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Ramming It Down Our throats!

October 30, 2009

shove it

I am all for Obama completing a four year term. It took an abomination like him and Nancy Pelosi to finally wake Americans up.  If their Health Care Plan is passed, with a public option (now being called a “Consumer Option”) included, it will mark the end of liberal control. Thank God!  Obama, Pelosi and Reid own this health care legislation and they will be totally accountable.

 Don’t be fooled by the sneaky language of an “opt-out” for States inserted by the Senate. That is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Any state attempting to “opt-out” will face cuts in federal funding for health care and any other program linked to Human Services.  Given the chaos of most state budgets, they cannot afford a cut in Federal funding.

 The Bill unveiled today by Nancy Pelosi should come as no surprise, many of us predicted it. It proves how arrogant she and her liberal base are when it comes to knowing what is best for Americans.  They could care less about what you said this past summer in opposition to a public option for health care reform. They did not listen!  Pelosi is cackling at her own cleverness by renaming the bill and calling it a “Consumer Option”.  Liberals really do believe most of us are stupid and incapable of understanding their subterfuge.  If this bill passes into law, the only good coming from it will be a wake up call for Americans to throw out these arrogant liberals in 2010, before they  do further damage to America.



October 28, 2009

Uncle Sam copy

General McChrystal, the top U.S and NATO commander needs more troops in Afghanistan to meet the military objectives of the Obama military strategy.  Obama hand picked McChrystal to advise him on what must be done to achieve a military victory over the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and stabilize the government.  That was over 3 months ago! 

The General’s report has been on Obama’s desk for over a month and still no decision.  Why?  Because Obama is being squeezed by his liberal base on the far left to withdraw from Afghanistan giving control to the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces.  Most of us have a clear memory of what occurred in 2001 under Taliban control (9-11).  On Monday, Obama was in Jacksonville at a Naval Airbase speaking to combat veterans, and he had the audacity to say he supports them and their mission in Afghanistan.  If you saw the video of his visit, the stone look from almost every military member, said a lot about their discipline.  Those of us less disciplined would have been rolling our eyes and snickering. These brave men and women are not stupid and understand they serve under a President just like Jimmy Carter back in Carter’s era.  Many of us older veterans understand the consequences that came from Carter’s 4 years as Commander in Chief.  History does have a way of repeating itself and the military does understand history! 

Obama cannot blame this Afghanistan fiasco on President Bush like he does with every other problem today.  A sound strategy was waiting for him when he took office and he endorsed it publicly. His own hand picked general has given him his professional opinion on what has to be done to defeat the Taliban.  Instead, Obama ignores his top general’s advice and listens more to politicians like Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi for advice.  Are you kidding me?


October 23, 2009

NWA Plane copy

Two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles before turning back should have had numerous warnings as they approached and passed Minneapolis: cockpit displays, controllers trying repeatedly to reach, the city lights twinkling below.  Yet it took a flight attendant using the intercom to alert them! 

Flying is scary enough with threats of terrorism weighing on our minds.  Thanks NWA for elevating the stress level for anyone getting on an airplane.  A pilot falling asleep in the cockpit is just not a good thing; two of them sleeping is a nightmare.  Thank goodness the flight attendants were at least alert and paying attention.  

Good luck with the story, you were both arguing and not paying attention.  That argument is not going to fly and hopefully you both won’t be doing much commercial flying either for awhile.


October 22, 2009

Somer Crime

My sincere condolences to the family of Somer, I cannot pretend to understand the pain and anguish you are feeling over this horrible tragedy. I offer my prayers to you and the Sheriff’s Office in finding and arresting the monster responsible. 

These monsters (child predators) once convicted as sex predators NEVER deserve a second chance in society. We have a death penalty in place now for heinous crime. What could possibly be more heinous then a crime involving the abduction and rape of a child or the molestation, sexual battery of a child by a parent or guardian?  At the minimum these Monsters must be locked up for life with no chance of parole! That is not cruel and unusual punishment that is common sense!

Where is the blame? Look to our legislators, they are responsible for every new child victim at the hands of a convicted offender!  Include a criminal justice system that considers the rights of convicted monsters have more importance then a victim of his heinous act… Our children are not safe when it is determined that within a 5 mile radius, 75 convicted child perverts are living! That is unthinkable and it seems to happen only in Florida.  Why?


October 20, 2009

Senior Letter copy

The Baucus bill has been reduced to paper and is now being reviewed by Senate staff.  We already know Senators don’t have time to read important legislation.  This bill which was touted as being compromise legislation after a summer of listening to their constituents is 1,500 plus pages.  Already several Democratic Senators are on record saying they believe the public is now ready and supportive of a PUBLIC OPTION being included in the bill.  Senator Baucus, who sponsored the bill and was against a public option, is now saying he supports it.  Watch for an amendment being slipped into the bill as they merge a house and senate bill for a final vote. 

This bill will morph into the plan already waiting in the House which has a public option and is what Obama wants.  The bill will not have any of the provisions to make a real difference in reducing the cost of health care insurance.  You will not see any of the following provisions in the final bill sent to the White House for Obama’s signature. 

–         Health insurance portability when changing jobs or location 

–         Allowing insurance companies to cross state lines to create competition 

–         Tort reform to eliminate current defensive medicine practiced today 

–         Competition in pharmaceutical business, allowing the Canadian and European pharmaceuticals to compete against    the American pharmaceutical business

These were amendments proposed by Republicans that died in committee. These were recommendations that came from the summer town hall meetings.  Sound solutions for reducing health insurance costs but contrary to the liberal agenda of nationalized health care which gives them more power and control. That is what this issue is really all about. 

If Obama’s far left succeeds in passing a law providing for a public option in health care insurance, it will be the beginning of the end.  For us the majority, all of the protests at town hall meetings, the organized demonstrations against a public option did not matter! You were ignored.  For America and its freedoms, the slippery slope will have evolved into a cliff.


October 16, 2009


boy in hotair balloon

Yesterday many were caught up in the drama of the run away balloon where it was believed a mischievous 6 yr old had some how managed to release it from it’s moorings and hop in for a ride that took it across the state of Colorado and millions of TV sets. 

Fortunately the boy was not onboard.  Now we are learning after some investigation this may have been a hoax/stunt to draw public attention to the family.  It has been learned the family was on “Wife Swap” a reality show where husbands swap wives.  It is being suggested this family was looking to once again focus attention on them and came up with this hoax to regain the public spotlight.  

If the evidence proves that to be true then the children should be removed from the home until the parents learn a few principals about family values.  It is appalling to me how irresponsible adults find it trendy to market their kids on reality television, money and notoriety.  Look at the TLC show: “John and Kate plus eight” and the circus atmosphere it created for those children.  If this family was using their kids to draw attention simply for the sake of a reality show, then Family Services should get involved to prevent emotional damage to those children. 

I am sure many see no problem with a family marketing themselves on reality television for profit.  I see it differently because children are impressionable and at that young of age are developing values that will determine how they function in adult life.  I see nothing good coming out of a childhood spent under the glaring lights of reality television.  Those watching these shows are just as guilty as the parents allowing their children to become victims of this reality madness.


October 13, 2009

Rush Sharpton


*** UPDATE***

The far left won this battle after the principal buyer of the Rams buckled to the political pressure being placed on his ownership bid by the far left. 

Al Sharpton, who ruined a NYC cop’s career due to his hoax years ago involving the alleged rape of a black girl and then later attempting to destroy the lives of several Duke University students, another hoax involving a black prostitute’s allegations of gang rape, should not have credibility.  Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have made careers out of creating racial tension and have become rich from it.  The irony here is they accuse Rush Limbaugh of doing the same thing and get away with it!  That is a sad commentary on today’s reality.  

Please explain how Carl Vick, who served a prison sentence for dog fighting and animal cruelty, along with countless other NFL thugs arrested for violent crimes and narcotic use continue to play in the NFL without harm to the NFL’s public image? But Rush Limbaugh harms the NFL public image due to his commentary opposing the current government’s politics.  Who is fooling who? 

The far left uses these public clowns to destroy any opposition against their socialist agenda that is being pushed on the country.  Americans with common sense should be worried about what is happening in America today. I applaud Rush Limbaugh and others like him who are fighting back against limo-libs and the left crowd in control of the country.  God bless them and America


October 9, 2009


Moon Photo

Like many Americans this morning, I watched with much anticipation NASA’s shot to the moon that has been the subject of news for the past week.  We had been told we would witness for the first time ever a large impact and blast that would be seen all the way from earth with average telescopes.  So here we were watching live on TV through one of NASA’s best telescopes.  So like many, after a full minute of staring at the same image on the screen, my response “What Happened?”  As far as I can tell nothing! 

It does not take much of a stretch to make a comparison to another expensive government program that has been hyped over the past 10 months. How about the expensive stimulus program passed by Congress to create new jobs and restore the economy back to normal?  Just like the NASA project, after seeing nothing, we ask the question what happened?


October 8, 2009

Charlie Rangel

On Wednesday, the Democratic-majority Congress short-circuited a floor vote on stripping Rangel of the chairmanship, instead referring the GOP-backed resolution to the ethics committee, which has already been looking into the raft of allegations made against him at Rangel’s request.  In short sending a message they could care less!

The legendary Rangel, who has been on Capitol Hill since 1971, He is one of the founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus and wields power with the unapologetic glee of a lawmaker who believes the rules do not apply to him.

For those of us doing all we can to remove corruption from Congress in the next election we must use Charlie Rangel as our rally point.  This man represents everything that is wrong with Washington.  Rangel as we speak is attempting to influence his political friends by sending them campaign funds.  That is how the corruption breeds within the halls of Congress. That must stop in 2010.

There is something we can do for ourselves to send a very clear message to Congress prior to the 2010 elections.  There was a house bill introduced by Rep. John Carter R. TX.   If passed it would allow any citizen to write “Rangel Rule” on the top of their tax return which allows them to be exempt from penalties and interest on any back taxes they may have to pay.  This would be in keeping with Charlie Rangel’s failure to pay any penalties or interest on back taxes he owed from income.  To date he has not paid penalties or interest.  Imagine you being given the same break?  Timothy Geithner current Obama appointee to the Treasury Department also got caught cheating on his income taxes.  In addition to being appointed Treasury Secretary, he also was given the courtesy of paying taxes owed without interest or penalty.  Anyone see a pattern here?

The vote to reject the house bill removing Rangel from his chairmanship of the Finance Committee was divided by partisan vote with Democrats of course voting to send it to the ethics committee where they already sit on a ton of information regarding Rangel’s suspicious income.  There is enough probable cause to remove this “Limo-Lib” from his chairman position yet to no surprise Nancy Pelosi and her majority continue to protect Charlie at all costs strickly for political reasons.  So much for transparency in government and draining the swamp to rid it of sewer rats as she pledged to do upon becoming House Speaker.


October 6, 2009

Letterman caught

David Letterman’s character has been known for years but it’s finally public.  His apologies are as lame as his sardonic humor.  This “Limo Lib” has some explaining to do still because we have not heard the entire story.  The other side of this lewd soap opera is yet to come. The cross examination of this lecherous CREEP (Letterman) by Attorney Gerald Shargel (considered one of the best at cross examination) will be very interesting. We have only heard Letterman’s side of this sordid story; I can’t wait to see him on the hot seat answering questions we are all thinking. He might want to send his wife on an extended vacation when it happens, and prepare to pay out some serious money in settlement suits.  Even though he is apologizing to anyone listening, Letterman still has not apologized properly to Sarah Palin and her family no surprise there.