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August 27, 2009


How many of you remember back during the campaign the words of Rev Wright?  “No, not God Bless America, God Dam America!”  I vividly remember the words and our President’s response, “I did not pay attention to the words spoken by Rev Wright”.  Then Sen. Obama said, “I don’t think my church is actually particularly controversial” and said Rev. Wright “is like an old Uncle who says things I don’t always agree with.” Well plenty has transpired in the first 8 months of Obama’s Presidency to make one believe he was listening in church all those years.   Need confirmation? Just look into some of the Czars he appointed as special advisors.  To ensure they get into the White House, he circumvented the required FBI background checks by conducting so called “White House Background checks,” and not one cry of protest from the mainstream media.  One can only wonder about the reasons for this. I have followed the appointment of several of the Czars, and they are right out of the Who’s Who Directory on domestic terrorism from back in the late 60s-70s. These individuals are avowed Socialists and Fascists who hate the concept of capitalism and anything related to the military.  They were the ones out there spitting on returning warriors and police officers.  Their contempt is still very much alive. 

Fast forward to the present, and we have Obama going after Patriots who were doing their job trying to prevent acts of terrorism on our country.  Now these leftist idiots want us to believe CIA officials are war criminals.  Obama, Pelosi, and Attorney General, Holder, have targeted these CIA officials for prosecution as pay back to their main base of leftist hippies who demanded it.  Obama ran on the pledge he is a unifier and in the center politically. This is a lie and far worse than George H W Bush’s “Read my lips no new taxes.”    

I recently learned of another disturbing issue with Obama that proves his contempt towards the military and its veterans which was barely reported on by the mainstream media.  Back in March 2009, Obama was speaking to a large group of Veterans and used the occasion to float one of his political agendas.  His proposal will shock you — in order to save $540 million dollars a year, his administration would require the private insurance companies of wounded soldiers to pay for their medical treatment.  (This was for war injuries!)  Obama was targeting primarily the reserve forces that were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as part-time soldiers and other full-time soldiers who might happen to have private insurance.  

The following day Veterans screamed out opposing Obama’s suggestion, and there was almost zero news coverage of this very controversial issue.  Due to the organized opposition that mounted immediately, the White House quickly withdrew the proposal from the table.  The very idea of Obama suggesting this outrageous proposal proves how politically naïve he is about Americans’ feelings.  Obama has been with left-wing fanatics for so long he has no idea about real American values.  Where was the mainstream media on this one?  

Given his vendetta towards the CIA and his attempt to short change our American heroes, it is very clear to me that Obama was wide awake during those sermons he sat through in Rev Wright’s church.  Watch next for his move against Israel because Jeremiah Wright has made no secret of his feelings towards Jews.   The Rev. Jeremiah Wright blamed


Betrayal of Trust

August 26, 2009


The Obama administration lead by Attorney General Holder has taken the step of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA officials involved in the interrogation of terrorists who actively engaged in terrorist acts against the USA. ( Keep in mind) this is not the action of Kenneth Holder.  This is political payback to Obama’s far left wing nuts who hate anything George W Bush, military or CIA. That was the price for their support for his bid to become president.  Even Hillary Clinton rejected their support due to this ridiculous demand by the far left liberals.  

Nancy Pelosi and her far left fringe supporters are hippies who never got out of the 60s.  Their hate for American Capitalism and core (Christian) values is becoming clearer every day.  It is reminiscent of the late 60s when they were protesting and spitting on our returning heroes from Vietnam and our police officers in the street.  Their contempt has not changed it has increased by their hold on power.  

Their latest move to prosecute patriots who were trying to prevent new attacks on our homeland following a pattern of attacks which became bolder and more deadly is repulsive to most Americans.  Only a far left liberal, or those who secretly hold contempt for America, would even consider prosecuting CIA officials for trying to prevent new attacks.  I can’t make it more clear then that.  If Obama goes forward with his plan to prosecute American Patriots it will unleash an outrage by Middle America not seen in a long time.  The resulting catharsis might be what is required to wake Americans up.  It has been too long and we have done nothing about the federal government’s power and when you do nothing you get exactly what we have today in government. 

 There has been a betrayal of public trust from the day Obama took office.  The American people are just now waking up and understanding what years of apathy has created.  I see the anger in the town hall meetings over the health care plan liberals tried forcing on us.  Now, the very same liberal arrogance is targeting the people who took an oath to protect us from the madness known as Islamic Terrorism.  We cannot allow them to get away with it.  Congress must hear your anger again over this issue. We must not allow this to happen to America.


August 16, 2009



There are two sides to this national health care plan being proposed by the congress.  The face of common sense and the face of far left liberalism that believes in socialism. Take a few minutes to click on each link.  Listen to  the words from two members of congress  involved in this battle to change America.  One of the speakers is the author of this health care bill, Waxman-D CA.  The other speaker, Rogers, R-MI, shares his opinion on Waxman’s bill .  Now, after viewing both links, ask yourself, which speaker thinks the most like you?  That is a question every American should be asking today. It is time to wake up America, it is that important to the future of this country.

Town Hall Mobs

August 13, 2009

Mob picture

Town Hall Meetings 

The clowns from DC have come home to (in their words) “educate” their constituents on the Health Care Plan they want passed into law.  How arrogant to believe they can hold these town hall meetings in their districts and tell us what is good for us while ignoring what we want. If you’re watching this issue that is what has been going on in these town hall meetings.  Whatever happened to listening to constituents and voting to represent them in congress?  That is no longer happening in Congress today.  If you fail to fall into the party line you are considered an unruly mob and in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own words “Un-American”. 

The reason your representative can ignore you is very simple. We don’t matter to them anymore, and our legislators no longer feel it necessary to listen.  Your representative only listens to the party leaders and special interest groups who provide talking points when talking to their constituents.  If they fail to listen to these two groups they are threatened with an opponent and losing their primary.  Up until now, this has been an effective strategy and why nothing gets done in Washington regardless of which party is in power.  

This is why we must get organized, as we are doing now, and send Washington DC and the leadership of both political parties a very strong message they cannot ignore.  We are angry and have been awakened from our coma.  Some good starting points,  vote out of office all those in favor of turning the country into a socialist form of government.  In 2010 nominate candidates to office in support of freedom, the constitution, and who are willing to reduce government and the “tax and spend” mentality of the present government.  We must work together to save the country from its current path towards socialism.


August 10, 2009

Service Worker Union

The health care debate going on in America right now is crucial to the future of every American.  It is important to debate the issue and understand the facts on both sides.  For the first time in many years, American citizens are focused on something they see as very important to them–  they have every right to question their representatives about this bill and how it will affect them. 

The news is portraying the town hall meetings as unruly mob scenes where opponents to the health care plan are being disruptive and violent.  It is clear emotions on both sides are high and at times have even turned violent.  This behavior is counter productive to the goal of defeating this health care plan.  The liberals are doing what they can to muzzle public dissent on this health care plan and spinning the town hall meetings as violent brawls with opponents as the primary cause of it.  This is total misinformation and exactly the opposite of what is happening in the town hall meetings.  The liberals are using organized union members, (predominantly Service Employees International Union) to provoke opponents.  There is plenty of video out there showing SEIU members getting into the faces of the opposition and provoking them. Unfortunately, due to the liberal biased mainstream media coverage, the strategy is working.

 Representatives of congress are reluctant to make town hall appearances citing the past violence as their reason for avoiding them thus effectively blocking debate on the issue. I believe this is right out of the (Pelosi/Reid) play book for avoiding public debate on a health care plan.  They understand if the facts are in the public light the plan will not pass. 

 The coming weeks are crucial to the success of the bill’s opponents.  Obama’s people understand the importance of unions and their ability to create mob environments and influence their political agenda.  We must not allow them to stifle the debate.  Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed to assert Americans opposed to her liberal agenda “un-American” and are like Nazis.  Well Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid you are both mistaken.  We are not Nazis, we are Americans opposed to a powerful centralized government that controls almost every aspect of one’s life. Your calling us Nazis is laughable. Put a leash on your union thugs (purple shirts) and allow a free debate on this important issue.


August 6, 2009


The White House is under fire for a blog post asking supporters to send “fishy” information received through rumors, chain e-mails, and casual conversations to a White House e-mail address,  Senator John Cornyn of Texas  (R)  fired back with a letter to President Obama demanding an explanation on the merits of this policy coming from the Whitehouse.  It is a pretty drastic action and can only be aimed at controlling the dissent of those who disagree with Obama.  Essentially Obama is asking people to snitch on their neighbors, colleagues, and family members if they don’t agree with him.  In my opinion, this is no different than what the Nazis and Communists did when they had absolute power over the people.  How frightening!

Why would President Obama feel it necessary to request emails from people who take issue with his policies?  What is Whitehouse doing with the information obtained from the emails received?  What will they do with it?  Why do they need this information?  What constitutes a fishy email?  Something that is contrary to the Obama talking points?  How is this policy any different from the Nixon “Watch List” back during his administration?  Remember the media outrage over that revelation?  Where is the outrage now by the main stream media?

I hope the public adds this latest outrage to the long list being created by the liberals who are in control of government.  Ordinary Americans are waking up and do not like what they see being done to America.  There will be a price to pay in 2010 if congress does not listen to them.  The latest strategy aimed at dissent coming out of both the White House and offices of Nancy Pelosi is to view them  as organized protests against the Health Care Plan and the Cap and Trade bills.  This is just further proof  of the liberal arrogance and ignorance about real America.


August 5, 2009

Clinton korea women

It is good news to see that we were able to get the release of the two journalists held by the North Koreans for 4 months for illegally entering the country.  They had been tried and sentenced to 12 years at hard labor for entering the country illegally.  Bill Clinton, acting as a Statesman, was successful in getting them home safe. Good job Bill.

This incident does raise a question.  They call the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il  “CRAZY” for jailing people who illegally cross into the country.  The USA provides people crossing into America illegally free healthcare, citizenship to their babies (born in USA), food, shelter, and monthly stipend all from the American tax payer.  So, who is crazier?