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July 31, 2009

white house beer

President Obama and “beer buddy” Vice President Biden (You knew Joe was not going to miss out on this beer drinking opportunity) had their “Beer Summit” yesterday in the Rose Garden of the White House.  Dr. Gates and Sgt. Crowley were present for this important summit.  The media was required to be (50) ft from the group due to the Vice President’s drinking beer and discussing politics.

I am not sure why this beer summit was so important to President Obama because it is hard to understand his intentions.  I guess you have to be liberal to get it.  I do understand there are four winning names as a result of this very well covered “Beer Summit”.

Obama — Bud Light
Biden — Bucklers
Gates — Sam Adams Light
Crowley — Blue Moon

Now Mr. President, how about focusing on something far more important.  Health care reform  and getting our economy back on track.  I don’t think we have to worry about the beer industry in the foreseeable future.  I don’t know too many Republicans who are Bud Light drinkers.



July 30, 2009

health plan sign

Anyone with common sense will write to your elected officials and tell them a yes vote will result in their being thrown out of office in 2010.  That is the one message they all understand.  

This health care bill backed by Obama and liberal democrats is dangerous and will result in more government, higher taxes and less freedom of choice.  AARP should be ashamed of their support for this bill.  I have read it and I understand what liberals are doing. It is plain wrong!  I am done with AARP!   Send a message to AARP and let them know you are not in support of the Obama Health Plan and if  AARP continues supporting it then drop them. That will get their attention.

I hope others are mad as hell about this bill.  If congress tries forcing this health care plan on America then we must throw them out of office. Write/call your elected officials and tell them NO to this bill.


July 26, 2009

Pelosi Frank Reid


Today it has been reported the Democrat’s House Bill on page 389-390 contains the following language.  I read the bill and sure enough it is in black and white as written below. 

“25. Hospital or a nursing facility or inter 

26. mediate care facility for the mentally

retarded the cost of which could be re2

imbrued under the State plan under

3 title XIX. ”

People who are “mentally challenged” or “intellectually disabled,”   is the politically correct term for describing  people born with Downs Syndrome and other mental issues that require special needs.  “Mentally Retarded” has not been recognized as politically correct term for many years.  The reason it was no longer acceptable is because it was deemed offensive by the public.  

There are of course hold outs who don’t find the term “Mentally Retarded” as offensive when describing the mentally challenged.   I suppose that is fine for them, but it’s ironic it’s coming from the liberal left who have consistently forced political correctness on Americans.  You just have to wonder what they were thinking, and more importantly, have they actually read this bill?  You can draw your own conclusions.  I have reached mine.


July 25, 2009

Obama thinking

What started with an arrogant Harvard College professor’s racial baiting behavior has now morphed into a politically embarrassing incident that has enveloped President Obama.  His statement aimed at the Cambridge Police Department following the arrest of his buddy Professor Gates was not very intelligent.  He can only blame himself for his poor choice of words.  The Cambridge Police Department has every right to be upset over his remark. Why would a president on national television to promote his own health care plan even mention this issue that had nothing to do with health care?

I have watched for (3) days for Obama to step up and apologize for his remarks towards the Cambridge Police Department and specifically Sgt. Crowley. I am not surprised to hear him continue to talk his way out of the box he created for himself yet not apologizing for making such an obvious mistake in judgment.

Obama’s words “let me make this clear” are a joke. Many Americans get his message loud and clear. I am disappointed by the President’s behavior. I am disgusted watching him apologize to almost every nation in the world for America’s alleged bad behavior, yet unwilling to make a sincere apology for a statement that caused national embarrassment to the Cambridge Police Department for doing their job. You talk about character, his actions speak loudly.

As for the global financier, George Soros, and his club of elite liberal billionaires, It is my hope they learn a lesson from this fiasco of a presidency. They might be able to buy the Presidency with their billions but you cannot create a successful President in just under four years. Obama is doing an excellent job of proving it.


July 22, 2009

Obama Health Care

Questions we must ask our elected officials in congress before this very bad piece of legislation is voted on in Congress and signed by our clueless President who thinks a Trillion dollars is “chump” change.

 If Obama’s health plan is that good, then why have the Senate and Congress exempted themselves from this health care coverage?  Congress should be setting the example for America.  

This plan is modeled after the MA state health plan crafted by Kennedy and approved by Romney.  Almost every poll taken on the MA health care plan is negative. It has impacted the quality of health care and raised the cost.  So how is Obama’s plan different? It’s modeled after the MA plan! 

Obama said to you directly, Americans WILL NOT have to change their current private health insurance coverage if you do not want to change.  But, in the bill, it requires you to change to the government plan if you change jobs.  How can you keep your current plan if you are mandated to change to the government plan due to a job change? 

How can the private health care business compete against the government in providing health care insurance?  The government does not operate on a profit!  It cannot be done and the government understands that fact.  Do you really want a Government bureaucrat making your health care decisions for you? 

With the increase in people receiving health care, which WILL include illegal immigrants requiring health care, how do we pay for it? Think tax increases. 

The Mayo Clinic looked upon as one of the best medical providers in the country has come out AGAINST this health care plan.  If this plan is so good, why are they against it? 

It is fact that much of the increases in medical treatment stems from defensive practices due to the high number of law suits for malpractice. Why does this bill NOT address tort reform to curb the number of frivolous law suits that occur every day against the health care industry?  Medical professionals state this is one of the biggest concerns in their profession but nothing is done about it. Why? 

Finally, Show me one country where the people are satisfied with socialized medicine, and the quality of treatment reaches the level enjoyed here by Americans?


July 19, 2009

Sodamayor Obama

The Senate hearings are complete for Supreme Court nominee, Sodamayor — all that is left is the vote, which will come soon with a certainty of appointment to the highest court. I have a few questions about her confirmation that others might also be wondering about. 

Why, when Robert Bork back in 1987, was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan, the Democratically controlled Senate rejected his nomination deeming him “too conserevative” to serve on the highest court.  Yet today we see a Democratically controlled Senate voting to confirm an ultra liberal to the highest court, and the Republicans seem to be going along with it. 

 Why did Democrats call foul at questions asked by conservative Republicans of Sodamayor with regards to her judical record which clearly show her liberal views? Sodamayor’s record of bias with regards to racial issues and most importantly, her record on reverse racial discrimination.  Democrats did everything they could to discredit and destroy Clarence Thomas during his nomination to the court in 1991 and going to the extreme of allowing a disgruntled former employee to testify with unproven claims of sexual harrassment.  These claims and allegations were never reported until Thomas was seeking appointment to the Supreme Court!  

The Republicans know this nominee, because of her extreme views, is just as wrong for the court as was Bork. However, they are afraid to vote their conscience for fear of offending the Hispanic voting bloc and further alienating them from the party.  I have a problem with that because politics should not be the overwhelming issue when it comes to voting for a Supreme Court nominee.  The vote must be based on the nominee’s past record and suitability for the position.  It will be interesting to see how the Republicans vote when her nomination comes up for confirmation on the Senate floor. I hope they find the courage to say no to a nominee who has demonstrated a dangerous tendency to vote her opinion and not the law and constitution. 

Keep in mind Obama’s own words when he was in position to nominate his first appointee to the Supreme Court. Obama said, he would appoint someone who understands more than just a “footnote in a case book, but also the realities of how the law affects people’s daily lives”. Obama said he valued the “quality of empathy” and was hopeful of finding a new justice who would reflect on people’s “hopes and struggles” in the process of arriving at legal decisions. (Code for legislating from the bench.)  Is this what Americans really want?


July 16, 2009

climate Bill

If anyone still cares about restoring the economy and returning people back to work then it is time to pay attention to HR2454 that is now being debated in the US Senate.  This is the so called “Cap & Trade Bill” which is totally owned by the liberal democrats and being pushed by the Obama administration.

There are issues concerned voters should be thinking about with regards to this very liberal and dangerous bill.  But first a history lesson so we better understand the motivation behind passing such a radical bill that threatens to paralyze our economy by even greater job losses, and reward the financial wizards who created the current economic disaster we are suffering through today.

Our story begins with ambitious politicians from California, NY, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Massachusetts who became successful politicians in Washington. They were the sort of men/women who believe fervently in the ideas of a certain early 19th century English economist, who taught that human population growth would eventually outstrip the world of its resources and destroy the planet.  The names Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Henry Waxman, Ed Markey, Henry Dodd, Barney Frank – all liberal democrats protected by heavily liberal voting districts.

When the Democrats succeeded in recapturing the US House of Representatives and Senate back in 2006 they began passing laws that in effect strangled our economy.  It was all done under the banner of protecting our environment.  They proclaimed green laws were to protect our children’s future by saving the environment. Remember all that crap and Al Gore’s propaganda movie “An Inconvenient Truth”?  That sham of a movie made Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany, look amateurish. 

For those few who are paying attention, we quickly learned the only real inconvenient truth occurred just this past winter.  How can we forget, or not get, that suddenly things began to change. The price of energy soared because of the new requirements and taxes in the bills passed by liberals controlling congress. Winter hit the United States particularly hard last year. Despite the never-ending claims of global warming, new scientific studies report atmospheric temperatures have been cooling for a decade. Poor families in the Northern states had their power turned off because they couldn’t afford the extravagant bill. Some huddled for warmth in churches, and shelters, and with friends. Others froze to death, especially the elderly.  How convenient to find that much of this was not reported by the mainstream media.  You have to dig for this type of information on the internet.

Here is another thing that galls me about these liberal elitists who know what is good for the average American.  John Kerry, the Senator – D -MA   He is all in favor of wind turbine energy with one provision.  The wind turbines are not put in his and his constituents backyards up in Cape Cod, which happens to be one of the windiest spots in the NE.   We know about Al Gore’s huge mansion that burns more energy then some small towns annually, another inconvenient truth, surprised?

There is no question we must protect our environment to ensure a future for our children’s children.  However it must be balanced with the realities of our economy and ensuring Americans have work.  Shutting down coal mining when there has been major break through in clean coal technology is wrong and it will devastate W Virginia’s economy.  Attacking fossil fuels is one key strategy to this bill.  There are better approaches to addressing the environment without destroying the economy.  Let’s examine them and debate them openly and fairly.

Finally, the entire idea of trading carbon certificates like stock shares is nothing short of a con job on Americans.  One of the companies (Goldman Sacks) who ruined our economy and then received billions of bail out money from the federal government is now in position to control this carbon trading program, should it become law.  That is crazy and it must be stopped by defeating this bill.  Call both your Senators right away and demand that they vote “No” when HR2454 goes to the Senate. Tell them you will not vote for any politician that votes for the Cap and Trade bill. Follow through in 2010. Thanks for listening to my story and for taking action to rewrite history


July 12, 2009


Eric Holder AG


Only far left liberals and their leaders (Obama/Holder) could think it a good idea to wage a battle against those who work to protect us, (Intelligence community & Armed Forces) while at the same time, offering every protection to those sworn to destroy us.  This is exactly the strategy being deployed by Eric Holder the Attorney General and his boss the president.  It makes you really wonder whose side are they on when it comes to the war against terror!


July 9, 2009

Pot Smoking

There is an active movement in California’s legislature sponsored by a “Twit” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco and Governor Schwarzenegger to legalize marijuana so it can be taxed and create enough revenue to fix the current budget crisis.  It appears “POT” activists  have a sympathetic ear from Arnold.  His most recent statement on the issue:  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken a significant step further, saying on Tuesday that it’s time to debate legalizing marijuana for recreational use in California.  “I think it’s time for debate,” he said in response to a reporter’s question. “I think all of those ideas of creating extra revenues — I’m always for an open debate on it.” 

In my view, the fact millions of residents in California “toke” weed every day is probably one of the factors for why California is so messed up.  How else could you explain allowing non-paying illegal aliens to dominate your schools,  social service agencies and hospitals?  We can only hope the few residents who still have common sense in California can defeat this ridiculous pot proposal.  Residents of California think their budget is out of control now?  Wait until they see the additional expenses created by legal marijuana usage.


July 8, 2009

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Houston TX 18th District held up a copy of the congressional resolution at Tuesday’s memorial for the pop star.  Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee may have trouble keeping the promise she made at Michael Jackson’s public memorial for a House resolution that “forever” honors the late pop star.  Republicans if you’re listening please make this happen by speaking out against it.MJ Icon 

Since the media refuses to allow MJ to rest in peace it is time to speak for the other half who have been largely ignored by the media for the past several years. 

MJ was a super star as a performer.  Nobody questions it.  But at the same time MJ supporters stick their head in the sand when it comes to his chosen life style.  Being a great entertainer does not grant you the right to be a freak who does what he wants for his own self serving pleasures.  Or does it? 

Have people forgotten the settlements he made to make allegations of child abuse go away?  Do you really believe there was no truth to it?  Where there is smoke there is fire and when you’re a celebrity and powerful you can make such allegations go away by discrediting and destroying the accusers, or paying them off.  That is power!  That was always the strategy deployed by MJ and his team of the best paid attorneys in California. Simply said, it worked!  How about the drug abuse?  While it is too late to do anything about MJ and is abuse history, the idea of now making him into a super hero revered by all and honored by Congress sickens me. He does not deserve it.  Enshrine him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and be done with it. 

The people pushing for MJ enshrinement into a great American Hero are the same believers who still believe OJ was the real victim when his wife was murdered.  These people are incapable of rational thinking and the others have agendas who feed of the clueless.  That might explain why this country is in such dire straights and chooses to focus on Hollywood idols rather then the performance of dishonest politicians who are destroying America.  I can only hope the few politicians who still get it in Congress can do something to stop this resolution from getting passed.  It truly sends a bad message to the world.