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September 30, 2009

Cost for cute outfit for protest:    $45.00 

Cost for sign summing up her situation: $20.00 

Message to President Obama for screwing up her future:  Priceless!      


Best Prostest sign



September 27, 2009

Loser Moore

I read with amusement about Michael Moore’s latest movie where hie targets Capitalism.  I take delight in going off on this “A$$ Clown” because he now shows himself as a hypocrite.  Both Moore and other Hollywood elites who think like him are hypocrites as well!  Do as I say not as I do… 

If Michael Moore is a true believer of being an Anti-Capitalist, then we should be hearing soon there will be no charge for his movie, nor will there be any commercialism involved with   this  communist propaganda.  Don’t hold your breath though because this Loser is laughing all the way to the bank! 

On a side note, another infamous Hollywood PERVERT finally had justice catch up to him.  Roman Polanski, who was convicted of having sex with a child under 13 in 1977, has been arrested in Switzerland while attending a ceremony held in his honor.  Let us just hope the millions of dollars he has available does not buy him freedom.  If it does, it will send a disturbing message.


September 26, 2009

wall street picture

The truth is hard to SEE when media and politicians work together hiding it.  The  information contained in this video has been out there for years but not many know about it because you never saw it on the mainstream news networks.  The video reveals  Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and others in Congress are responsible for the financial melt down not George Bush.  Say what you wish about the Bush Administration, but they did try and warn us about the looming financial crisis, but it fell on deaf ears because liberal Democrats were in charge of Congress.  Now these same liberals are empowered with managing Trillions of dollars Americans cannot afford and will further undermine the economy.  Is that the hope and change you were counting on?

Take a few minutes to listen to this video it is very enlightening.


September 24, 2009

Barny and Nancy


I was not surprised to see Barney Frank on the news defending ACORN  by attacking the two investigators who exposed ACORN  through the now infamous video tapes of several ACORN offices throughout the country.  Are you surprised? 

Barney Frank is the perfect one to get involved since he has so much experience with scandals himself! 

A few years back, Barney was alleged to have been paying a male prostitute for sexual services and allowing that prostitute to move into his home and service other clients.  If that doesn’t show Barney Frank’s lack of character and contempt for the laws he finds inconvenient, I don’t know what would. 

Remember the collapse of the mortgage industry which was caused in part by the lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with sub-prime loans?  Barney Frank along with Senator Dodd were the two principal lawmakers who pressured these lending giants to modify their loan policies so Americans with low income and poor credit could purchase homes.  We all saw how that worked out, and we are all still paying for it.  What might not be seen by most is how closely Barney Frank is with ACORN.  Through his chairmanship of the House Finance Committee, he was responsible for the tens of millions of dollars that ACORN  received from your tax dollars.  

Knowing this information about Barney Frank’s involvement with ACORN makes it even more galling to hear him today on the news pushing for a prosecution of the two journalists who exposed ACORN’s corruptness.   That is on the same level as Nixon wanting to prosecute Woodward and Bernstein for exposing Watergate. 

This ACORN issue is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to the corruptness that goes on in congress.  Nancy Pelosi when assuming power said she would work for complete transparency in government and drain the swamps of the rats.  Her actions in office and those of Barney Frank prove they are quite happy with the swamp rats that are bankrupting our country and ignoring the corruption that is reaching systemic levels.  The only way we can put a stop to it is to throw them out in the 2010 elections and start over because we deserve much better from our leaders.

Bank of America’s Flag Flap

September 23, 2009

 Flag Flap


Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the US and receiving stimulus money, displayed it’s gratitude to Americans this past week in a gesture that has many Americans outraged.  The story goes as follows:  A 20-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Christopher Fowlkes was killed in action serving his country over in Afghanistan.  His family’s home town of Gaffney, SC wanted to pay tribute to his sacrifice by placing American flags along the route his body would follow on its return home. 

A local Branch Manager for Bank of America had the flags that were placed in front of his bank (along the right of way) removed prior to the memorial.  His reason should infuriate you– he was concerned the display of small flags would offend some bank customers.  Is this taking political correctness too far?  Has America evolved to the point where displaying the American flag is offensive?  I can think of only one group of people who find the American flag offensive.  We call them enemies of America! 

Bank of America’s Corporate office issued a news release saying the decision to pull the flags was unfortunate and was not corporate policy.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but this Gaffney Bank Manager should be shown the curb. If I was a Bank of America customer in Gaffney, my account would certainly be canceled until this Manager was removed from this position and a written apology sent to both the family of this fallen hero and the City of Gaffney.  

It appears the City Council feels the same since they pulled their budget account from the bank after the incident (approximately $6.1M).  Good for them– and others should follow suit!  When flying the American flag becomes an issue of political correctness in America, then someone may as well turn off the lights because the enemy has won.








Flag Flap


September 22, 2009


Obama Acorn


Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s battlefield assessment, which leaked to the press on Sunday, has added urgency to the question of whether President Obama should send tens of thousands more troops to AfghanistanCommon sense would dictate that to protect the troops already deployed on the ground in Afghanistan our “Commander In Chief” would provide the necessary troops AND equipment for that one reason.  Since Obama has a liberal political base that opposes the war it is thought the idea of more troops will hurt him politically.  It is for that very reason Obama will delay any decision on troop deployment.  Obama’s message – politics, not military strategy or troop protection, will dictate his Afghanistan strategy.  If Obama and Pelosi won’t provide additional troops to help those already in harms way, then pull them all out now without further delay.  The exact same politics of the ’70s are being played which ended with our defeat in Vietnam.  We have the same Democratic Congress again using the same tactics in Afghanistan to ensure defeat.  It should be understood that any further loss of American life in Afghanistan is directly on the hands of the President and the liberals running Congress!


September 21, 2009

Bomb plot perp walk

We are learning of a new terror plot that was brewing in NYC and involved home grown terrorists right here in the homeland.  However, both the President and Nancy Pelosi want you to believe the real enemy is the CIA.  Just this past weekend: “The FBI and NYPD busted a four-man homegrown terror cell Wednesday night that was plotting terrorist’s attacks  Several members of this cell are now in FBI custody and the investigation is ongoing with more charges to come.   The leaks to the press tell us the terror suspects planned to construct an explosive device and target high population sites in and around the NYC area.  The leader of the cell is alleged to have ties with Al Qaeda.  Grand Central Station is named as one possible target.  If you are connecting dots you would know that in a few days the UN National Assembly is meeting in NYC.  What better time to execute a large coordinated terrorist attack?  That is exactly the signature of Al Qaeda. 

Fortunately it appears the FBI counter terrorists unit was able to act against this terror cell before it was able to execute attacks on targets in NYC.  What should concern us is the fact the CIA (charged with protecting us against foreign enemies) is paralyzed due to investigations by Attorney General Eric Holder that are sanctioned by the White House. (Don’t be fooled by Obama’s recent comments that he is not involved in the investigation) That is another lie to the American public! 

It is clear the Islamic Terrorists (who are at war with America) have not stopped planning attacks on Americans, even though we appear at war with ourselves.  The terrorists have not stopped their efforts at hitting us again as this latest plot proves.  I am angry because we are not doing enough to fight Islamic terrorists.  Obama is looking for a politically motivated reason to end the war in Afghanistan reduce the  military’s budget, prosecute CIA employees  and release captured terrorists in Gitmo,  all while Al-Qaeda is alive and thriving in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  What is wrong with this picture?


September 16, 2009

Carter Racist

Former President Carter yesterday joined forces with another ultra liberal Maureen Dowd and accused Joe Wilson of being a racist for his remark during Obama’s speech to Congress.  By doing so, Carter painted anyone who disagrees with Obama and the liberals on public issues as racist.  That is a very large paint brush!  One can only surmise Carter is worried about his standing as America’s weakest and most incompetent President in US history and needed to say something to bolster that standing!

Carter continues to embarrass himself by sticking his nose on the public stage instead of building houses for the poor and tending to his peanut farm in Plains, GA where he seems more suited.  

It is a shame when an Ex-President gets old and fails to realize his judgment (which was bad to begin with) has grown worse.  He is an embarrassment to America.


September 15, 2009

Wade Rathke

A very bright spotlight is shining on the nest of vermin who have been working feverishly to dismantle our present form of government and Capitalist economy (the greatest in the history of the world and the reason for our “super-power” status.) 

Fox News and several talk radio personalities are working to connect the dots in an effort to expose those who are hiding in the shadows, but whose presence is known and supported by the Socialist movement that is attempting to take over the US Government.  Hopefully when these dots are connected it will be enough to wake up  Americans who have been indifferent to the events over the past year.  The mainstream media has largely ignored this important issue because they have totally lost all semblance of objectivity when it comes to liberals controlling government.

If we are to put an end to the attempts of converting America to Socialism and subverting our constitutional rights, the focus of any investigation must start at the TOP of the chain– with those individuals setting direction and strategies.    Glen Beck has done a great job of connecting dots, and others doing the investigative work have clearly identified Wade Rathke as the “King Rat” in this nest of vermin.  Linking the dots with individuals will help establish why Wade Rathke is one of the problems we face today in our political arena.  

Rathke’s background as a liberal is well established, as he attended Radcliff University and was educated in Liberal Arts.  Not only is Rathke the founder of ACORN, he also established the Service Employees International Union in New Orleans back in 1980 and morphed it into what it is today (via mergers with School Unions and other service-related unions across the nation.)  In 1999, Rathke and his brother Dale were the focus of a million-dollar embezzlement investigation in New Orleans in which Dale Rathke was charged and convicted, which forced Wade to step down as the leader of both ACORN and the SEIU. 

Just think back to the town hall meetings over the summer and the purple-shirted SEIU members who were being disruptive in an effort to divert the message from the public health care option… ring any bells?  Also, during the presidential campaign, ACORN was busy signing up non-existent voters to help influence both the Democratic Primary and the election.  Between SEIU and ACORN we can see the nucleus of the private citizen army President Obama speaks of in his speeches.  

Unfortunately, as with all organizations who get caught up in their own power and wealth (especially funded by Taxpayer,) they become corrupt.  Both ACORN and SEIU had corruption issues early on in their organizations,  but now with the infusion of tax dollars, both have become dangerously corrupt.  We must put a stop to this before it becomes systemic! 

The questions concerned Americans must ask themselves, their friends, and their Congress representatives include: 

 1. Why is Congress funding ACORN?  

 2. Why is there no demand for a full federal investigation into the   activities of both ACORN and SEIU.  What are their ties with Wade Rathke?  Officially, Wade Rathke resigned his leadership post with both organizations.  One would have to be naïve to believe his influence left with his resignations.  

The District Attorney for Brooklyn has announced an investigation into ACORN activities as a result of the Brooklyn ACORN sting. How come no federal investigation yet? (The lines of corruption cross state borders which requires the FBI’s involvement) 

3. Could the delay in any federal investigation be due to Eric Holder, the Attorney General, and his boss’ (Barrack Obama) ties to ACORN?  

Obama started his political career as a community organizer and was a staff attorney for ACORN in Chicago.  Eric Holder moves forward with a criminal prosecution of CIA staffers who were trying to protect America from terrorist attacks, but fails to take action against ACORN for organized voter fraud and tax fraud.  The answers as to why might be more clear once the dots come together. Let us all hope and pray there is time for these links to be made and a clear image of what has been going on comes to light.  Unfortunately the picture might be of organized crime– and the chain of corruption goes right to the top.

 4.  Where are Congress and Nancy Pelosi on this issue?  It appears Pelosi is more concerned with destroying  Joe Wilson for his comment during Obama’s speech last week.  Why the silence?


September 14, 2009

Acorn Pic

ACORN has made a threat to sue a political activist and Fox News for video taping staff members, in three separate ACORN offices, (in different major cities) offering a pimp and prostitute advice for committing tax fraud.  ACORN’s lawsuit action is just a diversion to take the attention off of the real issues they are now under fire for by the public.

ACORN, an organization funded with your tax dollars, is in the business of committing tax fraud and voter fraud on the American public.  This is a federal crime and serious enough to merit a RICO investigation by the FBI. 

The US Census Department’s decision to withdraw support from ACORN for the 2010 census is only one step in the movement to expose ACORN as a criminal enterprise. The idea that ACORN is portraying themselves as victims – does not only take a lot of gall, but it is offensive to Americans. 

ACORN has received tens of millions of dollars from the Federal Government over the last decade from a Congress who recognizes their political capital.  Congress ignores the corruption and illegal activity because of their value during elections when it comes to getting questionable registered voters out who vote Democrat.  Given what is already known about ACORN’S activities, it is incomprehensible they continue to function with funds from the US Treasury.  The mainstream media largely ignores this issue, why?  Americans should be demanding an investigation of ACORN by the FBI and US Attorney’s office and immediately cut off of all US Tax Dollar funds until the investigation is completed.  If violations have occurred, then the officers of this organization should be indicted under the RICO Act.  (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (18 U.S.C. §§ 1961-1968), commonly referred to as the “RICO Act,” became United States law. The RICO Act allowed law enforcement to charge a person or group of people with racketeering, defined as committing multiple violations of certain varieties within a 10 year period.). 

The RICO Act is the Federal Government’s most effective tool for combating organized crime, and based on what we have already learned; ACORN certainly qualifies under the RICO statute.  This powerful organization is scheming to hijack the voting process and assist tax cheats in avoiding paying taxes– all of this on the taxpayer’s dime!