While Obama and his mainstream media will not acknowledge this act of terror as a domestic home grown terrorists attack, anyone with common sense knows better. It is what it is, no matter how much the left tries to spin it into a lone-wolf mentally unbalanced individual.  That dog is won’t hunt with the majority of Americans still using common sense.  An act of terror once again occurred in America on Obama’s watch!

Obama and his bevy of far left liberals have done much damage to America in just 11 months of power.  Imagine what is ahead given their agenda for America?  This recent and unprecedented move on the part of Obama to bestow American civil liberties on foreign sworn enemies of the United States is a recipe for future disaster.


November 18, 2009

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has come under intense heat for how he has handled the payouts to banks that were in trouble due to the AIG collapse.  This really comes as no big surprise to many.  Geithner’s personal ethic code was questionable based on his own personal tax issues with the IRS.  He was deeply involved in the Wall Street shenanigans that resulted in the collapse of our financial markets before becoming Treasury Secretary under Obama’s administration. 

Remember back in December 2008, Obama who was hugely popular after winning the election told Americans, Tim Geithner was the only man he trusted to fix the economy and his immediate confirmation to Treasury Secretary was critical to a quick and robust recovery for our economy. Do we remember that?  The critics were skeptical right from the beginning because he had been too close to Goldman Sachs and still had many close friends who stood to benefit from a government bailout. 

10- months after his rubber stamped confirmation we still have an economy  paralyzed from high unemployment, failing businesses, and no confidence in the economic policies of the Obama administration and Congress, in spite of his spending a Trillion dollars of borrowed money to “stimulate” the economy.  Conservatives warned against it but liberals failed to listen.   Are we starting to listen now?

It is now reported that Geithner, the only man who could save the economy, has been personally negotiating the terms of money given to the banks holding bad loans.  You should be angry to know he has been purchasing these toxic loans at full price!  Why anyone who’s first interest is the tax payer’s money would even think to purchase bad paper for the full price of the loan is impossible to understand?  It makes no sense and goes to his character (lack of) and past cronyism with his Wall Street buddies.  Don’t think for a minute Geithner is not thinking about his future corner office in a tower on Wall Street.  Try going to your bank, if your upside down on your mortgage, and asking them to renegotiate the loan at a lower principal! 

This scandal is barely making the radar in the mainstream media.  The purchase of these bad loans by the government at full price smacks of corruption or favoritism for his old friends on Wall Street.  Both situations are unethical, if not illegal, and Congress should be investigating and demanding answers. Citizens should be demanding his firing or resignation.  But Tim is Obama’s expert on the economy so it won’t happen.  I view it as another excellent example of either the incompetence of this administration, or corruption.


November 13, 2009

Guantanamo Detainee Photos


The Obama administration, through Attorney General Holder, announced they will bring the master-mind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,  to New York to be tried in a Federal Court for his involvement in the worst act of terror ever committed against America.  Holder announced this outrageous decision while Obama was conveniently out of the country in Japan.  If you are angry about this political decision you’ll understand the following. 

This trial is Obama’s way of making political capital by creating a circus out of this act of terror.  Why?  Because this confessed terrorist should never be allowed to step a foot on American soil!  Once he does, by the terms of the Constitution, he will have the full rights and protections given to American citizens.  This is outrageous, but totally in line with the philosophy of these liberal socialists who are in control of our government.   It is this thought process that led up to the attacks on America’s overseas Embassys in the Middle East, Africa, the USS Cole, and finally, the strike to our heart, the 9/11 attack.  Now with Obama in office only ten months, we have been attacked again at our largest military installation in the U.S..  Obama’s political machine is now pressuring the military to investigate this incident as a person who “snapped” rather than what it really was, an act of terrorism.  Give me a break, this was an act of Islamic Terrorism.  Sadly though, we won’t know that until later– after these key military generals are retired and free to speak out about the truth.  Political correctness at it’s worst!

Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay military prison for captured terrorists.  He has failed in his promise to close it by the end of January 2009 and now has made things worse by bringing this Islamic terrorist pig to America for a circus trial and for treating a home-grown terrorist as an ordinary criminal.  This should offend every American who understands the meaning of war and the need to fight sworn enemies of your country to either defeat or death.  You don’t treat enemies as ordinary criminals and pay for an expensive trial– you kill them so they are never again a threat to America!


November 11, 2009

grateful american coin.jpg 2

A huge THANK YOU… To ALL Active Military and Veterans for your service to America and the sacrafice made to protect our freedoms. I pledge to always support you… If you would like to do something special today for a military member or veteran, or giving a very special Christmas present, please visit this website. It will make your Veteran’s Day even more special.


November 10, 2009

After hearing a comment by MSNBC Chris Mathews ( “I don’t see anything wrong with an American making a phone call to a member of Al-Qaeda”)  I am convinced most liberals are insane.  How else can you explain a comment like that?   I started thinking about his comment and how people continue to believe in the liberal philosophy.  Instead of explaining it in a lengthy word passage, it was easier to show it in an illustration form.  The illustration makes it more understandable.scan0001

Elite Liberals Ruining America

November 9, 2009

Pelosi Frank Reid

The one fundamental issue with liberal democrats is they have good intentions, but their inability to use common sense creates a large disconnect from the real world.   The primary cause of this is living a life of privilege far removed from average Americans.  Being educated in liberal schools, living in gated secluded communities, and working in the elite boardrooms of America– the product of this type of personality development is best portrayed by Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Soros, and countless other Limo-Libs. 

One of the Liberals’ most smug leaders, Barney Frank, was once again last week caught in a drug bust that was targeting his gay partner.  Barney’s claim, is that he had no idea the leafy substance seized along with a number of smoking bongs were illegal.  Keep in mind this is the second time he was caught in the middle of a drug seizure by police.  How’s that for an example of no common sense and elitist condescending attitude! 

Barney Frank and all the others must be removed from power so America can regain its former strength which comes from a working and thriving middle class. History has already proven that it takes a Jimmy Carter to elect a Ronald Regan during difficult times.


November 8, 2009


Just like rats, who do their most insidious damage working at night, Congress under the extremist liberal, Nancy Pelosi, with President Obama’s help, managed to break enough Democratic arms to pass a bill eroding your individual freedoms.  Last night Americans came dangerously closer to a transformation of this country that will have lasting effect!   This bill should it become law will make Americans criminals if they fail to purchase or provide health insurance!  Never in American history has there been such a legislative act passed by our U.S. Congress!  This battle is far from over and Americans who do stand by our constitution and individual freedoms will never allow liberals to destroy it.

The battle is not over as the Senate hopefully will never agree on Pelosi/Obama’s health care bill.  The political cost seems to be lost on the liberals supporting this bill.  My district Representative, Betty Castor, (D) voted in favor, and she will pay a huge political price for her ignorance concerning what her constituents wanted.  There is a price to pay for going along with your leadership at the expense of your constituents Ms Castor.  You and other Liberals will learn a lesson in politics in 2010.  Obama and Pelosi have promised huge financial help in their campaigns in exchange for their vote, well it won’t matter. Billions of dollars cannot undo the anger created with their reckless decision regarding America’s future. The recent gubernatorial elections proved Obama’s campaigning hurt his chosen candidates.  There was a message for liberals and they have chosen to ignore it!

A Home Grown Terrorist

November 6, 2009

home grown terror

Since yesterday it has been painful to comprehend how such a tragedy could happen at our largest military installation.  But, since yesterday more information has come out and from what we now know about this “Home Grown” domestic terrorist it is becoming clear.  I have watched the mainstream media and Obama’s people spin this act of terror into making us believe this was a “deranged individual”, “lone wolf”, “acted alone”, “disgruntled military officer”  to avoid the reality of what really occurred.  A home grown domestic terrorist, a Major in the U.S Army, perpetrated the largest terrorist attack on a military installation in the history of our nation!  The question we should all be asking ourselves.  How could this happen?  Eye witnesses have reported Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, made the comment, “Allahu Akbar!” , which is Arabic for “God is great!” before the rampage Thursday, which left 13 dead and 30 people wounded. 

From the information already released by public officials familiar with the investigation we know this Army officer was a recent convert to Islam.  He was publicly expressing radical views to anyone who would listen about his opposition to the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  A few military co-workers even got into heated arguments with him about his statements about the war and his feelings,  “Muslims should stand up against the enemy”, which he viewed as his own country!  I am not a lawyer but those sound like treasonous remarks to me and it certainly warranted a closer look at this individual and removal from any responsibilities as a U.S. Army Officer until a thorough investigation could be conducted.  That did not happen.  It took his act of terror to get people to react and now America has paid a horrendous price. 

Could this terror incident have happened because of our own stupidity about political correctness and reluctance to deal with Islamic Fundamental Extremist who have no limits on methods to inflict terror on this country?  Instead of fighting a war against an avowed enemy, we stand behind political correctness and avoid the obvious for fear of offending Muslims.  What is it going to take to get leaders who are not afraid to declare a war and win it?  Obama is not that leader and his inability to act as a commander and win the war in Afghanistan has come home to roost right in our backyard.  

The majority of Americans want a change where America resolves to put an end to this war with Islamic Terrorist. It is no coincidence that with this administration we have seen an increase in Taliban activity in Afghanistan and Islamic extremist have become more emboldened by the perception America has lost the will to win the war on terror.  We can thank Obama’s liberal base along with Pelosi and Reid for that perception.  Keep this in mind in 2010.