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June 25, 2009

APTOPIX SC Governor Where?

“When South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford cheated on his wife, he also betrayed his top political adviser. First lady Jenny Sanford told the world in a statement Wednesday that she had sent her husband packing nearly 15 years after she launched his political career.  Mark Sanford apologized to her and their four sons at a tearful press conference where he admitted a yearlong affair with a friend in Argentina whom he had visited on a secret trip.  His wife said in her own statement later that she kicked him out of the house two weeks ago and asked him not to speak to her while she tried to come to grips with his infidelity.”   AP story 

Another disappointment…  I fail to get it.  You would have thought he might have learned something from former Senator Edwards and what infidelity did to his promising political career.  I hope he recognized his bad judgment and learns from it.  Perhaps his family can find forgiveness and help to heal his fractured marriage.  The same cannot be said for healing what was a promising political career.  There is no way he can be supported for a leadership position in the GOP and certainly not as a presidential candidate.  His character flaw is not uncommon in today’s world but it certainly cannot be over looked when it comes to his political career.  America deserves better…   




June 19, 2009



The “Supreme Leader” of Iran has pronounced the election, that is ridden with fraud, had a clear winner and was a mandate for their incumbent president Mahmud Ahmadinejad who is closely aligned with the Mullahs. I find this an excellent example of all that is wrong with Islamic extremism and hope people are paying close attention.

Iran’s so called Supreme Leader an Islamic Mullah is no different from the other despot Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who started this Islamic extremist movement back in the 80s, after the fall of the Shah of Iran, thanks largely to the weakness of then President Jimmy Carter. It is the Mullahs who control Iran and are fixated in the 12th century. They vow to destroy the western world because they fear it. They are smart enough to know a free democracy of thinking people would reject their extremist beliefs.

Fortunately Iran has a large number of college educated young people who are fed up with the tyranny of the Mullahs and their narrow minded leadership that is responsible for Iran’s isolation from the western world. What you see happening there now is an uprising by brave fighters for freedom who are trying to divest themselves from the iron grip of the Mullahs. I hope they have better success then their fellow freedom activists in Communist China.

I find it disturbing our President remains quiet. His silence is deafening. While we should not be getting involved in the internal affairs of Iran. It is the job of our President to offer encouragement to people fighting for freedom and democracy. Maybe that is another change we are learning about since his election. Freedom and democracy no longer are as important to the USA? I pray that is not the case.



June 14, 2009


Obama Pictures


This President will make Carter’s foreign policy leadership look good! That is how badly he is handling things. Those who we deem us as enemies are taking full advantage of this administration’s weakness. It is better politically for Obama to criticize his own country instead of our enemies. This is the liberal approach to foreign policy and we saw what that got us on 911. This happens when you build a base of far left “anti-war nut activists” that happen to have money. I feel for our military members who are out there in harm’s way defending our freedom. Just imagine if you were one of them and you hear about Obama ordering the FBI to read Miranda Rights to captured combatants on the battlefield. Imagine the feeling when one of your buddies is blown up by an IED, that could have been dismantled, had the captured terrorist spoken and not invoked his Miranda right? That has to be one of the most incompetent acts ever committed by a sitting president. Now we learn terrorists are being released from Gitmo and sent to Bermuda this is totally insane.

For those who have limited knowledge of criminal justice.  Miranda was a decision from the Supreme Court that gave protection from self incrimination to American citizens who are arrested for a crime in America. It was NEVER even contemplated Miranda would become a requirement on the battlefield!

In Obama’s first 100 days we have seen him look the other way while Iran continues to build a nuclear program that will create further chaos in the Middle East.  He has gone along with the UN resolution that authorized North Korean ships to be checked for nuclear missiles, but does not authorize them to use military force when doing it. (Can anyone tell me how that is done?)  Obama has apologized to every single Arab state in the Middle East for Bush’s administration.  He has completely ignored Israel and now behind the scenes is working to push them into conceding even more land over to the Palestinians.  That worked really well when Israel pulled back south of Lebanon and conceded part of the west bank and Gaza strip.  For anyone with bad memories, the only good coming from it was Hamas got better strategic locations for launching rockets into Israel territory! 

I find it appalling Obama is turning his back on our best allies and friends, while at the same time, making concessions to our enemies who will not be happy until both America and Israel are destroyed.  What kind of sense does that make?  This madness will not stop until we wake up and elect a real leader who has the interests of America at heart, not just his ego and a small percentage of supporters who secretly hate this country.


June 12, 2009





Last night David Letterman offered yet another attempt at an apology to both Sarah Palin’s daughters for his disgusting joke at their expense. The question how sincere is his apology? CBS executives certainly put on the pressure over the loss of a major advertising account a direct result of the Letterman issue. The company owning Comfort Inns, and Quality Inns pulled all of their advertising from CBS. I would not be surprised if there are more to follow.

David Letterman needs to make a decision. Am I a comedian or a leftist political hack using humor to attack the GOP? I think it’s time he make a career change because his barbed attacks at the GOP using humor are not funny.  But the apology has been given and Gov. Palin has accepted it.  So it’s time to move forward to far more pressing problems.


Several main stream media sources are reporting Letterman might receive a ratings boost from this Palin controversy. Too early to say for sure but since he is competing directly with Conan the so called experts predict Letterman can benefit from this controversy. They claim it is similar to the interview between Leno and Hugh Grant when Leno said his famous “what were you thinking” to Grant over his sleeping with a street hooker when he was engaged to one of the most beautiful models in the world. That was humor because most of us were thinking exactly what Leno asked Hugh Grant.

Here is my two cents on their prediction. First of all anyone who finds an “Old Man” (Letterman is 62) funny for cracking jokes about a young girl being raped in public has their own serious mental issues. They are in the same sick category as Letterman. Rape is not funny; making jokes about rape and involving a young girl is beyond unfunny it is just plain disgusting. It is worse when an old fart like Letterman is doing it. There is no comparison with Leno’s interview with Hugh Grant. Nobody with a normal mind would ever state something as disgusting as Letterman’s vulgar wise crack publicly or privately.

My next thought what kind of women are working on CBS and the Letterman show? I don’t know of too many women who would find the comments this JERK made funny. I would think they find if for what it is: Demeaning, cruel, disgusting, and totally unfunny and an insult to all women. Letterman has zero class and appears to have transformed into an angry old man who uses sick joke material to strike back at the world.


 To get a feel for the bigger picture with regards to this entire Palin issue take a look at the link below this blog. It is probably the best example of how the liberal media spins a story to meet their agenda. Unfortunately, far too many Americans won’t even watch it and of those few who do view it, even less will get the point. The liberal media’s agenda is to do everything possible to destroy Sarah Palin and keep her out of contention for a leadership role in the GOP. That is what this is about and the reason is because the liberals are afraid of Sarah Palin. Why? Because she makes good sense has leadership and best of all some real American values.
David Letterman’s clip was yet another vicious attack on Sarah Palin to discredit her in the public eye. Now the Network and other liberal media outlets are attempting to scrub this issue from the public memory the best they can. The comment about Palin’s daughter getting knocked up by a thuggish baseball player in front of thousands at Yankee Stadium is disgusting and unfunny!  How is that unfunny comment any different from the disgusting comments made by Imus about the black basketball players? He got fired and it was by MSNBC. Do they have a double standard? Where is the Rev. Jackson and Sharpton, why are they not outraged?

The MSNBC reporter (Contessa Brewer) is doing a great job representing women who have worked hard to get where they are today. I have an opposing agenda from Brewer but in my view, that guy representing Sarah Palin nailed it. She (Interviewer) was sitting there getting feed directly in her ear and she still could not handle him. She is clueless. I agree with his statement: MSNBC is Obama’s official news network. There is no fairness or balance when it comes to their reporting. Because Today and MSNBC did a poll that makes it true, Right! The truth always comes out and it did during this interview to the chagrin of Ms. Brewer and MSNBC.

Click link to see interview :






June 10, 2009

Did I do that Obama


This is a rather long blog but there is no way of saying what needs to be said in a paragraph. I hope when you have a little time you read this important information and pass it on to your friends, who like you, should be concerned about our future.

Many of us are convinced an assault on free enterprise is taking place in America under both the Obama administration and a Democratic Congress. The Chrysler Bankruptcy is just one example of how far government has reached in the take over of private business. GM is next inline so watch for it.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court’s failure to rule on the Chrysler Bankruptcy case gave a green light to both big business, and government to do as they please at the peril of the little guy. In this case the little guys are the car dealerships and other small businesses making a living from Chrysler Motors. They have been put out of business while the auto maker morphs into another company, eliminates its debt, and leaves stock holders with nothing, while Fiat, UAW and the Federal Government take over the assets of the company. This has been allowed to happen because Chrysler is “too big to fail”.

Obama’s administration played a large role in making this possible. Chrysler a business Obama deemed “too large to fail” was bailed out with federal stimulus money and now free to walk away from massive debt leaving their share holders with nothing.

The “New Chrysler” will re-emerge from Chap. 11 bankruptcy owned by a foreign company, a union, and the US federal government. The union was rewarded for their help in getting Obama elected and to ensure their support in the next campaign. Think about it. How else could one explain giving them part ownership of a company that was once held by share holders?

Who would invest in an auto company owned by an auto union and federal government? That is not my idea of a business model for success. Chrysler should have been treated no differently then any other business that fails to compete in the free market. They can be sold to a stronger company, or liquidated by bankruptcy with assets going to investors. It did not happen, tax payers are on the hook for billions. We now have the same executives at Chrysler with Obama’s economic counsel making business decisions. Do you think things will change for the better?

A few other indicators are available online to show how badly Obama and his team are doing with our economic future. The Dow reached an all-time high on October 9, 2007, closing at 14,164.43. Today the Dow was at 8827.52. Not all of this loss can be attributed to Obama’s policies. But his plans to stimulate the economy have failed and the market’s performance in the first quarter of 2009 is proof enough. How can investors get excited about investing when their capital returns will be redistributed via high capital gains taxes?

The trade deficit has increased from 26.1 billion in 2006 to 29.2 billion as of the first quarter of 2009. That is directly related to a loss of domestic production, 5.7 percent, in first quarter 2009 a result of a growing recession. The recession is worse due to the governments failed plan to stimulate the government. These are real numbers that should worry you. The only thing Obama’s stimulus package did is to ensure your grandchildren are saddled in our debt.

I hope people wake up and get mad enough to create a Tsunami that removes every incumbent congressman and senator responsible for this foolish and dangerous policy they created. Obama will have to wait until 2012. I just hope our country can wait that long.


June 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have been caught telling huge lies this past week. Pelosi has publicly accused the CIA of misleading Congress about their tactics for extracting information from captured terrorists. CIA Director Leon Panetta, appointed by Obama, has gone on the offensive for the CIA and discredited Pelosi’s statement. The fact Pelosi would attack the CIA to protect her own political interests is an amazing display of arrogance. But, what would one expect from the most liberal member of congress, who spent college days as a flower child in San Francisco during the anti-war days of the 60s?

Obama, the most liberal member of the Senate and now President of the United States made a major gaffe by reversing himself on military tribunals for captured terrorists held in Gitmo. He campaigned on the premise that these tribunals were illegal and used the issue numerous times to attack the Bush Administration. He promised to end them immediately if elected president. This is more than a broken campaign promise. It is an example of a president who will say what ever it takes to further his political agenda. It is a president who is untruthful when speaking to the American public.

We can only hope that this latest outrage by Nancy Pelosi is enough to wake up members of congress and remove their leader. She has a very dangerous agenda for America and she is willing to go to any length to accomplish her liberal vision for America. Enough of Nancy Pelosi, it’s time for new leadership, and a vision that is more centralist, then America can begin a comeback to it’s former greatness.


June 4, 2009


The four above “Thugs” were arrested and are charged in the brutal rape of a student who played with them on a flag football team at Charlie Walker Middle School in Tampa, Fl.   This horrific crime has shocked the community.  There is now a debate on how these “Thugs” should be prosecuted.  The State, correctly in my view, elected to charge all four as adults, which would mean serving hard time in a State Penitentiary if convicted.  Not everyone in the community agrees with the State’s decision.  Below are my contributions to this ongoing debate.  What do you think?

This was a horrific crime.  The information released indicates it went on for a period of time and was NOT a one time occurance.  There is a difference between kids being kids and committing adult crimes.  This was a deliberate act to terrorize the victim.  Unless it can be proven the defendants are mentally incapable of understanding the charges, each one should be tried as an adult.  The emotional damage inflicted on their victim will last a life time. 

There are acts of violence that warrant severe punishment.  The rape of a young school teammate by four “Thugs” using a broom and hockey stick while he is held down on the floor certainly qualifies in my opinion.  Perhaps after 25 years in State Prison, each one of these punks will have had enough time to reflect on their vicious act of violence.

This should not be about rehabilitation, it is about justice for the victim and punishment for the offender.  The community must send a strong message to the next potential “Thug” society will never tolerate this type of brutal violence, especially on school property.